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Publisher�s Corner 5

"Pulling" Building Number Seven 6

Charges Placed in WTC When Built? 7

Silverstein Loses WTC Appeal 8

Seismic Data Reveals Explosions Before Collapse 9

Another Piece to the Puzzle 11

Bush-Nazi Link Confirmed 13

Two Loud Words 15

FBI-Watch for People Carrying Almanacs 16

Federal Hiring Spree 18

Perpetual Debt 20

Quarantining Dissent 22

Operation Cure.All 24

A Brief Textbook on Democracy 28

Curbside Pause Costly 29

Cash, Precious Metals No-No in Safe Deposit Boxes 30

Foreign Affairs-The Law of War 32

Part of Patriot Act Ruled Unconstitutional 32

The Damage Has Been Done 33

Illegal-Alien Crime Wave 36

The Bush Hitler Thing 42

The U. S. and WW I 46

Give Me Back My Republic 51





My column this month is intended to keep you apprised of the changes that are taking place in our lives and our business. I have always tried to be open and honest with my readers and listeners and this is a policy I will not vary from.

Janet and I have moved to Phoenix in order to launch a new magazine called Arizona's Thunder Riders. As most of you know, I am a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and published a biker magazine prior to starting the Free American.

The first issue of Thunder Riders hit the streets all across Arizona on January 1st along with a two-hour show, Thunder Road, on KFNX 1100 AM about motorcycles and motorcyclists.

Thunder Riders was an immediate hit. Its full color contents, photos and stories already have a larger audience than the Free American. While I avoid any political content in that magazine, we do advertise our health products and the Free American magazine and radio show in it. This gives us access to a growing segment of the population, motorcyclists, who are fairly affluent and adamant about their freedom and liberty.

The response on our American Heritage and Health was disappointing so we have decided to roll that back into the Free American. If you subscribed to it and are a subscriber to the Free American, we will extend your Free American subscription appropriately.

If you were not a Free American subscriber, well, you are now.

Although the new Thunder Riders is distributed free at better bike shops and bars in Arizona, it is available by subscription at the same cost as the Free American. At the end of this column, I will provide our new office information and contact numbers for our office in Scottsdale.

The office in New Mexico is still fully functional and Vincent and Rebecca are there to take and process your orders.

We are also looking for a caretaker or renter for our house in Bingham, NM. If you are retired and interested in quiet living far from the maddening crowd, like dogs and cats, please give us a call here in Arizona.

Now back to the Free American. In this issue you will find absolute proof that at least one of the World Trade Center buildings was taken down purposely by its owners and the New York Fire Department. That leads us to ask, were the other towers pre-wired for demolition?

A photographer assigned to photograph the World Trade Center way back in 1988, while building number seven was going up, was drawn into a secret meeting of a team whose job it was to study supposed defects in the towers. He was able to glean from the members of this commission, before they discovered he was not a part of the team, that the towers were unstable and that they would not last long enough for the investors to recoup their investment.

As you know from mainstream reports, Larry Silverstein purchased those "defective" buildings and possibly could make a tidy profit from their destruction through the numerous insurance policies he had taken out only months before. Although a recent ruling cut his payout from 7 billion plus to a little less than four billion.

In the first issue of the Free American to hit the streets after September 11, I asked the question, "could this be an exaggerated case of "Jewish lightning'? Now it seems that I was not too far off the mark.

This is not a case of anti-Semitic slander but merely an observation of facts.

This is not to say that Larry Silverstein is the sole culprit here. He did not force the Air Force and NORAD to stand down while the hijacked planes made their way to Washington. He did not recruit or train the pilots who hijacked the aircraft. He did not force the federal government to come in and remove the evidence of explosives that ultimately brought the buildings down. He did not fly the 50 top executives whose offices were in the twin towers to a secure air base in Nebraska where, along with Warren Buffet, they watched the planes fly into their offices at an hour few of them were ever awake before that day. A few hours later, President Bush joined them as he flew in from his meeting with the school children in Louisiana.

More than likely, Larry Silverstein was approached by either or both of the two governments who had a plan for world domination in place (Project for the New American Century and the PATRIOT ACT). These NeoCons were just waiting for the right catastrophe to force them on the people of the world. The conversation may have gone something like this: "We know these buildings will have to be demolished sooner or later. Buy them now, insure them heavily and let us rig them with explosives. At the proper time, we'll "pull" them and you will get your money." END


Publisher�s Corner 5

New Mexico UFO Crash Encounter In 1945 6

Americans May Have Lied About Saddam Capture 12

The Iraqis Who Hated Saddam Hate the Americans More 15

US Military Metes Out Collective Punishment To Iraqi City 18

Saddam Hussein�s Loyalists Infiltrated U.S. Operations in Iraq 20

Are Our Soldiers Dying of DU Poisoning? 21

Jose Padilla: A Constitutional Challenge for Us All 29

BP Officer Killed in Line of Duty. Press Surpresses Key Information 30

We Can No Longer Ignore The World�s Fifth-Largest Nuclear Power 32

Israeli Outlaws in America - The Case of Rafi Eitan 32

The World�s Least-Free Country 34

U.S.S. Liberty - The Cover-up 35

"Not again": Eyewitness writes about the shooting of Tom Hurndall 38

Israel�s Check To Student�s Family Bounces 39

Jim Traficant�s Letter From Prison 40

Fear Real-life Matrix Will Be Monitoring You 42

Tom Ridge: Time to Legalize Illegals 42

Police State Tactics Transform A Nation 46

Bin Laden, Bush Serve the Same Master 46

US Corps Pick Up Pace Sending More US Jobs Overseas 50

The Last WordTo Pastor Pete Peters On Paul - On the Road to Vienna 50

Book and Product list 54

This is a tough column for me to write. One I thought was a friend has turned against me with a vengeance, with a hate so great, it was tough to listen to. Pastor Pete Peters has joined the ranks of failed talk show hosts like Bo Gritz and, of course, the ADL he claims to hate also, in trying to destroy me and the magazine I have been publishing for eleven years.

This is the same Pete Peters who has called me numerous times to ask my opinion on world events, a man who has my cell number, my office numbers and my home number, yet he launched his attack without warning or a Christian, man-to-man consultation.

In fact, when I heard through my listeners that he was attacking me, I refused to believe it. Not until I heard him with my own ears could I bring myself to realize someone I thought of as a friend, had morphed into a viscous, back-stabbing enemy.

I have many Christian friends, who have supported me through the years. I have many Christian readers, writers and listeners who have done likewise. Over the last eleven years, I have devoted my life to trying to find the truth, and reveal to the American public the manipulation of our leaders who are trying to force us into a one world government they term the New World Order.

I have stated that I prefer to live in a country guided by the Ten Commandments, the bible and God, a country founded on the words of Christ, a Christian country as opposed to a Talmudic or Muslim dominated country. I have stated I considered myself to be a Christian. I grew up with a Methodist minister for a grandfather; my father even tried his hand at preaching once. I broadcast on Worldwide Christian Radio and Truth Radio because I love the truth and try to seek it with an open mind.

I have stated numerous times that I have my doubts about many of our so-called Christian leaders and preachers. I have discussed, because I have that right given me by God and insured by our Constitution and the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights of Free Speech and Religion, the corruption of Christianity by so-called Judeo-Christians, i.e. Jewish controlled Christianity.

Now, I am not a Biblical scholar by any means, nor have I ever claimed to be. However, I have always reserved the right to examine all things from a number of points of view and to not be ruled by dogma.

I have refused to follow the lead of Israeli politicians and our mainstream media urging us to hate the Palestinians or Muslims. I have reprinted stories that were critical of the Israeli government and of our own. I have always stated that I do not buy into or believe that any one race is inherently evil, as put forth by preachers like Peters. I have had people like Peters and Peters himself on my show because I felt they had the right to air their opinions.

I never cared for Peters style of preaching or his attacks on blacks or Jews. Now, because I allowed a different opinion to be printed in my magazine, concerning one Biblical figure, I am suddenly, in Peters� eyes, the anti-Christ, a snake, a scorpion and he has called on all of his listeners to cancel their subscriptions to the magazine and is now trying to have me removed from the airwaves for questioning the validity of certain writings in the Bible, which, in his mind, is poisoning the minds of Christians.

He has even stated that, if I would poison your minds, why would I not poison the products, like Miracle II, that I have been selling for years. This was a huge mistake on his part and may cost him dearly.

This has all come about because, in the December issue, I published another viewpoint regarding the Apostle Paul.

Remember Paul? Also known as Saul? A man who never met Jesus yet went around creating churches in his name? A man who had stood there and watched Stephen being stoned? A man who admitted to being a Pharisee, a citizen of occupying Rome?

It is not the first time I have questioned the Church and organized Religion. I have aired my doubts on the Pope, echoed by Hutton Gibson and Priests within the Catholic Church like Father Coughlin.

I have allowed good Christian Preachers like Texe Marrs to expound on the evils of the Freemasons and Jewish supremacists in the same issue that Peters found so offensive. At the end of the article (which I had no hand in writing), I even printed a dissenting view by my devout Christian friend, Richard Palmquist. That is what I consider balanced reporting.

Many of my listeners, some Biblical scholars, have assured me that the story was wrong, that Jesus is God, that Paul was saved and had no ulterior motives. They have also assured me that the Bible is God�s word and it is infallible and thus I am wrong for doubting it. I have told them, Texe Marrs among them, that I would be happy to print their rebuttal of the writer�s negative opinion of Paul.

Peters seemed to be enraged that I suggested that we can communicate with God without his help. That I choose to view Jesus as a man (which he was in his life) with a special relationship with God (his father) and that he tried to teach us how to achieve that relationship.

Who am I, says Peters, but some biker trash, "Brilliant Boy" that denounced his God, Jesus?

Peters sounds much like the Pharisees who denounced Jesus.

He and any who follow him, are guilty of condemning me without a trial, based on evidence that would not stand up in a court of law, where Peters may find himself.

I do not accept the established Church as my own. Never have, never will. You can consider me a Christian Soldier (Janet�s favorite song), but I will not accept Dogma as absolute truth. I see too much lying and corruption and power mongering in the church and its preachers. By his words and actions, Peters has proven himself to be no better, and perhaps worse than Falwell, Baker and the long list of wealthy preachers that prey on their own flocks.

He is no better than the Jews he rails against. In fact, he is teaching the same kind of hate that they do; now joining the ADL in doing his damnedest to destroy the one magazine and shortwave show that is not ruled by centuries of control by church and state.

By his words and actions, Peters has brought to light the very thing, perhaps the only thing, I truly do hate; the attempted control of my mind and my thoughts.

The Zionists would have you cancel your subscription because, like Peters, they do not want you to read the Free American either. The Catholic Church would like for you to cancel your subscription to the Free American because we point out the breadth of control exercised by their Jesuit order. Jerry Falwell would like for you to cancel your subscription, else you might learn of his goldmines and investments in AIDs ravaged Africa.

It is possible the author of the December article is wrong, that Paul had a true conversion and wrote everything he did out of the goodness of his heart and his love for mankind. Like many jailhouse conversions, it does make us feel better about our past sins, but it does not wipe out the fact of who he was and what he did to those early Christians.

Even if I and the author of that particular piece WERE wrong about Paul, and If I am wrong to believe that we do not need false teachers and can communicate directly with our creator without their advice, why would you want to cancel out eleven years of hard work and daily risks taken to bring you the information so many don�t want you to have?

Pete Peters is telling you, "Do as I say, don�t try and think for yourself. Don�t listen to the thoughts of Clay Douglas, Thomas Jefferson or even Jesus himself, Douglas has shown that he does not believe the way I do, therefore he must be destroyed.

That, my friends, is thought control. It is despicable that someone would tell you NOT to read, not to learn, not to think for yourself. I say, Read EVERYTHING and make your own decisions. Don�t throw the baby out with the bath water to satisfy the demands of a vengeful, hate-filled preacher.

I am sorry to see a man I once thought highly of, self-destruct, because he became obsessed with destroying me for the sin of not following HIS belief system.

Clayton R. Douglas


Publisher�s Corner 5

FTAA Miami 7

Done Deal-Free Trade Areas of the Americas 9

America�s Ministry of Propaganda Exposed-Part 1 10

Transforming Language-to Market "Big Lie"-Part 2 12

Targeting Critics, Spreading Lies and PSYOPS-Part 3 15

Black Programs and the Future of Propaganda-Part 4 18

Oil Companies Protected From Investigation! 21

Dreamers and Idiots 22

Chief Justice Roy Moore�s Inquisition 24

Birth of Jesus Denied-Ban on Nativity Displays 25

PATRIOT Powers to Fight Criticism of Jews 25

Bush Has Brought Disease and Pestilence into U. S. 26

Saul of Tarsus Doctrine of Lawlessness 28

Springmeier Gets Nine Years! 33

Court Overturns Stewart�s Machine Gun Conviction 33

More Patriots Dead and Down 33

"I�m a Website Hostage" 34

Death of Woman Who Filed Rape Against Bush 36

Israel�s Secret Torture Prison 37

Russia Ready to Vaporize Jewish State-Part 1 40

Putin Hammers Final Nail Into Israel�s Coffin-Part 2 45

Overhasty Clean-up in Riyadh 54

Rothschilds Conduct �Red Symphony� 56







Evidently I am having an impact with my magazine and radio show. I have been listed once again by the Southern Poverty Law Center, along with Paul Hall of Media ByPass and Edger Steel and a bunch of so-called Neo-Nazis and White Supremists.

On their "40 to be watched" list, I am listed as a Patriot and an anti-Semite. I guess that is a step up from their last listing of me as a "False Patriot" along with Charles Collins, Presidential Candidate in 1996 and Charlie Duke, former Colorado State Senator.

I would have preferred they used my description of myself as a White (because I am Caucasion) Equalist. I am not a Nazi, not a follower or fan of Hitler, Roosevelt, Churchill or Stalin any more than I am a fan of current day politicians like Bush, Gore, Clinton, Blair, Sharon, the Pope or Yassar Arafat, who I have recently learned, without proper confirmation, to be listed as one of the world�s wealthiest individuals. If that is true, one would think that he could afford to be a little more generous with his own people. . .and to get a better tailor.

To be fair, the SPLC�s description of me is fairly accurate, since they took most of it from my own website. To save you the trouble of looking it their hate-filled site, here is what they said about me (in italics) with my comments interjected.


Soap for Sale

Clayton R. Douglas, 57 | BINGHAM, N.M.

For nine years, Clay Douglas has been editing and publishing a militia-friendly magazine called Free American - a compendium of conspiracy theories about hot topics from the "New World Order" to the Oklahoma City bombing, weird notions about health and sickness, survivalist paranoia and, especially in recent years, wildly anti-Semitic rants and ideology.

They are accurate here, to a point. I do believe that conspiracies happen, just look at 9-11. Obviously they wish to believe that being prepared is something only Jews should do. How many Israelis own guns? The rest of us should sit down and shut up according to the SPLC. As far as weird notions about health and sickness, I am in good health, and I don�t spend a ton of money on doctors or the pharmaceutical industry. We believe there are alternatives to conventional medicines.

Douglas, who is now also the mayor of the tiny hamlet of Bingham, N.M., didn�t start out on the radical right. He was a biker with a pen, writing bad poetry and getting articles published in almost a dozen magazines with titles like Easyriders and Motorcycle News. He also published at least one biker magazine, ran a marine repair shop and a floating restaurant in South Florida in the late 1980s, and even wrote self-published "adventure novels" with titles like One Bloody Alabaster Eye.

Technically, I have not run for any office. Bingham is far too small to have elections. We are not incorporated and accept no state of federal funding. The Term "mayor" was bestowed on me by another one of these types of careless reporters. I have had many, many articles published by other magazines. The list of businesses are accurate. Little investigative work went into this article as I had most of this on my website. I do, however, take offense at the term "bad poetry".

Douglas, who today suggests that drugs are part of a government plot, also was sentenced in 1972 to seven years in a Texas prison after being arrested for possession of marijuana by a female undercover agent (the topic of a particularly awful poem).

I guess when you cannot find anything really wrong with a guy, you have to harp on things like "bad poetry". Yes, I did get arrested for pot in Texas...thirty years ago. The poem, however, was only a poem and not a factual account.

In August 1994, Douglas began publishing the Free American and, the same year, became information officer for the New Mexico Militia. In the following years, he traveled the country, going to antigovernment militia and "Patriot" events and selling magazines and books; broadcast a daily shortwave radio program; put on survivalist expos, and made and sold videos about "top-secret phenomena" like those revealed in "Chemtrails: the Video."


Typical of many in the militias, Douglas worried that the United Nations was involved in a world takeover - and, as mayor, got an ordinance passed that made Bingham a "U.N.-free zone."

Actually, I am not worried about the U.N. However, everyone here at the Douglas home DID vote to make Bingham a U.N. Free zone.

Although Douglas says that he first endorsed the anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the early 1990s, it is in recent years that he, like many in the Patriot movement, has adopted wholesale hatred of Jews.

This is an outright lie. I DO NOT hate Jews. I do ask the question, "What is a forgery but an exact copy of an original?" I do think that every American who loves their country should read the document to see why Jewish organizations like the SPLC are so afraid you will read it.

Since helping in 2001 to set up the radical-right American Media Association, which includes several anti-Semitic publications, Douglas� Free American has run stories like "Are the Jews Behind the Destruction of America?" (his answer, needless to say, is yes) and he has reproduced the Protocols on his Web page.

True, many members of the AMA believe, as I do, that it is far more likely, based on true history, that the Jews are instrumental in the downturn in morals and Constitutional government in America.

He sold tracts of the anti-Semitic Christian Identity theology at his November 2002 expo in Georgia and, this May, blamed Jews for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks while attending a conference put on by Media Bypass, another anti-Semitic magazine.

Once more, I think the evidence on 9-11 demands that we investigate and look to Israel with the same vigor we would Osama, Saddam or Muslims in general. I should also point out that the term anti-Semite is more applicable to Jews than me, since most Arabs are Semites. I should also like to point out that Jewish authors who feel much the same way as I do about the Zionists, write for my magazine on a regular basis.

In addition, Douglas spends a great deal of energy attacking former allies in the Patriot movement like James "Bo" Gritz, and selling the always lucrative Miracle II soap.

I do sell Miracle II Soap. I don�t like Bo Gritz. And he was NEVER an ally.

As far as Morris Dees goes, you can read about his deviant escapades and moral turpitude in his divorce papers at I won�t sully my magazine by printing the sorid details of his homosexual and hetrosexual encounters in my magazine..

Here are the other men slammed by this organization. I urge them to get in touch with me. Clay Douglas


Gordon Lee Baum, 62

White supremacist // BRIDGETON, Mo.

Rev. Michael D. Bray, 51

Violent anti-abortion extremist // BOWIE, Md.

Bruce Alan Breeding, 35

Neo-Nazi // MANDEVILLE, La.

Boyd D. Cathey, 54

Neo-Confederate // WENDELL, N.C.

Bryant Calvert Cecchini, 32

Neo-Nazi Skinhead // ST. PAUL, Minn.

John Thomas Cripps, 46

Neo-Confederate // LUMBERTON, Miss.

Ronald G. Doggett, 41

Klansman, neo-Nazi and white supremacist // RICHMOND, Va.

Clayton R. Douglas, 57 - "Patriot" and anti-Semite // BINGHAM, N.M.

Ronald W. Edwards, 43

Klansman // DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky.

Samuel T. Francis, 56

White supremacist // LANHAM, Md.

Victor J. Gerhard, 39

Neo-Nazi // WILMINGTON, N.C.

Erich J. Gliebe, 40

Neo-Nazi // CLEVELAND, Ohio

Morris L. Gulett, 48

Neo-Nazi // DAYTON, Ohio

Paul Hall Jr.- White supremacist //


J. Michael Hill, 51

Neo-Confederate // KILLEN, Ala.

Charles J. Juba, 31

Neo-Nazi // OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.

David Lane, 65 - Racist Odinist, Klansman, neo-Nazi and white supremacist icon // FLORENCE, Colo.

Melody Mackey LaRue, 28

Neo-Nazi // LYNNWOOD, Wash.

Alex R. Linder, 37

Neo-Nazi // KIRKSVILLE, Mo.

Wayne C. Lutton, 54

Anti-immigrant homophobe and white nationalist // PETOSKEY, Mich.

Thomas J. Martin, 20 - Neo-Nazi Skinhead // CHARLESTON, W.Va.

Thomas L. Metzger, 65 - White supremacist // FALLBROOK, Calif.

Anthony A. Pierpont, 36 - Racist Skinhead // SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn.

David Martin Pringle, 34

Neo-Nazi // ANCHORAGE, Alaska

Harold Ray Redfeairn, 51

Neo-Nazi // NEW VIENNA, Ohio

Billy Joe Roper II, 31 - Neo-Nazi // RUSSELLVILLE, Ark.

Jean-Philippe Rushton, 50 - White supremacist and race scientist // LONDON, ONTARIO, Canada

Kenneth J. Schmidt, 43 - White nationalist // UPPER MONTCLAIR, N.J.

Jeffrey S. Schoep, 29

Neo-Nazi // LITCHFIELD, Minn.

Malik Zulu Shabazz, 36 - Black supremacist and anti-Semite // WASHINGTON, D.C.

Yusuf Shabazz, 41 - Black supremacist and anti-Semite // SAVANNAH, Ga.

Edgar J. Steele, 58

Anti-Semite // SAGLE, Idaho

Elisha H. Strom, 28

Neo-Nazi // EARLYSVILLE, Va.

Samuel Jared Taylor, 51

White supremacist // OAKTON, Va.

Harold C. Turner, 41 - White supremacist // NORTH BERGEN, N.J.

Mark E. Weber, 51 - Neo-Nazi // COSTA MESA, Calif.

William A. White, 26 - White nationalist // SILVER SPRING, Md.

James P. Wickstrom, 60 - Neo-Nazi // MADISONVILLE, Tenn.

Steven J. Wiegand, 30

Racist Skinhead // MAPLE SHADE, N.J.

Ron G. Wilson, 56

Neo-Confederate // EASELY, S.C.

Publisher�s Corner 5

Interview With Mahathir Mohamad 7

Threats In US Follow Mahathir�s Words 11

Jewish Groups Want Stronger Reaction 11

Israel & US Develop Infrared Beam 12

Sharon�s Plan is to Capture More Land 16

Judeo-Christianity OR Pauline Christianity 18

A Dissenting Opinion 24

Support Our Troops 25

All Hail The Jewish Master Race! 26

WMD Sites Have Been Located 28

Israel�s Use of WMD at Acre Aqueduct 28

The Businessmen Behind David Horowitz 33

The Saudi Dynasty:Where Does It Come From 36

�Engaging� Traps More Collectors 39

U. S.-Russia Merger: A Done Deal 40

The Grand Deception-A Look at War 44

Bomb Threat Follows Campus Debate 56






Some very interesting developments in this issue of the Free American.

The Malayan Prime Minister, Mohamed created a worldwide furor when he made the statement that Jews run the world by proxy.

I stirred up such faux patriots as Len Horowitz when I made a similar statement a few years back with the title of the first in our conspiracy theories series entitled, "Do Jews Run the World and Is It Hate to Ask That Question?"

Seems we have been so indoctrinated by their control of the media, that most Americans, including such esteemed "Harvard Graduates" such as Dr. (the Dr. stands for Dentist) Horowitz buy into the whole theme of Jews are good, and anyone who opposes them are bad.

In the years between my statement and that of the retiring Prime Minister, it seems that many folks have managed to shake the sophisticated mind control programming, either by diligent study or, as in the Palestinian's case, direct exposure to their brutal occupation tactics, have been awakened to the fact that Judeo-Christianity is almost an oxymoron.

I get fewer attacks from the mainstream these days because even the controlled media is being forced to face the facts.

Yet many of these folks who believe they are awake are just as indoctrinated as the ones they often point fingers at�. the Jews, the Catholic Church and organizations like those of Jerry Falwell and his ilk.

How's that, you say? We are "True Believers" in Jesus Christ. We are following the Bible! Is it possible that this statement too is an oxymoron?

Allow me to explain.

If you believe that the Bible is the Word of God and it is infallible, unchanged since the dawn of time, written by HIS hand, then it may be impossible to reason with you or speculate.

You have bought into dogma.

Webster�s defines Dogma as:

"1 a: something held as an established opinion; especially: a definite authoritative tenet b: a code of such tenets <pedagogical dogma> c: a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds

2: a doctrine or body of doctrines concerning faith or morals formally stated and authoritatively proclaimed by a church"

Proclaimed by a church. Get that? A church has told you that the Bible is unchallengeable. The same thing the poor folks in the Middle Ages were told. The same thing our ancestors were told that forced them to come to America. This same dogma sent millions of men, from all over the world, off to war to fight over "Christian" beliefs, something that is happening right now, even as we speak, by George Bush, who proclaims to be a "Christian". "God told me to invade Iraq."

While most of my listeners and readers can accept that GW Bush might be a: deceitful or b: stupid or c: simply wrong, they cannot or will not examine the Bible with such a critical eye.

I, personally, have never felt the need or the desire to attend church. Something about the people there struck me as hypocritical and judgmental. Nor I am a dedicated Bible scholar. I believe that a true knowledge of God is available for EVERYONE, from within, not from tangled, mangled teachings of various sects.

While I believe that the Bible is a valuable, historically accurate document, as accurate as is possible for something done by the hand of man, it is not, for me, the end all and be all it is to mind-molded Christians.

There have been numerous translations, from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to Hebrew and finally to English and back again. It has been edited, with many books left out, those writings in Thomas and Enoch banned from the sight of the masses. The version let out for consumption by the masses, was the one approved by King James, an English king. Remember England, the empire on whom the sun never set? The colonial power that conquered the Middle East? The same England we fought with to obtain our independence? Would they have approved a Bible that taught their subjects to rise up against the governments of man?

While many of you can find reason to doubt our government and that of modern and ancient England, why can you not see the same conditions and imperatives that existed in the days of Jesus?

Many of you have grown, mentally and intuitively to recognize that everything Israel says may be based on a desire for world domination and yet we have built our belief system on that of the forerunner to the Zionists we deal with today, a Pharisee name Saul.

The apostles of Jesus (If that was his name at all. Some scholars think his name was Immanuel) warned you about the lies that were to come. We can see them today, but can we apply the same logic to the words and motivations of the men who contributed to the Bible?

I am referring to the character to whom two thirds of the New Testament is attributed to, Paul. But Paul wasn't always Paul. Nor was he a disciple of Jesus. Paul was a Roman Pharise named Saul, assigned to dominate Palestine. He was assigned to oversee the destruction of the breakaway but growing cult based on the teachings of Jesus. Saul never met Jesus while he was alive.

It was a job that he did well, until that fateful day on the road to Damascus when he said Jesus appeared to him in a vision and blinded him.

Paul was, from that day on, the biggest promoter of the new religion he called Christianity. It was, from the outset, a religion that raised the man Jesus, the man that had been persecuted by his own people, to the status of a God, or the only son of God.

It was Paul (he changed his name to conceal his identity and the fact he was a Pharasie) who is credited with establishing the first churches and writing most of the New Testament.

Here is how Friedrich Nietzsche viewed Paul, and by extension, Christianity;

The first Christian. All the world still believes in the authorship of the "Holy Spirit" or is at least still affected by this belief: when one opens the Bible one does so for "edification."... That it also tells the story of one of the most ambitious and obtrusive of souls, of a head as superstitious as it was crafty, the story of the apostle Paul--who knows this , except a few scholars? Without this strange story, however, without the confusions and storms of such a head, such a soul, there would be no Christianity...

And finally the saving thought struck him,... "It is unreasonable to persecute this Jesus! Here after all is the way out; here is the perfect revenge; here and nowhere else I have and hold the annihilator of the law!"... Until then the ignominious death had seemed to him the chief argument against the Messianic claim of which the new doctrine spoke: but what if it were necessary to get rid of the law?

The tremendous consequences of this idea, of this solution of the riddle, spin before his eyes; at one stroke he becomes the happiest man; the destiny of the Jews--no, of all men--seems to him to be tied to this idea, to this second of its sudden illumination; he has the thought of thoughts, the key of keys, the light of lights; it is around him that all history must revolve henceforth. For he is from now on the teacher of the annihilation of the law...

This is the first Christian, the inventor of Christianity. Until then there were only a few Jewish sectarians. from Nietzsche's Daybreak, s.68, Walter Kaufmann translation

There is more inside. Read everything and cast aside that which smacks of falsehood. Form your own conclusions. You do not have to believe like Nietzche, or of the assorted authors featured in this report, or of the conclusions the assembler of the information came to. You don't have to get mad at me for bringing it to your attention, but you may if it makes you feel somewhat better.

What you have to do is follow your heart and your common sense. You have to do something that most of your fellow man cannot. You must think, analyze and research the concepts presented here and the implications.

What if someone we thought was very holy was simply taking advantage of the opportunity to seize control over a fledgling, unpopular cult and propel it into a worldwide religion?

As much as I would like to believe in our highest elected officials and their un-elected, self-appointed handlers, I believe they are following an agenda that does not benefit the common man that Jesus cared so much about.

I see the Holy Catholic Church as a good old boys club for old boys that like young boys. It may do some good, but it is still corrupted, within, right now. Why is it easier to believe that they went bad somewhere along the line, rather than imagine it corrupt, self-centered and committed to self-perpetuation from the beginning?

Like Martin Luther, I am tacking this up on YOUR door to dare you to think for yourself. About both government and religion! Why follow anyone if God lies within?

In my humble opinion, if you believe in God, you must believe that you have the ability to contact your creator. This is the power of prayer and is not limited to a certain group, race or belief system.

If you believe in Jesus, is it not better to view him as a teacher who tried to teach you a way to reach your creator, your father, as opposed to someone turning him into a graven image of a dying man hanging inside a church bent on conquering the world?

Is the Catholic Church, as it is today, very similar in pomp and circumstance as ancient Rome? Was this Rome's way of carrying on its world-wide empire with minimum opposition? Realizing the power of Jesus, could they have used Paul to capture the concepts Paul espoused?

As a final note, this critical look at Saul/Paul and his motives, and the implication of the churches, in no way lessens the miracle of Immanuel, Jesus, Yashua, or Jesus Christ; Man, Prophet, Son of God, Messiah, Ascended Master, Lord or friend�. it is your choice.

Always has been.

Clay Douglas



On the Cover - The Daily Onion created this faux photo making fun of Donald Rumsfeld. Unfortunately, we find nothing very funny as it is too near the truth. CRD

Publisher�s Corner 5

Break Down Between US and Them 6

Remember 9/11-Two Part Series 7

Mexico�s Rich Don�t Like to Pay Taxes 16

Jerusalem Post Says �Kill Arafat� 17

Hot Summer Sparks Global Food Crisis 17

Suppose This Happened to OUR People 18

President Asks For Expanded Patriot Act 19

The Israelisation of America 20

Wal Mart:a.k.a. Big Brother Walley 22

Chinese Vie for a Seat at Trade Table 23

Outsourcing of Professional Jobs 24

Unaccountable Voting Machines 25

The Assassination of Anna Lindh 26

Coca-Killer: The Whole Story 27

9-11: Pretext for Tyranny 28

America: The Fourth Reich 29



This column will be short and sweet. I�ve some explaining to do about what happened with our September issue. As you all know by now, you did not receive it in the timely manner you are accustomed to. Most of you probably have received it by now but it came in with your October issue. As we were requesting help with a deficit, and because of the controversy swirling about Mel Gibson�s Passion motion picture, many of our readers assumed we had financial trouble or someone sabatoged the mailing or printing of the issue.

As much as I enjoy a good conspiracy theory, neither was the case.

The facts are; we got the issue off to the printer on time. The printer printed the issue on time. The mailing company however, dropped the ball. Bear in mind that the mailing company we use is the SAME mailing company that has been mailing the Free American to you for the ten years we have been in business. It is a small, mom and pop operation, much like the Free American. Maurice is reliable, honest and prompt, as was his father before him, who retired seven or more years ago.

Maurice became ill with a case of menengitis, or possibly, West Nile virus. Despite this debilitating illness, he tried to do the mailing and, in downloading our list, managed to offset the list so that every name and address on the list had the wrong city, state and zip code. I�m sure most ended up in dead letter files around the country.

I have had menegitis and can tell you that you are lucky to remember your own name, much less decipher a .dbf file.

We learned of the problem when a magazine was returned to us around the 10th of the month. We immediately reprinted and remailed it to all of oour subscribers. Maurice covered the expense. You have both his and my apologies. Steps have been taken on his end to ensure that the same mistake will not happen again.

Now to this issue.

As most of you know, I have planned on publishing two additional magazines. I would like to have launched both a couple of months ago, but time and finances worked against me. We changed times on the radio, broadcasting one hour later, which increased my expenses and threw me off time-wise. I was expecting help with the layout and additional sales needs which did not materialize until my son. Cameron, took off from college to assist us here in Bingham.

That said, this issue is a double issue, featuring both the Free American and the first issue of American Heritage and Health. As of January, American Heritage and Health will come out every other month. High Country will have to wait for a few more. The Free American will come out as it always has.

This issue of the Free American will be a little abridged to make room for the premier addition of AH&H. A few thousand additonal copies of AH&H have been printed for mailing to potential advertisers newsstand distribution. Both magazines go very well together as this issue of medical freedom has been raised with the story of Jason Vale and Parker Jensen. Read my story on Medical Tyranny in the AH&H section.

We are slso printing the Free American book catalog as a separate publication to allow more room for news stories. Subscribers will get this at no charge. Newsstand readers will need to order the catalog for $5.00.

We sincerely hope that most of our subscribers to the Free American will enjoy the new American Heritage and Health enough to subscribe. We feel that, by concentrating on the natural health issue, people who still view conspiracies as something out of the twilight zone, will be able to read AH&H and see the tip of an iceberg of deception still shrouded in a fog of misinformation. CRD




Publisher�s Corner 5

Power Blackout Causes Car Batteries to Die 6

Blackout Was an "Initial Test" 6

Did Bush & Cheney "Order" Great Blackout? 7

Who Is America�s Sovereign? 10

The 10 Commandments Question 11

Homeland Security for Whom? 12

Demand For Data By Feds On Rise 18

Tampa Police Eliminate Facial Recognition System 19

Jewish Persecution 20

Recent Terrorism by Jewish Settlers Against Palestinians 29

An Unbalanced Middle East Policy 30

Iraq�s Forgotten Exiles Seek Redress 31

Israel, US Sign Loan Guarantees Worth $9 Billion 31

Mr. Sharon, Tear Down That Wall! 32

Fake Checkpoints OK In Search For Illegal Drugs 33

Phone Taps By Israel? 33

Intelligence Veterans Challenge Colleagues to Speak Out 34

Fluoride Linked To Low IQ 38

Gasoline Shortage Hits Phoenix 40

Kelly: I�ll Probably Be Found Dead In The Woods" 41






The Great Blackout of 2003 was a huge disappointment to the Col. Brinkerhoffs of FEMA and Homeland Security but a boon to the Bush backers.

According to Col. Brinkerhoff in our video, "The True Face of FEMA", the troops should have been called out under FEMA to quell the rioting and the looting that they figured would occur in just such a scenario.

Problem was, Americans reacted the way I said they would and not the way the pessimistic Brinkerhoff predicted. They helped each other, welcomed the tourists, put aside their differences and behaved in a rational, clear-headed manner as opposed to becoming a mindless mob, God bless �em.

Had the outages lasted longer, the less civil we might have become, but for that one night, the rich and poor co-mingled and slept on the streets, the roofs and in the parks with remarkably few incidents.

Generator sales spiked. People cleared the shelves of all the necessities they should have already bought, and people with gas got to boil their water in Ohio but all things considered, we came through it pretty much unscathed. (Let it be a warning and get your generators and water purifiers now, before the real big one comes.)

The oil companies, however, chose this time to provide us with the real problem.

Seems that the blackout shut down some refineries back east and that, accompanied by a pipeline break that shut off gasoline supplies to Phoenix, created the largest, fastest rise in gasoline prices in U.S. history. With some stations in downtown Phoenix selling their gas for $3.99 a gallon, we have reached the dubious distinction of 2003 becoming the year when gasoline prices reached record highs in America. And these price spikes are not limited to Arizona or the Northeast. California, New Mexico and states far removed from any problems are also taking advantage of the American people. You can thank George Bush, whose elections prompted the other spike in gas prices this millennium.

All this at a time when we are pumping a million gallons a day of crude out of Iraq, evidently royalty-free, to pay for the damage WE created by declaring war on that country. (BTW - Where can we get an accounting of the income from that oil. The taxpayers paid for the incursion into Iraq, aren�t we entitled to a dividend on our investment?)

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, like vultures circling a fresh kill, have established offices in Iraq but are still nervous about the continued resistance.

Here in the US, we get daily reports of our servicemen being killed by loyalists to Saddam Hussein. No one in the mainstream seems to realize that resistance to an invading army by the populous is not only legal, it is moral and acceptable under international law. It is expected that, if America were invaded and President Bush and VP Cheney were on the run, we would be expected to resist the same way the Iraqi people are doing, even though most of us would care not whether Bush and Cheney appeared on a Russian or Chinese deck of cards.

The Iraqis could care less that Saddam is on the run. What they DO KNOW, is that a Jew by the name of Paul Bremer is sitting in the same palace once occupied by Saddam, supervising the stealing of their oil, stalling on restoring their power and air conditioning, while they are paying much more for their gasoline, if they can get it, than they did under Saddam. They will continue to kill our children until we leave Iraq to the Iraqis, just as the Palestinians continue to kill Israelis, for the same reasons.

So what are the answers for the American people?

I, like you, am frustrated with my inability to effect a national policy that promotes a global empire under an iron American thumb.

I, like you, am incensed that a coalition of oil companies seem to control foreign policy and are financing it through skyrocketing gasoline prices foisted upon the American people. A pipeline goes down in Phoenix and the rest of the American people pay for the oil companies� errors? Electricity goes out in the Northeast, people can�t go to work, can�t sleep in their high-rises, can�t operate their businesses and only the oil companies can recoup their losses by charging the American people twice as much for a product we can�t do without? It now costs us twice as much to get back and forth to our jobs? You�d think that all that Iraq oil would have mede gas cheaper for us victors, huh?

My answer to these problems is one I put into place years ago.

I got out of the city. I run my business from my home. I don�t have to drive to work.

The only question is: Why haven�t you?

I am seriously considering starting a new organization devoted to relocating city dwellers to the thousands of smaller towns across America. This project would be called the "Small Town Restoration Project".

We would help the folks in the cities to sell their homes and find suitable homes in the southern states, Texas, New Mexico or Arizona, in counties that would welcome industrious or retired folks to their particular counties or towns. These towns would have to offer high speed internet and good phone service.

Many of these small towns suffered the loss of their young people who went off to the cities to find work. Now that our factories have been dismantled and our jobs, even in the high tech areas, are being transferred to faraway places like India, there are many families that would like to return to the simpler, crime-free lives outside the large cities. A black out in Bingham, or Soccoro, or Carrizozo, New Mexico, is far easier to deal with than it is in New York, Chicago or Detroit. Here, it is a matter of an inconvenience, not a life-threatening event.

There are thousands of these little towns in Texas. Texas was the one Southern state not occupied or burned by the North during the civil war. Texas was the one state that kept her rights as an independent nation. Texas is the one state in the West where the Federal government does NOT own a larger percentage of the land (illegally, according to the Constitution) than the inhabitants of that state. Texas is one state that has no state income tax. Texas is covered by independent farms and farming and ranching is still revered.

Texas is controlled by Bush interests and still run by the good old boy network. Texas is more of a police state than New Mexico. Which is why I live in New Mexico. Arizona has no state income tax but the land there is over double what property costs in New Mexico.

The Free State Project is advocating a similar solution but its target states include Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming. They are currently voting for which state to move their 20,000 members to. Having been in blizzards in several of those states, I can tell you I prefer the South.

A chart highlighting bankruptcies in the Southern states of Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, labama and South Carolina show that the impoverishment created by the Civil War still has a death grip on those states. (What Iraq can look forward to.) That leaves, in my book, Texas and the southwest with Colorado, Nevada and Utah as a secondary choice.

I don�t know if there is a large consensus with a lot of my Northern oriented readers, but I do believe that a massive migration by white, Anglo-Saxon Christians may be the only answer. There simply aren�t enough of us, who haven�t been indoctrinated, in any single location to make a difference or stand up to Federal might and force.

Maybe there never was and will never be again.

Witness the showdown between George Wallace and the Feds in Alabama over Segregation. Witness the current showdown between Judge Roy Moore and the pitiful remnant who have laid down before the Feds, only to be dragged away like so many dead sheep. And we are talking about the ones who had the guts to show up. Many more thousands may have been sympathetic, but failed to stand up and be counted.

Is this what we have come to?

Even the Iraqis show more spunk and back bone than these, all too few, Americans.

Once more the ADL and lackeys like Morris Dees (who says he is a Southern Baptist) have put us into the minority and on the defensive.

Until we can stand up like men and meet force with implacable resistance, we will continue to be herded like sheep.


September 2003

Publisher�s Corner 5

Mel Gibson�s The Passion 6

More Comments From Mainstream Media 8

Something Called NESARA Truth or Fraud 9

Journalist Expose Myth of Free Press 10

...Let�s Load it Down Make Sure it Falls 11

How Bush Pushed Gasoline Prices Sky High 12

The Crime and the Cover Up 13

Educational System to Keep Us Uneducated 16

War on Drugs Could Have Been Avoided! 17

File Sharing?? 18

Neo-Conned 20

Ties Connect US Right, Zionist 27

A Billion is a Difficult Number 28

The New Mafia 29

"Kosher Nostra Scam" 31

Man Has Eye for Detail 32

Pentagon Secret Bio, Chem Tests 33

Jewish Declaration of War 1933 35

Reading the Wrong Thing in Public 40

A Chemtrail Aerosol Breakthrough 41




We have been broadcasting over short wave and the Internet for over 7 years. My goal is to give you the news, straight without regard to political agenda. We weathered 8 years of left wing spin under the Clinton era, surviving the slanders and slurs hurled at us by the liberals who labeled us right wing extremists.

Now, under what was supposed to be a "conservative" administration, we are suffering from more "pressure" and "attacks" than ever before.

Our short-wave broadcasts have been jammed. Morse code has been played over certain frequencies during our show. Our satellite and Internet provider, Truth Radio, has been savaged and sabotaged, their website taken down at a critical time in their existence.

Our streaming host, Soundwaves2000, tried to provide a stable platform while Truth Radio foundered from insider sabotage. Three days after I started broadcasting with them, they were hit with an artificial power surge that destroyed thousands of dollars of equipment and rendered their satellite uplink useless.

Our mail has been slowed, checks to us diverted, and many orders sent via the post office, lost.

These attacks are deliberate. We are one of the few shows on the air (and one of the few magazines) that are giving you the truth about the hijacking of the conservative movement by pro-Israelis represented in mainstream media and such pseudo-conservatives as Michael Savage, preachers like Pat Robertson and the Neo-Cons surrounding Bush.

They are trying to distract you from getting the truth for many of the same reasons as they are attacking Mel Gibson's new film on the crucifixion of Jesus. They want to maintain the billions of dollars that are currently flowing into the Israeli/Pentagon war machine that is intent on converting Iraq and the rest of the middle east into another Palestine, while the wealth of these nations are funneled out through Kuwait and Israel.

Frequency changes have been made by WWCR in an attempt to get a clear channel to you, our listeners, but even that has caused confusion and listeners have been lost trying to find our broadcast. We have a heavy, outstanding bill with WWCR and with some of our suppliers. We are asking your help in order to cover these and continue our efforts to maintain an honest source of news, in print, over the Internet and on the airwaves.

Please send a donation that you can afford via registered mail to the Free American. 2943 U.S. Highway 380, Bingham, NM 87832 or call us at 877-423-3250 to donate via credit card. Our number, once again is 877-423-3250.

I have long stated I will continue to publish and broadcast for as long as I possibly can. My son has taken a leave of absence from college to help us try to get new advertisers and subscribers.

We have always tried to exist on the profits from sales of products rather than compromise our reporting to get advertisers, however, we have reached a point where there are no profits or they are below the absolute minimums to maintain our production.

We are putting a call out for donations at a time when we know well that everyone in America is hurting financially and emotionally. Perhaps one of our recent letters from a former subscriber will illustrate the importance of our work here:


Clay, I wanted you to know why I recently subscribed to the Free American. I have been a past subscriber but it was a long time ago.

After coming to realize that almost all of our nation's problems are from a result of Jewish takeover, it is impossible to address any problem or report any news without addressing the Jewish issue.

You are the only one I know that has any sort of news reporting that is not afraid to discuss this issue. I thought Worldnetdaily was ok for a while until I realized what agenda Farah was on. Pete Peters is great, but he does not report the news.

So, I have found you to be the only one out before the public worthy of any support, other than Pete.

I often do not agree with about some things, but at least you are honest in your beliefs, and you are not controlled by the Zionist factor, which makes you absolutely unique. But more often than not I do agree with you.

Anyway I just wanted you to know why I subscribed and will try to resubscribe every year as long as you keep on doing what you do now.

I try to listen to the program in the morning on the internet whenever I have time.

Thank you for doing, Paul Miller

If you are one of the people who feel I am being anti-Semitic in my reporting, I urge you to go to me website, and click on two links:

OCCUPATION and "TheTruth Behind All Wars This Century". These two links will show you fully documented material that reflects the truth you are about to read in this issue of the Free American.

Please help us to maintain the work that I have put the last ten years of my life into. Make a donation, include us in your will if you are elderly, or help us get the truth out by buying ten magazines per month for only $25.00. Link our websites, advertise your groups, products, services or organization. We can only succeed of we all pull together. Thank you, Clay Douglas



Publisher's Corner 5

Americans Believe It's No Longer Important to Tell Truth 6

HIV-AIDS: Made in the USA? 8

Proactive, Preemptive, Operations Group 9

'P2OG' Allows Pentagon to Fight Dirty 10

Rebuilding America's Defenses 12

Summary of 9/11 Timeline Developed 16

Executive Order 13303 23

Empire of Liberty 24

Netanyahu Says Iraq-Israel Oil Line Not Pipe-Dream 27

Road Map To Nowhere 27

Israeli Communications Priorities 2003 28

Why No Objection to Israel's WMD? 33

Attacking the Rich 35

NY Times Interviews Released Guantanamo Detainees 36

Monsanto Crackdown on Seed Users 38

Handgun Licensing and Registration 40

Real Hollywood Heroes 42

Notice to Seasilver Independent Business Associates 43





The mainstream media has been dancing carefully around the subject of whether George Bush and Tony Blair lied when they told the world that we had to go into Iraq because of the danger presented by their possession of weapons of mass destruction.

There�s been quite a bit of debate on the tube about this subject between the liberals, represented by the Democrats, and the Bush backers, the pseudo-conservatives, represented by the Republicans.

Once more, this is part of the fa�ade to make the American people (and the British) believe that the press is somehow looking out for our best interests, striving always to find the truth.

Were we actually looking for the truth, our press corps would be asking far different questions of our President and our representatives.

For instance; what criteria do we use to determine who may or may not have nuclear power? We have it in Phoenix, Sacramento and Three Mile Island and assorted locations all around America. Why can we have the "benefits" of cheap power but the Iranians and Iraqis can�t?

Why would we invade Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction yet allow Israel to have hundreds of nukes, chemical weapons, biological weapons, lasers, killer satellites, and intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of delivering them to every capitol of Europe and bragging about it?

President Bush announced that we were going to Iraq to "liberate" the Iraqi people from the iron grip of Saddam Hussein. Yet the Iraqi people appear to be in worst shape under the US than under Saddam, and not much better off than the Palestinians under Sharon. Gasoline used to be $.25 per gallon under Saddam. How much is it now?

Under Saddam, there was order and stability. Under U.S. rule, there is chaos.

Under Saddam, every Iraqi was allowed to be armed, under the U.S., there are teams of American soldiers attempting to disarm here-to-fore passive Iraqi who claim to need their weapons in a newly lawless country.

Bush claimed the oil in Iraq belonged to the Iraqi people, but no one in Iraq has seen a dime so far. In fact, they are suffering more poverty than under the sanctions imposed on Saddam�s Iraq.

Bush claimed that we wanted to set the Iraqi�s free, yet none of the attempts at self-rule have been allowed under our occupation. Even Saddam�s palaces have been claimed by the new US led dictatorship. Bush�s word�s ring in my ears, "It would be so much easier if this were a dictatorship, as long as I was the dictator."

Even the main stream media is catching on, commenting on the anger and demonstrations by the Iraqis against the American occupation, "They aren�t exactly waving American flags anymore."

Not that they ever did.

At this writing, over two hundred Americans have died in a growing guerrilla war. As I write this, CNN is commenting on an attack on an ambulance, "They have no regard for human life." Ironic coming from American forces who killed thousands of civilians, not to mention the young Iraqi soldiers who died under our bombardments.

On the home front, any mention of Zionist control or influence over our political parties is met with derision and out-right hate. It is interesting to hear a Zionist brag about killing Palestinians then accuse me of promoting hate but that is exactly what occurred at the latest gun show in Albuquerque, along with veiled threats.

Ask Jack Foote, founder of Ranch Rescue, and his friend, Casey Nethercott, about the Zionist attack dogs here in America.

Mr. Foote, who has been attempting, in his own small way, to help stem the flow of illegal aliens into this country, went down with Casey to the Texas border at the invitation of a ranch owner. They found a few aliens, escorted them to the entrance of the ranch and notified the INS to come get them. The aliens went instead to the Jim Hogg County jail where they are being held indefinitely until they testify against Casey and Jack.

Casey was charged with assault and held for several weeks before being released on bond. Jack and the ranch owner have now been sued by the right hand of the ADL, Morris Dees� Southern Poverty Law Center on behalf of the illegals.

Why aren�t John Ashcroft and Tom Ridge concerned about this huge gap in our nation�s defenses? It has been proven this human-smuggling route has been used by Arab types.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg as Zionist-led America flexes its military muscle in an attempt to gain control of strategic countries around the globe and quash any opposition to its global goals here at home.

Remember the Sixties and Vietnam? Dissent was rampant among college students and every other song was a protest against the war and the military/industrial complex. Now we involved in an endless war against invisible enemies who might be your next-door neighbor in your new, multi-cultural neighborhood, and yet there is not a single song on the airwaves protesting our invasion or occupation of Iraq. Whatever happened to Country Joe MacDonald and the Fish?

Texas-based Clear-Channel Communications now dominates the FM radio market and is closely tied to the Bush cartel. It tells its stations who and what to play. Gone are the neighborhood and local radio stations. The situation will only get worse, as Michael Powell, son of Colin Powell, has relaxed the rules allowing such communication giants to acquire TV stations, newspapers and more radio stations in local markets.

Imagine the control over your news in the next ten years. Imagine war painted as a necessary evil, or worse, not evil at all but a way of life. Imagine people like me arrested for exercising our freedom of speech. Imagine a totally gutted Bill of Rights, suspended for the duration of the War on Terror?

Where, Mr. Bush, are the terrorists Homeland Security was founded to find? Why do we have hundreds of thousands of security officers to watch for a handful of Arab terrorists? Why do we have FEMA officials saying we will need four hundred thousand well-armed, well-trained, organized and disciplined troops here in America in case of another attack? (See the True Face of FEMA in the Free American bookstore.)

And what about the prisoners at Guantanamo? Would we want our boys and girls to be treated that way, caged and shackled, in the burning heat of Cuba, indefinitely? How long before Americans accused under the Patriot Act are treated similarly? Remember how noted Jewish attorney Alan Dershowitz called for the use of torture just a few months ago?

The actions of our government is creating thousands of more potential terrorists even as we speak. We have ten divisions of soldiers and nine of them are scattered over 110 countries around the world. We have one to defend us here at home. How long before our actions, militarily, will lead to reprisals, including a first strike, from countries like Russia or China? How many of our troops will be picked off, country by country, one by one, by trained, elite killers just as Israel has threatened to do, and is doing right now in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip?

Of course, the Zionists in control don�t really care what happens to America, they have another country to live in, and many countries they control. What does it matter to the elite if they pit China against America, Christians against Muslims, Blacks against Whites?

Once the final war begins, and it may have already, the loss of millions of lives merely plays into their scenario of a controllable, sustainable world population under their control. CRD

BTW - The cover shot this month is Boyd Graves. He has filed a suit against the US trying to expose the deliberate creation of AIDS by the US Government, as a biological weapon of genocide against the black people, a weapon which right now is decimating the population of Africa. While I might not agree with some of his beliefs or his life style, Dr. Graves is doing more than most of us put together. Good luck, Boyd.


Publisher�s Corner 5

Aliens In Our Own Land 7

Eric Rudolph Captured 8

The Evidence Against Eric Rudolph 9

Anti-Semitic Holocaust Deniers 9

Could You Be An Israelite And Not Know It? 10

"You�ve Been Living In A Dream World, Neo" 12

Can America Awake From the Dream World? 13

Shock and Awe Not Only For Iraqi�s 14

On Behalf of Ernst Zundel 20

Mega Media Madness 21

Save Our Spooks 22

Intelligence Officers Challenge Bush 23

Your Life at Their Fingertips 25

The Anti-American Loathing 29

Biological Toxins Found at Arizona�s Southern Border 31

Texas Border Watch Group Gets Sued 33

People I Know-Movie Review 35

War is Just a Racket 36

Patriotism, Mom and the Bums 40

Carving Up the Homeland Security Pie 41

Jason Vale vs the FDA 42

Confronting Semitism it�s Called Brainwashing 43




In this issue, I take exception to the manipulation of the news media in the case of the capture of Eric Rudolph. It was ignoble enough that one of America�s most wanted was captured by a rookie police officer while dumpster diving for food just a few miles from one of the nation�s largest and longest manhunts

Aside from the obvious questions as to his guilt (he has not yet been tried in a court of law and all we have heard is the government�s side of the story), what really gets my goat is the attempts by the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center to use his notoriety and a tenuous connection with a Christian Identity church in North Carolina to attack that particular segment of the followers of Christ.

The connection between Rudolph and that church headed up by Pastor Dan Gaymon was simply that the pastor took in Rudolph�s mother after the death of his father, truly a Christian thing to do but to the ADL and their lackeys at the SPLC it is a sinister plot against the government of the US... or at least the Jewish control of our government.

Using the FBI as their attack dogs, the Jews would like to lump Christian Identity adherents into that category now occupied by Muslims, an enemy of the state.

The question that arises in my mind is why the Jews are so afraid of this particular segment of Christianity? The same hostility is not shown to other sects. Jerry Falwell and the so-called Jews who inhabit Israel now seem to be bosom buddies. The Baptists have, for all intents and purposes, turned from worshipping Christ to worshipping the people who crucified him.

Christian Identity is being handled in the media the same way as alleged hate literature and communism. We are told these things are bad, and the people who believe in these doctrines are evil, but we are never ever told what their beliefs are or what was said.

Take it from us, the Jewish controlled media says, these words are bad and we must protect you from this deviant way of thinking. You Americans must be shielded from impure thoughts. You are too sensitive to be subjected to this type of literature. You are too na�ve to read this stuff and decide for yourself the validity of the doctrines contained within.

This kind of media superiority rankles me and should be a giant warning sign to the rest of America; unless the Jews are correct and we are little more that chattel or cattle, to be harvested at their leisure.

Should we dare to read this banned literature, we might learn that Communism is alive and well, not in Russia now but here in America. We might be surprised to know that our excessive tax system and the control of our money by the Federal Reserve Banks are two of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto.

We might learn, from reading "hate" literature, that the Bolsheviks who murdered the Czar and his family were primarily Jewish and that they labeled "truth" Anti-Semitism and made it a crime punishable by death. They are trying to do something very similar here in America. Even now "hate-crime" legislation is pending before Congress. Speak out against Jewish influence, which might threaten the billions of your tax dollars being funneled to Israel, and go to jail, just like the citizens of Russia who were shuffled off to Siberia for speaking out against their Jewish masters.

The thing that makes Christian Identity so dangerous is they have uncovered, through diligent research into laboriously hidden history, that the Anglo-Saxons (Issac�sons), sometimes referred to as Caucasians, are the REAL descendants of the Israelites of old. Most modern Jews, by their own admission, are Ashkenazi Jews, descended from a tribe called Khazars whose kingdom adopted Judaism in the first millennium after Christ.

If Americans, Europeans and Scandinavians understood this fully, the trillions of dollars looted through the artificial manipulations of interest and money through the Central banks, the excessive taxation and periodic wars to keep all nations paying tribute, would be seen for what they are, illegal tribute paid to a small band of international criminals who have infiltrated our legitimate governments and used our wealth to prop up a nation of their own while usurping our heritage as "God�s Chosen People.

It is the Jewish control of the media and law enforcement, which has painted Christians and Constitutionalists as potential terrorists. This is why there is such a push for the abolition of the Second Amendment. Americans must be disarmed before learning how high the plot against our liberty goes.

On another note, many times over the last ten years, I have become despondent over the lack of growth by the Free American magazine. We have been pretty consistent in our numbers but there has been little growth.

Many of you know that I once published a biker magazine. After Waco, I made the decision to quit that and publish the Free American because I believed that it was necessary to expose what I considered a plot to overthrow our way of life here in America.

Now, after ten years of publication, I have also come to the conclusion that the brainwashing of America is so complete that the majority of Americans cannot or will not accept the truth about the extent of their control by those who dominate the media and our government.

That is not to say that Americans are stupid or evil. They are merely the product of years of conditioning, through movies, news and Talmud Vision, to allow the implementation of world government.

I also came to the conclusion that the best solution, although possibly only temporary, is a return to the country and a rural lifestyle, for the least interference by big government. It is the rural folks that retain the values of our nation and the loyalty to family values. That was the reasoning behind our concept of Liberty Villages.

I have also found hope and encouragement in the practical application of natural products and herbal remedies developed by brave doctors and herbalists in the face of opposition by the multinational pharmaceutical companies and the A.M.A. Not only have the sale of products like Miracle II and Oregacyn kept us alive, it has been a boon to all who purchased these products.

After much deep thought and consultation with my family, I decided to make some changes to our publishing business.

At first, I thought about discontinuing the Free American entirely, and concentrating on new publications, but too many people told me it was too important to stop now.

So we will launch TWO NEW TITLES through our national distributor. These new titles will encompass all of our ideals as Americans, but without the controversy and the conspiracies. This will broaden our potential audience exponentially.

The first magazine will be a re-launch of my High Country Magazine, a magazine for Today�s Cowboy. This title will feature Country Music, Country Living, Farm and Ranch issues, hunting, fishing and Pro-First and Second Amendment articles. We will tackle the radical environmentalists without appearing radical ourselves. This variety magazine will gently lead our readers into a pro-American stance on political issues in a non-threatening manner while the Free American handles the more controversial issues.

The second title is American Heritage and Health. This title will deal almost exclusively with alternative health issues and will become the non-threatening catalog for our natural products and books on health by authors like Dr. Cass Ingram. This magazine/catalog will handle the Miracle II soap products, Oregacyn, Kardovite, and our natural herbal remedies under a new brand name.

In this way, we will gain on our newsstand distribution and appeal to that giant audience of Americans who just are not psychologically ready for the Free American, without compromising our views or conclusions. We will parry the pseudo-hate groups like the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center criticisms with material as American as Mom�s Apple Pie.

As a Free American subscriber, you will receive a complimentary copy of both of the new magazines, in addition to your Free American. You can also get the first six issues of these new titles for an introductory offer of only $15.00.

this is, of course, a bi-monthly subscription, meaning six issues a year.

These new publications will be full color and mainstream. They will contain advertising for the Free American magazine and our radio show. We hope you will help us in getting the word out about these new magazines to all those friends and family members who refuse to read the Free American. END




Publisher�s Corner 5

Criticizing Israel Will be Taboo in U.S. 6

Controversy Over Editorial in Jr. College Paper 7

Is Anti-Semitism Ever the Result of Jewish Behavior? 8

The Real Crisis North Korea 10

Real History and the Jewish Masterminds 11

Conversation in Tax Exempt, Government Church 12

Big Mac Attacks Baghdad 13

Jews at the Helm of Non-Jewish Organizations 14

Israel Developing �Ethnic Bomb� 21

Elite Sets Stage for WWIII 22

The Miracle of the United States of America 23

NRA vs. Ron Paul 24

Celebrating Israel�s Surrogate Soldiers 26

Israel Joining the �War on Terror� 28

The Jewish History of Evading Service 29

Jews Eliminating Anti-Israel Congressmen 32

Neocons or Judeo-cons? 34

Israeli Soldiers Waging War Against Children! 34

Israeli Media Relations 35

It Will Soon Be In America 36

The Prop-Masters 38

Jewish Communists: The Documentary Record 38

Letter to the Editor 45

DynCorp Awarded $500M to "Police" Iraq 46

A Last Chance for a White America 47

Fearing FEMA 48

Global Integration Beginning 51






The fears of the Patriot Movement are coming true. FEMA has evolved into part of Homeland Security. As our new video on FEMA shows, they are planning to bring in foreign troops in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to "contain" the American citizens of our major population centers in the event of an emergency. An emergency being deemed anything from a smallpox outbreak, to a nuclear attack or even a catastrophic earthquake.

The victory in Iraq, while thankfully light on American casualties, is just the beginning of what the Bush administration calls a war without a foreseeable end, the war against terrorism.

Before you come back with the same old tired arguments about our so-called "safety", ask yourself if anyone outside New York with friends or relatives killed in the engineered collapse of the Jewish owned and insured World Trade Center, has been harmed or threatened by "terrorists", outside the ones employed by the BATF and IRS.

Only three "terrorist" attacks have occurred in the United States in the last twenty years; Oklahoma City and the two World Trade Center attacks. And one of those was orchestrated and facilitated by the F.B.I., who appear to take their orders from the A.D.L. directly.

Keep in mind that after the second, more successful attack the F.B.I. sealed the scene and had all the forensic evidence hauled away without examination by local authorities. Some firemen were even ordered away from the site.

The same modus operandi was used in Oklahoma despite all the eyewitnesses to Arab types. The F.B.I. destroyed all evidence that didn�t point to McVeigh and his white supremacist buddies while the ADL and Southern Poverty, Mossad front operations, gave a pass to Hebrew-speaking Andreas Strassmier, conveniently whisked out of the country only to turn up a few years later in an investigation of terrorists in the Phillipines, along with other "outed" Mossad agents like Michael Harari.

That means that every "terrorist" attack on this country had all the earmarks, and personell of a highly specialized covert operation backed by the Mossad or the C.I.A or both.

The patriot movement is made up chiefly of older Americans who recognize something wrong in America and most correctly identify the threat as Communism. Unfortunately, because of the brainwashing via TV for the last fifty years, few of those Americans realize that Communism is a uniquely Jewish institution. Its control mechanisms were refined on the population of Russia by the Bolsheviks, all of whom were Jewish as were the subaequent members of the Politiboro.

You will find that most of our major industries, charities and other organization including the media, are controlled by these people. Also, a major portion of our doctors and lawyers. Twenty years ago, there were no Jews at the head of any American university. Today, most are controlled by them.

At the last meeting of what the mainstream press calls the "powerful" American Israel Political Action Committee, 5000 Jews brought forth most members of the Bush cabinet for their annual report. Powell, Rice and others stepped up to the plate along with half the members of the Senate and one-third of the House. An article excerpted from a Jewish source tells us that they (the Jews) successfully eliminated most of the anti-Israel contingent in our governing body.

Apply the term, anti-Israel, to anyone who opposes the Jews political agenda, it is obvious to a small percentage of Americans that the agenda is nothing less than total world domination.

The mainstream news organization, UPI, just reported that the Mossad will soon be conducting assassinations on the soil of the U.S. and its allies. This statement should have raised eyebrows among our law enforcement but the FBI merely shrugged it off as quoted, "This is a policy matter. We only enforce federal laws." As if murder of political opponents on U.S. soil is not a crime. Surely any American who discussed murder with anyone, much less the press, would have a fist full of indictments on conspiracy charges alone!

Exactly who are they planning to kill in America or other countries, that the authorities could not arrest under the broad base provided by the PATRIOT ACT? People like Clay Douglas, exercising his right to free speech in trying to show that there is such a thing as Jewish supremacy, as opposed to the so-called "white supremacy" That there is indeed a plot to take away our beloved freedoms under a new kind of aristocracy.

Our grandfathers could have told us the story of the Jews who took over Russia, but by that time they were so firmly entrenched, our fathers and mothers refused to listen to the wisdom of their elders, a trait obviously passed down to the current generation.

Here and there, a few of our brightest and best, educate themselves enough to break the taboos surrounding the issue and speak out on it. It is encouraging to see that some of our young people out there have the ability to think outside the box created to contain them.

The story of Kevin McGuire is the lead story in this issue of the Free American. A college student in Santa Rosa, California, Kevin had amassed the facts about Israel and dared to write a story for the school paper. A local Jewish newspaper got into the act and now Kevin is in hiding in another state, his editor also drummed out of school and a massive push begins from those 50 Senators and hundreds of representatives who bow their knee to a foreign power, to pass a hate crimes bill that makes it impossible or a crime to reveal the covert war against the American people.

It is Kevin�s story that inspired this issue of the Free American. To all that have the eyes to see, here is the evidence, most taken from today�s headlines, that would convict our dual loyalists in this country, all who support the creation and maintenance of Israel, of treason.

These anti-American, Jewish thugs might be able to frighten a young college student into running, but they will not silence the Free American. In spite of the pressure put on us by a faction of the Patriot Movement to get in line with the N.W.O. cover story, we are determined to get the truth out to the American people.

Taken in its entirety, the stories in this issue of the magazine should convince the most brainwashed among us that there is indeed proof of a conspiracy. From the Bolsheviks to AIPAC, the hidden history of the creation of Israel to its rise to the top of the New World Order is here in this issue along with what we can expect in the future from this global conspiracy. This is not Hate but truth.

Here is the truth, buried beneath Political Correctness, Hate Literature, Hate Speech and Anti-Semitism, twisted by the promotion of homosexuality and immorality and glossed over with the cooperation of so-called "journalists and reporters".

Welcome to the New World Order, run by the Zionists who are promoting World War III under the guise of war on terrorism. It is really a war, like all the others, on dissent against Jewish rule. CRD





MAY 2003

Publisher�s Corner 5

Today I Weep for My Country 6

The Erosion of the American Dream 7

Humanitarianism Setting Stage for Global Governance 10

Shock and Awe Not Only for Iraqi�s 11

Do Jewish Leaders Want Us All to be Victims? 12

Jewish Calendar for Soldiers and Sailors 19

Conservatives Reject Bush War Against Iraq 20

The War Prayer 21

Israeli Bulldozer Driver Murders American 22

Activist�s Memorial Service Disrupted 23

Midas Ears 24

Bill O�Reilly Threatens Dissenters 27

Plans for Civilian Internment 28

The Rise of the Fourth Reich 30

U.S. Steps Up Secret Surveillance on Americans 32

Biker In Black-Poem 33

Israel�s Massive �Secret� Nuclear Weapons 34

Bubbles of Fire Tore Into the Sky Above Baghdad 35

Lawmaker Seeks Probe of Perle 36

Police Officers Deputized as Federal Marshals 36

U.S. Army in Kuwait Have Guns, But No Ammo 38

The Most Dreaded Enemy of Liberty 39

"Chemtrails" Another Internet Hoax? 40

Showing POWs on TV Illegal 41

Atmospheric Mold is Abundant 42

The Re-emergence of the Third Reich 44

Blacklist Grounds American Passengers 49

The Last Word-Patriot Act II 50




Things have changed, since our last issue. The threat of war is no longer a threat, but a reality. Our sons and daughters are once again fighting in a foreign land.

While I am opposed to war, I am not taking the stance or the side of the liberals who are protesting this war, at least not whole-heartedly.

As a volunteer for the Vietnam War, I am a warrior at heart, but a reluctant one. I will fight for my family. I will fight for my country, should we be invaded. But I will not volunteer, nor encourage my sons to volunteer, to fight for the New World Order. Nor will I become another Jane Fonda. Many of the young men (and women) in our military are simply doing what they (and I) thought was their patriotic duty out of a love for their country.

This COW (coalition of the willing) IS the New World Order at work.

Here is what a gentleman by the name of Peter Freundlich had to say about this war:

All right, let me see if I understand the logic of this correctly.

We are going to ignore the United Nations in order to make clear to Saddam Hussein that the United Nations cannot be ignored.

We�re going to wage war to preserve the UN�s ability to avert war.

The paramount principle is that the UN�s word must be taken seriously, and if we have to subvert its word to guarantee that it is, then by gum, we will. Peace is too important not to take up arms to defend.

Am I getting this right?

Further, if the only way to bring democracy to Iraq is to vitiate the democracy of the Security Council, then we are honor-bound to do that too, because democracy, as we define it, is too important to be stopped by a little thing like democracy as they define it.

Also, in dealing with a man who brooks no dissension at home, we cannot afford dissension among ourselves. We must speak with one voice against Saddam Hussein�s failure to allow opposing voices to be heard.

We are sending our gathered might to the Persian Gulf to make the point that might does not make right, as Saddam Hussein seems to think it does. And we are twisting the arms of the opposition until it agrees to let us oust a regime that twists the arms of the opposition.

We cannot leave in power a dictator who ignores his own people. And if our people, and people elsewhere in the world, fail to understand that, then we have no choice but to ignore them.

Listen. Don�t misunderstand. I think it is a good thing that the members of the Bush administration seem to have been reading Lewis Carroll. I only wish someone had pointed out that "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" are meditations on paradox and puzzle and illogic and on the strangeness of things, not templates for foreign policy. It is amusing for the Mad Hatter to say something like, `We must make war on him because he is a threat to peace,� but not amusing for someone who actually commands an army to say that.

As a collector of laughable arguments, I�d be enjoying all this were it not for the fact that I know�we all know�that lives are going to be lost in what amounts to a freak, circular reasoning accident.


I agree with Peter to a point, however I do not think we are confronted with circular reasoning nor is this war a freak accident.

It is my belief that 9-11 and the subsequent wars were all carefully planned. The goal, stated over and over by those high up in the conspiracy and in the U.N. is global government.

Like the German Reichstag fire in the Thirties, 9-11 was the catastrophic event needed to push America over the edge and create a climate of fear in order to install the "laws" needed to bring acceptance of the New World Order. Israeli operatives were indeed involved but their involvement quickly hushed up under the guise of National Security.

Likewise, the Jewish owners of the twin towers had to be involved because evidence shows it was not the planes that caused the towers to fall. Building Seven also fell without the aid of an aircraft.

This doesn�t mean that all Jewish people are part of the plot. But our failure to discuss it rationally due to fear of being accused of anti-Semitism certainly undermines our sense of balance and fairness.

We can and are critical of Russia and China for their lack of support for the U.S. in this war, but we are limited in our criticism of the millions of Russian Jews who have immigrated to and control much of Israel?

Just as Jews are hesitant to be critical of other powerful Jews, I am hesitant to be overly critical of our troops. I hope to be able to criticize our leaders and what I consider to be destructive policies leading to the New World Order without bashing or demonizing the young people in our armed services.

While I am supportive of the plight of the Palestinians and the Iraqi people, I do not support the current leadership of either.

However critical I am of the reasons for using military force to oust Saddam Hussein, now that we have initiated combat, I wish our troops a speedy victory against Hussein�s forces. To do any less would make me a traitor to my country. It is my sincere hope that our leaders really mean to free the Iraqi people but I remain skeptical.

While I am against the United Nations and its global governance ambitions, I sincerely hope that Bush�s war does not force other nations to view US as a rogue state and a clear and present danger to world peace.

Homeland Security is now a reality also. The role of FEMA has become what we always predicted it was intended to become. I feel no satisfaction in being proven right.

Civilian detainment camps are also a reality. Right now they may be intended to hold Muslims but once opened, the temptation to put those of us who disagree with Global Government will be very strong indeed.

We make a huge mistake believing those who direct us towards this global control are stupid. They are not. Bush, while being portrayed as dumb, is anything but. The same goes for Cheney, Wolfowitz and Perle.

These are brilliant men, backed by big business, educated and trained for their roles in this Order. They are committed and play by the rules they have created over the years. Because we don�t agree with their goals, they rightfully consider those who back the Constitution, Nationalists, if you will, the enemy.

This is a battle that has been going on for years. With their control of media, the Globalists and Jews are able to paint a favorable portrait of their goals and methods while painting us as terrorists, dissidents and radicals. We will not derail their movement by derision or falsehoods. We can only hope to uncover the truth behind the lies and shine a spotlight into the shadows.

That was our goal when we started the Free American and it has not changed. We hope this issue, and those in the years to come, accomplish that goals. CRD




APRIL 2003


Publisher's Corner 5

States of Disunion 6

'Mexican Girl's Death Reveals Larger Tragedy" 10

The Outrages of the Mexican Invasion 11

On The Verge of Armageddon: World War III 13

Mounting Israelizaion of American Society 14

America's Motive for Invading Iraq 17

The Poisoned Battlefield 23

Heavy Metal or Death Metal? 24

The War Against Ourselves, Interview with Major Rokke 28

A 12 Year Old Pleads With America 30

Patriot II 32

Message from the Torah True Jews 35

Got a License for That Garden? 36

Sleep Well Tonight, Your National Guard is �Overseas? 38

David Duke's State of the Union Address 40

Extremists Joining Forces 50

Are You an Anti-American Lone Extremist? 50




There are two stories that dominate our mainstream, controlled media during the month of February. The first; the war that Bush�s Israel First Administration is trying to instigate, even threatening our long time allies, like France, with embargoes and boycotts, should they try to veto any UN Security Council resolution authorizing war.

This is the same kind of threats made by the Jews against Germany that precipitated World War II.

On the other hand, the U.S. is passing out billions of our tax dollars like candy to Turkey and Kuwait to use their land as staging areas for this war. Already, over two hundred thousand of our finest young people, many the ages of my two sons, are poised and ready to fight on the desert sands.

Millions of people around the world are protesting in an unprecedented outpouring of anti war sentiments. During the Vietnam War, millions of Americans took to the streets, only after thousands of our children had been sacrificed. Never before have so many around the world come out against America. Yet these protests fell on deaf ears in the Bush administration. They remain committed to a plan that will most certainly kill thousands of people, Americans and Iraqis, and under the shadow of war while many more Palestinians will be killed by the Israelis whenour attention is riveted on Iraq.

Americans have been led to believe that few of our service men and women will be harmed, because so few were killed in battle in Gulf War I. What is not being told to the American people is how many of our soldiers and future generations of Iraqi children were harmed by the use of depleted uranium and vaccinations. In this issue of the magazine, you will hear from our government�s own experts who have become crusaders against their former employer.

On the second front, seemingly unrelated to the war, we have been inundated with a tragic drama played out on CNN. A young girl, Jesica Santillan, lies dying in a hospital, the victim of a tragic error by doctors at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina. Scheduled for a heart-lung transplant, the doctors put in organs that were not compatible with her blood type,

However, tragic as this young woman�s particular story is, her death sheds light on a larger, more generalized tragedy. In 2002, according to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, 5,542 persons in the United States died waiting for an organ transplant. Each of their deaths, to their loved ones, is as sad as Jesica Santillan�s death is to her family (which has already announced plans to sue the hospital).

At no time did CNN, or any other network, touch upon the fact that Jesica and her mother were illegal aliens. They were brought across the border by coyotes to take advantage of a system that will pay for any and all medical care for illegals while at the same time turning away Americans who have supported the system their whole lives.

The insurance companies supplying them with their malpractice insurance are penalizing our medical doctors, to the point of breaking, with skyrocketing premiums; ostensibly to cover the insurance companies for just such an incident as this.

There is an invasion taking place, right now, in this country and the federal government is nowhere to be seen. It is crippling our economy and taxing our resources much more than even 9-11.

I said seemingly unrelated.

On the surface, perhaps. But what we are dealing with is an incredible betrayal, in my opinion, of the American people, especially the white, Christian Americans. They have been suckered and seduced by an intensive campaign of disinformation, propaganda and deceit. They have been lured into immorality, drug addiction (both Pharmaceutical and illegal), lied to by the churches set up by a hidden, hateful enemy bent upon their destruction. To anyone who has studied the facts, Judeo/Christian churches really means, churches controlled by Jews for the promotion of Jews.

White Americans have been so blinded by the lies that they fail to see the relationships that are so plain to so few. The starvation of White Russians by the millions by the Jewish led Communists who murdered the Czar and his descendents. The attack on Germany in two wars by countries, including the US, controlled by Jewish bankers. Remember, the Warburg brothers controlled the banks of Germany and America and financed the "war efforts" in both countries.

And let us not forget the race traitor DeClerk who sold out the whites in South Africa. Remember, the white South Africans arrived in that region of the world for only a few years later than the arrival of whites in America. The tragedies of Rhodesia (now know as Zimbabwe) and the current dispossessing of white farmers there should be front-page news here, but of course, it isn�t. The Jewish owners of our newspapers are afraid white America might become aware of the similarities between what happened to the White Afrikaans and the rapidly declining percentage of White Americans still left in America.

Our voices aren�t heard amid the cries for diversity. There are Jews who are out front in their cries for the destruction of the white race. See what Noel Ignatiev says on his website called "Race Traitor"

"The white race is a historically constructed social formation. It consists of all those who partake of the privileges of the white skin in this society. Its most wretched members share a status higher, in certain respects, than that of the most exalted persons excluded from it, in return for which they give their support to a system that degrades them. The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race, which means no more and no less than abolishing the privileges of the white skin. Until that task is accomplished, even partial reform will prove elusive, because white influence permeates every issue, domestic and foreign, in US society."

While the Mexican government is urging its citizens to come to the US, and demanding amnesty for all of the millions who have made it here to every city in America, we have forgotten that Mexico City has over forty thousand Jews. A small percentage to be sure, but Jews only comprise 2 1/2 percent of Americans yet dominate Hollywood, our media and much of the elite in our society. What their involvement is with the ruling elite of Mexico is impossible to determine because a segment of the Jewish population called Marranos" has hidden their Jewishness to blend in with the native population.

Stephen Birmingham, in his book, "the Grandees" revealed the existence of a book called "Americans of Jewish Descent" by Malcolm Stern. To quote Mr. Birmingham, "Who would expect to find the Rockefellers in the book?"

He goes on to point out that Stern traces what he calls the "Nobility of Jewry" - the Sephardim who lived in Spain and Portugal as princes of the land."

Many centuries ago, the Jews flooded into Spain in great numbers and through usury and stealth became vast land owners. The Jews controlled both Spain and Portugal through their finances over the country.

Marranos are Jews who pretend to convert to Christianity (or Catholicism) so as to deceive Christians in their business dealings, but secretly continue to practice Judaism in private rituals.

This is the answer to all of those who use the Rockefellers as an example to point out the falseness of the "Jews control the world banking" theory. "But the Rockefellers aren�t Jewish!"

What is happening in America, with the flood of illegals is simply a continuation of the war against the white race.

In Mexico, there are only two classes, the wealthy and the poor. There is no middle class. The poor are being driven north. If this continues, the costs generated by this exodus, will ultimately bring down the middle class here. The elite there are the same as the elite here.

It was King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain who expelled the Jews and confiscated their ill-gotten wealth. The year was 1492. These "princes" soon followed the path Columbus cut. They settled early on in Mexico and through the same tactics used in Europe and Russia took over that land along side the Catholic Church, perhaps in collusion with the Catholic Church. (See Eric Von Phelps interview on the Free American website and read Tupper Saussey�s "Rulers of Evil" from the Free American bookstore.) They have been trying to regain their position here in America ever since Columbus discovered it.

Revolutionary War writings of Jews told of the participation in that war by members of the Bush family, also Jewish. That would go a long way in explaining why then Governor of Texas, George Bush, was photographed at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem wearing a yamakah and why he is so adamant about war with Iraq while ignoring the plight of the Palestinians.

One final thought. When Nelson Rockefeller, then governor of New York, visited Israel in 1972, he told interviewers that in the days preceding the final vote by the United Nations General Assembly, in November 1947, on the partition of Palestine, that it was he who obtained two votes "from friends in Latin America that made partition and the State of Israel a reality."




Publisher�s Corner 5

The Shape of Things to Come in 2003 6

A Lesson in U.S. Propaganda 8

Big Brother is no Longer a Fiction 10

A Case Against GATT 11

Pentagon Eyes Mass Graves 14

Bush Family Dipping Into Security Pie 17

Mel Gibson�s Film on Jesus Christ 18

Not My War-A Black Muslim View 18

Police Want Hells Angels Declared Terrorists 19

Terror in Chicago 20

CFR-Affiliated Jewish Elite Want Israel Destroyed 22

U. S. Scrutiny of Overseas Charitable Donations Lax 25

FBI Questions Iraqi Americans 26

China and Russia Warn US Against War on Iraq 27

Meet the Duvdevan 28

When the Worst Case Scenario Becomes Likely 30

Trusting Global Tyranny 33

America Was Great Because America Was Good 34

Destruction of Western Civilization by China & Asia! 35


Jewish Domination of the Computer World 42

The Secret Covenant 47








Despite the fact that the U.N. weapons inspectors have found no evidence of any weapons of mass destruction, Bush continues to say the Iraqis have failed to comply and war looms ever closer.

It may be that Saddam really DOES have WMDs. The question Americans should be asking is, "So What?"

After all, doesn�t everybody?

Forget about chemicals and biologicals. Even Afghanistan could have those. Let�s just talk nuclear weapons.

From the latest Nuclear

China has 400.

France has 350.

India has 60.

Israel has 200+.

Pakistan has between 24 and 48 nuclear weapons with enough fissile material for 30-52 more.

Russia has 10,000 +.

United Kingdom has 180.

United States has between 11,000 and 13,000.

And let us not forget about North Korea.

We are also preparing to provide nukes to Japan to protect itself from North Korea and China.

Even our so-called allies, France and Germany are saying this war is a bad idea. Russia and China are calling for restraint. 50% of Americans are against going to war and that number is increasing every day. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are taking to the streets to protest the war. According to the Republicans currently in power, these peace demonstrations are the result of Communist activity. But last year, these same Republicans were telling us that Communism was dead!

So at a time when everyone is telling us that we are going to war, no one is telling us of the possible consequences.

We could lose!

I happened to be at a friend�s house during the Super Bowl. A young kid there was bragging to me that he had $25 on the Raiders. He was really depressed when I left at halftime and Tampa Bay was obviously winning. Who would have thought?

Indeed, who would have thought that a backward, farming country like Vietnam could have triumphed over the mighty US? Who would have thought that North Korea would have fought us to a standstill? Who here in the USA would imagine that other Muslim counties might take a stand on the side of Iraq or that China might back North Korea or dare to take the opportunity of a war with Iraq to reclaim the prize of Taiwan?

The government is telling us that 120 cities are at risk from a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. You would think Americans would start thinking about what they could do to protect themselves. Unfortunately, such is not the case.

We did a "Health Fair" put on by TV Channel 4 in Albuquerque, NM over in January. Monetarily it was a disaster. We not only failed to cover the cost of the booth, we didn�t even cover the cost of the gas to get there, much less the hotel room for the three-day event.

Bear in mind, this was a very well publicized event, held at the State Fair grounds. Channel 4 had its personalities present and the major hospitals had huge booths and plentiful personnel to administer free or inexpensive blood tests for a plethora of problems.

Because of the nature of the event, we decided to try a different approach with the public. Most of you know of my irritation at the lack of interest by the general public in our books and magazine at the gun shows. At this event, we decided not to put up a Free American banner, and only put this month�s issue on a bottom shelf, figuring having Jesus on the cover wouldn�t offend too many people in this predominately Catholic area.

Instead, we concentrated on the staying healthy angle, featuring the Aqua-Rain water filter (which is better and less expensive than the foreign-made British Berkefield handled by the hosts of that other network!), the Aranizer air purifier, Miracle 2 Soap and Potassium Iodate. We also had a few of Dr. Cass Ingram�s books. Nothing controversial, nothing conspiratorial. And yet there was virtually no traffic in our and other vendors� booths featuring preventative measures!

. The majority of the people came to get something for nothing. A blood test.

The ones that did walk by our booth are typical of the average population and the source for much frustration of Patriots around the country.

They are simply victims waiting for their own personal disaster. To prepare, either for themselves, their family, or their country, is simply beyond their ability to comprehend. Why spend money to clean up their water or their air? They will wait, drinking their diet drinks and eating their hydrogenated oil soaked French fires at McDonalds until they get the bad news from their free blood test.

Unfortunately, this description includes your family and most of your friends. You know, the brother-in-law that thinks you are insane to listen to short-wave and the father that thinks George Bush walks on water and the Iraqi people are all terrorists.

The simple fact is that you can avoid much pain and heartaches by considering these people as terminally ill. Love them, make them comfortable, send them a card now and then and quit trying to save them. You can�t.

Which brings me to the point of what you can do.

What you can do is associate with others of like mind, at the expos, at the events that draw the inquisitive, the curious, the open-minded, the ones who want to understand what is really happening in the world.

It is to this kind of person to whom I speak on the radio and in this magazine. Outside this forum, in public, I rarely speak of things outside the average person�s ability to comprehend.

"How about that Tampa Bay? Yeah, it�s a Harley. My dog is a Chihauhau, he is ten weeks old and his name is Bandit."

Like most of you, I find the fact that most people, including our relatives, haven�t a clue as to the true state of affairs in their own country, much less what to prepare for. It is frustrating to say the least.

Perhaps that is why I have received so much interest in my proposal to buy a town in Southern New Mexico.

I have included more information on the "Playas Project" herein. By the time this issue gets into your hands, we will know whether we have a deal. If we do, we will be offering 100 + homes in a community of like-minded people that will also function as a health retreat and resort.

One of the things that makes this town so attractive is its distance from any of those large cities that present such a desirable target for the many enemies we are making.

It is also a great place to grow your own food (imagine, there are people who enjoy managing a garden!), get plenty of exercise at the pool and weight room and socialize at the baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts, stable and skeet range with an alternative health clinic and bowling alley at the center of the town.

The idea, which I aired on my radio show in Mid-January, has attracted dozens of people and a considerable trust fund set up to facilitate the purchase of the town. If our bid is accepted, we will be faced with the task of raising three million dollars to close the deal. If someone else is successful or outbids us, we will be faced with the choice of returning the money and going our separate ways, or working together to find another way to create the community I envisioned and laid out in our business plan published here.

Some folks, like myself, enjoy living far from the maddening crowd. Especially the crowded cities. However I do enjoy the company of refined, intelligent patriots. The kind that I meet at every Expo! And I do realize that, alone, we are all vulnerable, not just to government but to everyday crime.

We have polluted our cities and allowed our American culture to be contaminated. There are abandoned farms and ranches out there that the environmentalists simply haven�t gotten around to yet. There are manufactured houses and places we can buy lumber direct from the mills.

We have a start. I can envision a way we can enjoy each other�s talents and wit without the communal cons like Brother Stair and his ilk. Sharing the benefits of a community while enjoying the clean country lifestyle. A lifestyle of refined country living, all the benefits of modern technology, wedded to style of country living of a bygone era.

I believe we can do this, together, whether we get Playas or whether we build together, from scratch a viable, even sustainable, community that will be a role model for others in the coming years.

We will keep our investors informed of our progress in this matter. All monies raised for this project are being held in an interest bearing trust fund administered by my attorney, Lee Deschamps of Socorro, New Mexico. If you would like to join us in this project, which could be the most attractive real estate deal of this century, call me for more details.

In the meantime, join us in making our Expo, a "Gathering of Eagles" in Fort Worth, April 18 & 19 a huge success and have a lot of fun at the same time.


Clayton R. Douglas





Publisher�s Column Page 5

Separation of Church and State Page 6

Popular Mechanics Jesus Page 7

The Story of the Lamb and the Lion Page 9

Material Witness Law Has Many in Limbo Page 12

New Chairman of 9/11 Commission Has Ties to

Bin Laden Page 14

Top Secret Iraq Reports Lists Complicit

US Corps and Agencies Page 16

Columbian Reporter Tells All to US Media -

Have you heard his story? Page 17

Bush�s Israeli Advisors Page 18

Total Information Awareness Demonstration

for Poindexter Page 20

Trent Lott a Segregationist? What About Aril Sharon? Page 20

An Open Letter to Harvard University Page 21

23 Reasons to Condemn Zionism Page 22

Jewish Race War Claimed 20 million German Lives Page 24

The Israelization of America Page 32

New Wave of Anti-Semitism Floods Europe Page 34

CIA has Official OK to Murder Americans Page 36

A History of Small Pox

The Most Important Issue of Our Day

Page 37

The Constitution is Irrevelent by Ron Paul Page 48

The Last Word by Jeffery Bennett Page 50

Free American Bookstore Page 52

Classifieds Page 64


As I sit here waiting for the New Year to come, putting the final touches on this issue of the Free American, I wish futilely for some good news to impart to my readers.

Unfortunately, I have a tape of a lecture given by Col. John R. Brinkerhoff. We filmed him recently at a Homeland Security Convention hosted by our government at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Col. John R. Brinkerhoff was acting associate director for national preparedness of the Federal Emergency Management Agency from 1981 to 1983. He was responsible for policy formulation and program oversight of the Civil Defense Program, National Mobilization Preparedness program, Continuity of Government Program, and the National Defense Stockpile Program. During that time, the United States had a program to defend America against a massive nuclear attack as well as attacks by communist agents and special forces. Colonel Brinkerhoff was also deputy executive secretary of the Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board, the senior interagency forum to coordinate all aspects of national preparedness. The board was chaired by the National Security Advisor and consisted of the deputy secretaries of the departments and the heads of several independent agencies. During the board's era, a national plan was prepared and approved by President Reagan and actions were taken to implement it.

Before joining the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Colonel Brinkerhoff was a career senior executive in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. His last position before leaving the Office of the Secretary of Defense to join the Federal Emergency Management Agency was as acting deputy assistant secretary for reserve affairs. He was also director of manpower programming, director of intergovernmental affairs, and special assistant to the deputy assistant secretary of defense for reserve affairs. Before joining the civil service, Colonel Brinkerhoff was an Army officer. He retired in 1974 after 24 years of active commissioned service in a variety of assignments in Korea, Germany, Vietnam, and the United States. While on active duty, he served two tours on the Army Staff and two tours in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. For the last seven years, he has been an adjunct research staff member of the Institute for Defense Analysis, working on a variety of issues including Homeland defense.

Certainly we could all agree this man should know what he is talking about. But what he is talking about is very frightening.

While he started off talking about our response to a terrorist attack, either biological or nuclear, it soon became evident, if the terrorists attacks failed to materialize, any old disaster would do; an earthquake of sufficient magnitude, like a quake along the New Madrid fault, a hurricane or the passing of Planet X.

In his scenario, 400,000 to 1,000,000 troops would be needed to quarantine, contain and relocate Americans. In Brinkerhoff's vision, a calamity or a single case of smallpox would trip the trigger to unleash these thousands of troops on a rioting, looting or fleeing mass of unruly people and to assure that EVERYONE within these cordoned areas would comply with the orders to be vaccinated or relocated.

At the end of this issue you will find ample historical and medical evidence that indicates that the cure (vaccine) is far worse than the disease itself. Be that as it may, it is not just terrorism that they will use, unless you consider an act of God as such. Far more people have been killed in the last decade by God and nature than by terrorists!

Brinkerhoff made the point more than once in his lecture, that these troops would have to be well-armed, well-trained, and disciplined. He also made it clear that we would not have that number of troops available to do the job. All of our boys, the reserves and the National Guard, would have their hands full in faraway places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Korea and Israel.

Beside, we pay our boys too much for an operation of this magnitude to be cost effective. The unstated conclusion is of course, foreign troops. Indeed, the inclusion of the former Soviet republics in NATO is the natural evolution. Besides, our boys might balk at shooting their rebellious uncles, fathers and grandfathers that chose not to surrender their guns or their liberty; Or as Brinkerhoff said, those who would refuse to follow orders.

It makes you wonder how we got through the San Francisco quake without the aid of all those foreign troops. Or, more recently, the collapse of the World Trade Towers. Somebody must have failed to inform the valiant New Yorkers that, according to Brinkerhoff, they should have been looting and rioting instead of helping the victims caught in the debris.

Brinkerhoff also passed out a paper stating the reasons the United States President COULD USE THE MILITARY AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE EVEN UNDER THE CURRENT POSSE COMITATUS LAW

Watch for our new video. Listen to Brinkerhoff and his Israeli cohorts explain what your future America will look like. Read the other history of World War II and maybe, if you can shake off the illusions implanted in your mind, you will see that our fate is to be the same as the citizens of Germany after the last World War. And the same group of people that plotted the downfall of that country are the same that plot ours as they bleed us through interest, inflation and foreign aid.

I�ve often joked that I could tell you where the prison camps are located. I could even tell you the names. New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Atlanta. It is no longer a joke.

Get out of the cities now. While you still can.



Clayton R. Douglas



Publisher�s Corner for January 2003 5

Israel�s �Covert Aggression� Policy 6

Free American Expo in Atlanta 8

Charles Lindbergh�s 9/11 Coincidence 10

MOM Under Fire for Recent Articles on Israel 12

Cost of Israel to U.S. Taxpayers 13

Agencies Monitor Iraqis in U.S. for Terror Threat 16

George H.W. Bush, Sr.-Unauthorized Biography 18

Mubarak Calls for Weapons Inspection on Israel 22

Institute for Talmudic Law Established in Washington D.C. 22

When Seeing and Hearing Isn�t Believing 24

Come Together, Right Now by Jeffrey Bennett 25

The Palestinian Case Against Israel 26

Los Alamos Under Investigation/$3 Million Worth of Items Missing 27

About the Ukrainian Famine Of 1932-33 28

Eli Lilly Wins Protection from Autism Lawsuits 28

FBI Officials Probed, Rewarded for Actions at Ruby Ridge 30

Rothschilds Part Owner in Voting Machine Co. 33

Who Makes the Vote-Counting Machines? 34

Beware of Foreign Entanglements - George Washington 38

Law Permits Surveillance by FBI


Will We Fight Civil War II Over SW U. S.? 40

Dozens of Airport Workers Arrested 40

Tombstone Paper Calls for Militia 41

"What Have I Done?" The Intifada Syndrome 42

List of American Invasions 44

Full Text Statement by Osama bin Laden 45

Pentagon to Track American Purchases 46

Bioterror �Event� Checks Readiness for High School 46

Information Awareness Office 47

Israel�s Killing of British Citizen 48

The Last Word - South Shall Rise Again by Jeffrey Bennett 50







The Expo in Atlanta was a success, although attendance was less than Dallas in April. We had around 25 of the movement�s most dynamic speakers. Conservatives like Tom DeWeese and Larry Pratt, old time activists like Red Beckman and conspiracy theorists Ralph Epperson were just some of the speakers. Others like Dan Junker, Gary Tunsky and Mike (Doc) Witort lectured on health.

Fortunately, Jon Gentry was there to film the whole thing and we have the videos available if you couldn�t make it.

There was only one slightly disturbing episode to mar the otherwise smooth event. That was after I admitted a Belgium film crew and allowed them to film our vendors. Some twerp (Foreign Television Personality) with an orange Mohawk began what seemed to be a legitimate interview with me. The interview went South (and so did the film crew shortly thereafter) when he tried to pick me up on camera. ("Am I your type?" "No. Women are MY type!") Wrong tactic to take with an old biker. (Can�t say anymore. Their lawyer and I are still haggling.)

Still, all of our vendors and those who did attend were happy. Jeff Bennett, my co-host, and I were pleased enough to do another Expo. (See the back page for more information.) This time, I have decided to pull out all the stops and tell it like it is. Enough of this pussyfooting around with the Jewish-dominated press.

My one radio interview in Atlanta was with a Jew who allowed his callers to roast me when I stood up for the Palestinians yet hung up on any caller that agreed with me.

Also, I have had my fill of the so-called Short-wave talk show hosts who bad-mouth me because they have a small disagreement with me at one time and never want to work with me again. Yeah, I�m talking about the Bo Gritzes, Joyce Rileys and John Stadtmillers out there. The ones who posed as friends yet turn on you the minute you disagree with them, you speak ill of Israel, or when one of their advertisers throws some advertising our way.

I understand that we all need to make money to survive, but it doesn�t have to be an adversarial situation. We can work together without hatred or jealousy. Like me and Jeffrey Bennett, who has two articles in this issue.

It�s not like we are getting rich from these expos. I have yet to make any money after paying the decorator and the rent on these facilities. But I think it is important to continue to reach out to the average, uninformed, TV-controlled Americans who are conditioned to obey government dictates without question.

In the future, we will set the agendas which need to be discussed in an open forum and will invite speakers from both the Right and the Left to speak and debate the various issues that are affecting not only America today, but future generations as well.

Vendors who want to hawk their products or services may rent a stage or room at future Expos.

We are moving oh-so-swiftly into a Zionist-inspired world government that will be as oppressive to your children as the government of Israel is to Palestinians today.

Tanks and helicopters are already stationed in America. Some Senators are calling for the suspension of Posse Comitatus, a policy that has done well for us Americans for over a hundred years.

Foreigners, including many illegal aliens, (story this issue, also!) already force our mothers and wives to submit to intrusive searches at our own airports. What is it we have to look forward to? We are at war with terrorists all over the world, yet our government makes little or no attempt to stem the flow of illegal aliens through our border towns. Once again, Americans near the borders are calling for the Militia to protect them. It is obvious that Homeland Security and the new Information Awareness Office (this issue also) being implemented by Admiral John Poindexter, is for spying on Americans, not eliminating or even slowing illegal immigration.

We must face up to the fact that our House and Senate are controlled by the monied interests, the Federal Reserve System, a system controlled by powerful Jewish families like the Rothschilds, Shiffs, through the most powerful lobby in Washington, the American Israel Political Action Committee, known as AIPAC []

Here is some excerpts from their website:


Emergency Aid:

On August 13, President Bush pledged to provide Israel with $200 million in anti-terror assistance it would have received as part of a larger emergency supplemental bill passed by Congress. On September 5, the House Appropriations Subcomittee on Foreign Operations included the $200 million in the fiscal year 2003 foreign aid bill. See the Foreign Aid section below for more information.

Foreign Aid:

On September 12, the House Appropriation Foreign Operations committee approved the fiscal year 2003 foreign aid bill, which includes $2.7 billion in military and economic assistance for Israel. The bill also includes an additional $200 million in anti-terror assistance for Israel. In addition, the bill includes language laying down essential preconditions for Palestinian statehood based on President Bush�s June 24 speech. Furthermore, the bill demands a review of UNRWA and sets tight regulations on any future aid to the Palestinians. On July 18, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed its version of the fiscal year 2003 foreign aid bill, which included $2.7 billion for Israel. Urge your members of Congress to support the full Israel aid request and the overall foreign aid appropriations bill, including the $200 million in anti-terror assistance.

Maybe, if you are Jewish and looking to establish a safe haven for yourself and your family just in case the gullible inhabitants of the continent you are raping, get wise and turn on you, this kind of aid is a good thing. Just a portion of the true costs are revealed on their own website. There are more tons of hundred dollar bills flowing out of this country in lost jobs, overseas factories, foreign aid for Jewish controlled companies, countries and organizations, including our own Federal Reserve Bank which loans us our own money and collects the interest through its very own police organization known to you as the IRS.

These are issues that must be discussed in a rational way. There are two Jewish organizations that have been instrumental in thwarting any attempt to create organized opposition in the Patriot Movement. That would be the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. (I made both of their lists ten years ago simply by suggesting that every American should read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,)

Many fine patriotic folks have been demonized by these two organizations who have never made the connection between the Zionists and the New World Order. Why? Because they were talking about issues that would have benefitted the American people to the ultimate detriment of the Zionists efforts to created a heavily armed Jewish-controlled military state. The masters of deception use the right wing against the left. They actually love guys like Alex Jones because he stirs up a distrust and hate of government that is totally devoid of direction. That is why nothing is ever accomplished. Without precise knowledge of exactly who the enemy is within the government, nothing can be done to remove and prosecute them

You can choose to ignore the above connections. You can say it doesn�t really matter that Israel has four hundred nukes with the means to deliver them to any target on the globe (compared to Saddam�s one "might-have-a-nuke" that might be able to hit Tel-Aviv.)

You may think that Hate Crime legislation is a necessary evil. It is actually the end of free speech. The country of Jordan has already made it a crime to speak out against the interests of Israel and the U.S. Soon, under Homeland Security, any who oppose the Israel-inspired conflicts-to-come, will be labeled "Enemies of the State" and subjected to a totally different form of justice that we have been accustomed to. A military type of justice already being directed at the American people.

Read Bin Laden�s statement in this issue. His list of unreasonable demands is simply to stop killing Palestinians and Iraqis. Even airing his demands could make me a target for the military. Soon it will be against the best interests of the state to even question whether our enemies are really who the government says they are. Already, Arab-owned businesses are being closed and their money and bank accounts confiscated while Israeli�s are making another fortune smuggling Ecstasy to our kids.

The Mossad, whose motto is "BY WAY OF DECEPTION THOU SHALT DO WAR", staff the F.B.I., have infiltrated the C.I.A., run the American and Russian Mafia and have demanded an office in our new Homeland Security.

The Judeo-Christians out there, like Pat Robertson, who are stirring up hatred between Arabs and Christians, are doing the bidding of the Judeo masters who would love nothing more than to sit back and watch Christians and Muslims kill each other. Judeo-Christianity is an Oxymoron of the highest degree.

The time is short and we must bring right and left together in order to defeat this Machiavellian plan for world domination. We will use the Expos, the Free American, the Federal Observer, the Internet, our short-wave shows and any other means to get the truth out to the American people.

And those so-called patriots who refuse to get on the bandwagon? Or the Rush Limbaughs that never even get close to the truth? The ones who are scared to death of being labeled "anti-Semitic". . . ? From this point on, they will be termed turkeys.

A few years down the line, as you line up in bread lines for your daily dole, you may call some of them traitors. Clay


Publisher's Corner 5

Bush and Bushmaster 6

Dr. Behind Port Arthur Gun Control Now in Maryland 7

Manchurian Candidate 10

CIA Provides Israeli Snipers With 'Invisible Bullets' 11

Rifle Recovered in Impounded Car 12

Bali, Australia & The Mossad 14

Australian PM Considers Defense Role in Terrorism 15

Controversy Over NJ Poet Laureate 16

Somebody Blew Up America 16

CIA Is Expanding Operations With FBI 18

Chechen Gunman Seize Moscow Theater 19

Putin Giving Military Broader Power 19

Russia's War on Chechnya 20

Operation Northwoods 22

Gun Control's Twisted Outcome 24

News About Guns You Don't Hear About! 27

Black Confederate Prepares for 1,300 Mile March 28

HK Edgerton Running For Mayor of Ashville, NC 28

Israel Publicly Blackmails the USA 30

Huge March Protests Bush Stance on Iraq 33

Islamic Militant Training Camp in Alabama 34

Senator Paul Wellstone Assassinated 35

If You Drink Diet Drinks, Read On 36

Microwave Ovens�Wave Them Goodbye! 37

'Elders of Zion' on Egypt TV 41

CIA Running Simulation of Plane Crashing into Building 42

Foreigners Hit Jackpot At UN 43

There Won't Be Any "Next Year" This Time 44

It's the Jews, Stupid!!! 45

Benjamin Franklin Warned Against the Jews 47







On October 23, this was the way my Publisher Column began:


The sniper attacks in Maryland have Americans rattled. The streets in Maryland are drenched in the blood of thirteen people at this writing.

It could be a disgruntled French sniper gone AWOL in the U.S. hired by Al Qaeda.

It could be a Mossad team from Israel trying to facilitate Sharon�s demand for more money (Ten Billion Dollars). Seems killing the Palestinians has damaged their cash flow.

It could be a team of Iraqis, sent by Saddam to start the flow of American blood he has promised, should Bush go through with his threats of war.

It could be a Palestinian determined to show what it is like for his people under the Israeli tradition of non-judicial assassinations; determined to avenge the killing of dozens of children whose only crime was throwing a rock at a tank; to strike back at a people who have, however inadvertently, financed the subjection of his people and destroyed too many homes and lives to count accurately.

A recent statement from Chief Moose has indicated that the shooter could even be an illegal immigrant; "I want to point out that a special visa status is available to people who assist law enforcement in combating and solving crime. Working with local law enforcement and other appropriate agencies, we will look favorably on granting such special visa status to anyone who can be proven to have materially aided this investigation."

Or it could be a U.S. trained sniper. The name Lon Horiuchi comes to mind. This F.B.I. sniper has not been heard of since he blew away Vicki Weaver and her son. It is rumored he participated in the Waco Massacre also. Maybe they have brought him out of retirement.


On October 24, I was forced to rewrite this column but many of my initial thoughts on the killers remain potentially valid. Most of the nation breathed a sign of relief when the news networks heralded the arrest of two suspects, John Mohammed and John Malvo sleeping in their car at a rest stop in Maryland. The recovery of a .223 caliber rifle and scope will certainly bolster the case against them.

There are many details from the arrest that are slowly emerging as authorities build their case against the two.

Perhaps there is nothing more to this than the simple fact that these two men, Mohammed, 41 and Malvo, a Jamaican, 17, decided to take to a life of crime and shot all these people to extort ten million dollars.

Comments reportedly made to police by the sniper, led them to a robbery attempt in Montgomery, Alabama in which one person was killed and another wounded. A fingerprint found at that crime scene led police to a home in Tacoma, Washington where the pair had lived.

Details emerging regarding the older man indicate he was a Desert Storm veteran, recently released from the Service, who was stationed at Fort Riley, a facility outside Tacoma where snipers are trained. The official word is that Mohammed, who only last year converted to Islam and changed his name from Williams to Mohammed, had no specific training at that time.

The media initially reported that the FBI has linked Mohammed with a training camp in Alabama called, ironically, "Ground Zero", headed up by Dr. Mark D. Yates, who bills himself as an international "security expert". Yates says he has trained over 700 "Security Experts" in the former Soviet Union. (See the article in this issue.)

However, a subsequent search for the initial article linking the killer with the camp has since disappeared! Now the F.B.I. is denying they ever had an interest in the training camp!

The INS has just stated that they never issued a visa to anyone by the name of John Malov from Jamaica. The youngest of the pair attended high school in Bellingham, Washington.

So it seems some of my initial comments or speculations were not too far off.

We have a former U.S. Army Desert Storm veteran, formerly stationed at a sniper school, who could have received training at a private training facility run by a British operative. This facility is rumored to have been used for Al Qaeda training located near a fatal shooting in Alabama. To top it off,. this veteran is partnered with an illegal immigrant reportedly from Jamaica.

In my novel, "Deadly Flashes of Silver", a fictional novel about a terrorist plot to blow up a nuclear power plant, the "Iraqi Terrorists" just happen to be black. I have commented on my radio show about America�s reaction when they learn that there is an abundance of Black Al Qaeda members around the world.

If white American were aware just how pervasive black on white crime is, we would consider Al Qaeda to be the lesser of our evils!

Besides the obvious parallels to the OKC bomber, Timothy McVeigh, (A Desert Storm Vet, well armed yet gave up without a fight) there are the equally disturbing parallels to the recently exposed "Operation Northwoods".

The Freedom of Information Act has provided us with information regarding a plan approved by the Pentagon called "Operation Northwoods" that called for not only the sniper scenario now being played out in Maryland but for the use of hijacked planes to be crashed into buildings.

The purpose of this plan was to bolster support for a war against Castro. It was crushed by the Kennedy brothers. They were both assassinated a short time later. Bush is currently doing all he can to bolster support for a war on Iraq.

Read the article in this issue and form your own conclusions.

The shootings were random, not related to race, sex, age or religion. The one commonality is the victims have been Americans. The location in Maryland is near enough to Washington D.C. to make the politicians very nervous indeed.

Besides the obvious terror created by the shootings, it is important that Americans resist both the impulse to panic under such attacks and resist the political maneuvering that will inevitably follow.

First of all, let us realize that, for now, there was (presumably) only one team doing the shooting. If we allow our government to engage us in the prelude to World War III, this number could increase dramatically.

What if there were hundreds of trained teams of snipers fanned out across our country? This is the underlying threat behind the chilling message, "Your children are not safe anywhere, at anytime."

Secondly, unless this or nuclear war happens, the odds are you and your children are far more likely to die in an automobile accident, by food poisoning, or falling in your tub. Don�t let this threat enable someone, even your own government, to take away even more of your freedom.

Rumsfield has used this incident to test the bounds of Posse Comitatus by signing an order allowing the military to launch spy-planes in the air over America and talks of assigning CIA agents to assist law enforcement. It won�t be long before the small, weapon carrying, flying cameras discussed in an earlier edition of the Free American, will be launched. Now that the snipers have been caught, do you think those measures will be recalled and removed from our streets, or will the rationale be, "we want to deter future snipers?"

The real lesson of this sniper hunt should be this:

All the police, ATF, FBI, helicopters and spy planes in Maryland have not prevented the killings. One victim was shot while a cop stood helplessly nearby.

Maryland and Washington D.C. have the toughest gun laws in the United States yet no law in the world could have stopped a person bent on murder, especially one not afraid to die.

Yet as sure as the sun rises, the people who want to take away your guns are going to climb all over this, just as they did in the Port Arthur incident in Australia. As a matter of fact, the same woman who helped disarm Australians, Barbara Peters, moved to Maryland after the Dunblane and Port Arthur murders. Just a coincidence, perhaps. You will have to read the article in this issue by Stewart Beattie to decide for yourself.

We have the facts to show that disarming England and Australia did nothing to reduce crime. In fact it had the opposite effect. A people who cannot defend themselves have no protection against criminals or invaders. Just ask the Palestinians.

Who actually did the shootings, we cannot say for sure at this time. We do not yet know who shot John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King to this day. We only know who the patsies were. It only took two men and two incidents to disarm the Australians, one to disarm the English. How many dead will it take to disarm America? Who else will have to be assassinated to allow the disarming of American citizens or to involve us in a Third World War?

Clayton R. Douglas

PS: Shortly after finishing this column, I received the following story. My warning about the attempts to use this incident to take away our guns is personified in this next article.

The information contained in the article is factual enough, but the spin is to not only hurt Bush (who is not exactly MY favorite president, but then I haven�t liked a President since Andrew Jackson!) politically, but to do it in a way that will influence the liberal element to bring up gun control once more.

This is Hegelian dialect in one of its finest forms. Bush and HIS handlers are probably really pleased with this author. But then it IS part of the AOL network.



Publisher's Corner 5

Bush and Bushmaster 6

Dr. Behind Port Arthur Gun Control Now in Maryland 7

Manchurian Candidate 10

CIA Provides Israeli Snipers With 'Invisible Bullets' 11

Rifle Recovered in Impounded Car 12

Bali, Australia & The Mossad 14

Australian PM Considers Defense Role in Terrorism 15

Controversy Over NJ Poet Laureate 16

Somebody Blew Up America 16

CIA Is Expanding Operations With FBI 18

Chechen Gunman Seize Moscow Theater 19

Putin Giving Military Broader Power 19

Russia's War on Chechnya 20

Operation Northwoods 22

Gun Control's Twisted Outcome 24

News About Guns You Don't Hear About! 27

Black Confederate Prepares for 1,300 Mile March 28

HK Edgerton Running For Mayor of Ashville, NC 28

Israel Publicly Blackmails the USA 30

Huge March Protests Bush Stance on Iraq 33

Islamic Militant Training Camp in Alabama 34

Senator Paul Wellstone Assassinated 35

If You Drink Diet Drinks, Read On 36

Microwave Ovens�Wave Them Goodbye! 37

'Elders of Zion' on Egypt TV 41

CIA Running Simulation of Plane Crashing into Building 42

Foreigners Hit Jackpot At UN 43

There Won't Be Any "Next Year" This Time 44

It's the Jews, Stupid!!! 45

Benjamin Franklin Warned Against the Jews 47







On October 23, this was the way my Publisher Column began:


The sniper attacks in Maryland have Americans rattled. The streets in Maryland are drenched in the blood of thirteen people at this writing.

It could be a disgruntled French sniper gone AWOL in the U.S. hired by Al Qaeda.

It could be a Mossad team from Israel trying to facilitate Sharon�s demand for more money (Ten Billion Dollars). Seems killing the Palestinians has damaged their cash flow.

It could be a team of Iraqis, sent by Saddam to start the flow of American blood he has promised, should Bush go through with his threats of war.

It could be a Palestinian determined to show what it is like for his people under the Israeli tradition of non-judicial assassinations; determined to avenge the killing of dozens of children whose only crime was throwing a rock at a tank; to strike back at a people who have, however inadvertently, financed the subjection of his people and destroyed too many homes and lives to count accurately.

A recent statement from Chief Moose has indicated that the shooter could even be an illegal immigrant; "I want to point out that a special visa status is available to people who assist law enforcement in combating and solving crime. Working with local law enforcement and other appropriate agencies, we will look favorably on granting such special visa status to anyone who can be proven to have materially aided this investigation."

Or it could be a U.S. trained sniper. The name Lon Horiuchi comes to mind. This F.B.I. sniper has not been heard of since he blew away Vicki Weaver and her son. It is rumored he participated in the Waco Massacre also. Maybe they have brought him out of retirement.


On October 24, I was forced to rewrite this column but many of my initial thoughts on the killers remain potentially valid. Most of the nation breathed a sign of relief when the news networks heralded the arrest of two suspects, John Mohammed and John Malvo sleeping in their car at a rest stop in Maryland. The recovery of a .223 caliber rifle and scope will certainly bolster the case against them.

There are many details from the arrest that are slowly emerging as authorities build their case against the two.

Perhaps there is nothing more to this than the simple fact that these two men, Mohammed, 41 and Malvo, a Jamaican, 17, decided to take to a life of crime and shot all these people to extort ten million dollars.

Comments reportedly made to police by the sniper, led them to a robbery attempt in Montgomery, Alabama in which one person was killed and another wounded. A fingerprint found at that crime scene led police to a home in Tacoma, Washington where the pair had lived.

Details emerging regarding the older man indicate he was a Desert Storm veteran, recently released from the Service, who was stationed at Fort Riley, a facility outside Tacoma where snipers are trained. The official word is that Mohammed, who only last year converted to Islam and changed his name from Williams to Mohammed, had no specific training at that time.

The media initially reported that the FBI has linked Mohammed with a training camp in Alabama called, ironically, "Ground Zero", headed up by Dr. Mark D. Yates, who bills himself as an international "security expert". Yates says he has trained over 700 "Security Experts" in the former Soviet Union. (See the article in this issue.)

However, a subsequent search for the initial article linking the killer with the camp has since disappeared! Now the F.B.I. is denying they ever had an interest in the training camp!

The INS has just stated that they never issued a visa to anyone by the name of John Malov from Jamaica. The youngest of the pair attended high school in Bellingham, Washington.

So it seems some of my initial comments or speculations were not too far off.

We have a former U.S. Army Desert Storm veteran, formerly stationed at a sniper school, who could have received training at a private training facility run by a British operative. This facility is rumored to have been used for Al Qaeda training located near a fatal shooting in Alabama. To top it off,. this veteran is partnered with an illegal immigrant reportedly from Jamaica.

In my novel, "Deadly Flashes of Silver", a fictional novel about a terrorist plot to blow up a nuclear power plant, the "Iraqi Terrorists" just happen to be black. I have commented on my radio show about America�s reaction when they learn that there is an abundance of Black Al Qaeda members around the world.

If white American were aware just how pervasive black on white crime is, we would consider Al Qaeda to be the lesser of our evils!

Besides the obvious parallels to the OKC bomber, Timothy McVeigh, (A Desert Storm Vet, well armed yet gave up without a fight) there are the equally disturbing parallels to the recently exposed "Operation Northwoods".

The Freedom of Information Act has provided us with information regarding a plan approved by the Pentagon called "Operation Northwoods" that called for not only the sniper scenario now being played out in Maryland but for the use of hijacked planes to be crashed into buildings.

The purpose of this plan was to bolster support for a war against Castro. It was crushed by the Kennedy brothers. They were both assassinated a short time later. Bush is currently doing all he can to bolster support for a war on Iraq.

Read the article in this issue and form your own conclusions.

The shootings were random, not related to race, sex, age or religion. The one commonality is the victims have been Americans. The location in Maryland is near enough to Washington D.C. to make the politicians very nervous indeed.

Besides the obvious terror created by the shootings, it is important that Americans resist both the impulse to panic under such attacks and resist the political maneuvering that will inevitably follow.

First of all, let us realize that, for now, there was (presumably) only one team doing the shooting. If we allow our government to engage us in the prelude to World War III, this number could increase dramatically.

What if there were hundreds of trained teams of snipers fanned out across our country? This is the underlying threat behind the chilling message, "Your children are not safe anywhere, at anytime."

Secondly, unless this or nuclear war happens, the odds are you and your children are far more likely to die in an automobile accident, by food poisoning, or falling in your tub. Don�t let this threat enable someone, even your own government, to take away even more of your freedom.

Rumsfield has used this incident to test the bounds of Posse Comitatus by signing an order allowing the military to launch spy-planes in the air over America and talks of assigning CIA agents to assist law enforcement. It won�t be long before the small, weapon carrying, flying cameras discussed in an earlier edition of the Free American, will be launched. Now that the snipers have been caught, do you think those measures will be recalled and removed from our streets, or will the rationale be, "we want to deter future snipers?"

The real lesson of this sniper hunt should be this:

All the police, ATF, FBI, helicopters and spy planes in Maryland have not prevented the killings. One victim was shot while a cop stood helplessly nearby.

Maryland and Washington D.C. have the toughest gun laws in the United States yet no law in the world could have stopped a person bent on murder, especially one not afraid to die.

Yet as sure as the sun rises, the people who want to take away your guns are going to climb all over this, just as they did in the Port Arthur incident in Australia. As a matter of fact, the same woman who helped disarm Australians, Barbara Peters, moved to Maryland after the Dunblane and Port Arthur murders. Just a coincidence, perhaps. You will have to read the article in this issue by Stewart Beattie to decide for yourself.

We have the facts to show that disarming England and Australia did nothing to reduce crime. In fact it had the opposite effect. A people who cannot defend themselves have no protection against criminals or invaders. Just ask the Palestinians.

Who actually did the shootings, we cannot say for sure at this time. We do not yet know who shot John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King to this day. We only know who the patsies were. It only took two men and two incidents to disarm the Australians, one to disarm the English. How many dead will it take to disarm America? Who else will have to be assassinated to allow the disarming of American citizens or to involve us in a Third World War?

Clayton R. Douglas

PS: Shortly after finishing this column, I received the following story. My warning about the attempts to use this incident to take away our guns is personified in this next article.

The information contained in the article is factual enough, but the spin is to not only hurt Bush (who is not exactly MY favorite president, but then I haven�t liked a President since Andrew Jackson!) politically, but to do it in a way that will influence the liberal element to bring up gun control once more.

This is Hegelian dialect in one of its finest forms. Bush and HIS handlers are probably really pleased with this author. But then it IS part of the AOL network.




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Well, well. Will you look at that! Pictured here is the swearing-in ceremony, you know, the one where they take an oath to uphold the Constitution, of Ashcroft, Rumsfield and Powell, Bush�s right,er, make that left hand men. Check out the meaning below.

E. Cobham Brewer 1810�1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898. Left-handed Oath (A). An oath not intended to be binding.


As to the photo above, sure, it could have been an accident. Or maybe Bush�s boys just don�t know the difference between the right and the left. Or maybe they are invoking the Kol Nidre. (See the end of this column for a definition.)

But that�s not my concern in this issue. These are the men in power. These are the men that have the power to order our troops, our sons, into battle.

Their leader, George W. Bush, has just created an uproar within Congress by accusing any who drag their feet in giving him the power to go to war with Iraq, as somehow not caring about the security of this country.

Normally docile Daschle, one of the liberal Democrats, is irate and called Bush to task in front of the nation on CNN.

Bush has not changed his tune from the old, "your either with us or you are against us," theme regarding the terrorist threat, it is just that he now has directed his intimidation tactics at our legislators and they are feeling the heat.

The team of Blair and Bush are beating the war drums hard and heavy. The controlled press, while maintaining the illusion of impartiality, are really working hand in glove with our unseen masters. Just look at Paula Zahn�s caustic attitude toward Scott Ritter, the former weapons inspector who appeared on CNN to try and inform the American people that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

For years the Patriot Movement and the John Birchers have warned us about the dangers of the UN. Carl Klang has a song about the UN troops coming to America. I think we�ve all been snookered.

The UN is a toothless hound baying in the dark.

It is a sham, without any real power. It was created by Communists and traitors to America, like Alger Hiss. It sole purpose to allow the real, hidden power to further drain our resources. and protect that which it was formed to create, the state of Israel.

The truth is, Iraq is not a threat to the U.S. Never has been and never will be. It is only a threat to Israel. The one Arab state not controlled by Israel through its minions in the U.S.

Not that Saddam is a real likable guy, but how many Iraqis have been arrested in this country for spying or terrorism? How many Israelis or Jews have been tried for treason by this country? Let�s not even count the hundred plus that were kicked out on "immigration violations".

While Bush and Blair bully their way towards Armageddon, I was struck by a female reporter on a CNN question and answer program. She was reporting from Baghdad and an e-mailed question asked how was her life in Baghdad as compared to our female Army recruits in Saudi Arabia who had to wear veils and sit in the back seat of jeeps.

"Oh, my life here is just fine. The Iraqis are very open and friendly. It is a secular society and the women here are treated well."

Here was a reporter from a country that has been bombing Iraq continuously for the last ten years, (a fact confirmed to me personally by Brigadier General William F. Engel, commander of White Sands Missile Range) saying how comfortable she was and how well she was treated. Compare this report to those trickling out of Saudi Arabia and Israel. How are the reporters in Israel treated?

Within the past 40 days, over seventy Palestinians have been killed in or near their own homes. Forty of those were children. Our news media cries over the Israelis killed by suicide bombers but totally ignores the conditions that have created this phenomena.

Nation Geographic reports in their October 2002 issue that Gaza, only 26 miles long, is home to 1.1 million Palestinians and 7000 Israeli settlers. The settlers occupy 25% of the land. In the water-poor area, Israelis are allotted 80 gallons of water per day, the Palestinians 1.5 gallons per person per day.

North-South Road 60, which connects the historic cities of Nablus, Bethlehem and Hebron takes four hours to traverse. Traversing one of the modern East-West highways that cross between the Jordan River and the so-called Green Line which marks the West Bank�s border with Israel, should take 30 minutes, but for the 2.2 million Palestinians who reside in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the 25 mile journey could take an entire day, or even days, due to the Israeli roadblocks and checkpoints.

When and if Homeland Security is installed here in America, we will get to experience this same kind of Jewish "security".

While the patriots were on the lookout for foreign UN troops, the Federal government brought in the airport screeners, almost all foreign, many still not proficient in English, to feel up our wives and daughters and to harass our elderly travelers. Foreign Air Marshals have pulled guns on and arrested passengers who merely looked at them wrong.

Yet we are shouted down if we criticize the actions of Israel, question the threat of Saddam or quarrel with the President�s decision to protect us by taking away the rights and freedoms our fathers died to insure.

All you really have to do is listen to Bush tell the UN that he will do what they are reluctant to do. If the UN fails to attack Saddam, the US will.

It is interesting that even the UN delegates do not seem to realize they are as irrelevant as Yasser Arafat. They did not buy into Bush�s pretext for war but the Security Council did pass a resolution against Israel that week, condemning their continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. But no one seems ready to order the bombs to be dropped on Israel.

The Israelis did what they have done to the other 68 resolutions passed against them by the U.N. They ignored it. They continue to kill Palestinian men, women and children. They continue to bulldoze homes to drive people off the land. They continue to ignore international law. They continue to blackmail country after country with their threats of boycotts and retaliation. They continue to draw 3 billion dollars in aid from Americans who have lost their savings in the stock market and their jobs to "free trade".

And we are not the only country to pay this tiny, Marxist country tribute.

Here is a fact we would do well to remember. Israel is a FOREIGN country, not a state, province or territory. It was invaded by and run for Russian Jews. It is a matter of pride when they kill Palestinians and Arabs. Don�t buy into the wholesale killing and bombing of innocent Iraqis.

It is time for this charade to stop and for the American people to wake up to who is pulling the strings of Russia, England, France and America. The Europeans have realized who is behind it all. Two out of three Europeans are now considered to be Anti-Semitic. The term, over there, is considered to be a badge of courage, not a condemnation. CRD


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Murphy�s Law reared its ugly head here yesterday. One of our speakers used our list of available hotels in the Atlanta area to try and reserve a room near the Expo we are sponsoring in Atlanta. They found, much to our dismay, that few rooms were available and the only ones that had not been booked were going for over $150.00 a night.

Seems that for the first time, the NASCAR races were being held in the last weekend in October rather than the first week in November.

Peggy at the Showcase Event Centre in McDonough, GA was apologetic when we told her there were no hotel or motel rooms available in a forty mile radius of her center. Even though the contract was already signed, she allowed us to move our event back a couple of weeks to November 8th, 9th & 10th.

We frantically contacted all of our speakers and they all agreed to the change of dates. We urge you to book your rooms using the list on our website ASAP to insure good, normal rates.

We are only putting out five hundred advance tickets at $20 each. You should order those ASAP. Each ticket is good for all three days of the conference.

Please let all of your friends know about the date change as we have thousands of posters out the with the old date. Replace any of those posters you may have put up with this month�s centerfold.

If you don�t have access to the internet, we will include a list of all the hotels and other important information, like hours and driving directions from Atlanta with your advance tickets.

Now for this issue, there is the matter of the Sawgrass Rebellion.

This cross country trek from Klamath Falls to Homestead, Florida is gaining steam and momentum every day. We hope to join the caravan and work our way down to Florida with these good folks who are trying to raise awareness of the Floridians who are being purposely flooded out by the Corps of Engineers even after winning a court battle to save their homes.

We hope to direct everyone participating back up to Georgia for our Expo and meet all of you there.

Also in this issue, we have included a reprint of a speech given by Benjamin Freedman in 1961 warning America about what was to come from the Zionists. While sure to raise the duped Israeli sympathizers out there, this one is hard for them to refute.

Freedman was one of the insiders. His statement is very powerful and reveals the roots of our problems"

"I was liaison to Henry Morgenthau, Sr., in the 1912 campaign when President Wilson was elected, and there was talk around the office there. I was "confidential man" to Henry Morgenthau, Sr., who was chairman of the Finance Committee, and I was liaison between him and Rollo Wells, the treasurer. So I sat in these meetings with President Wilson at the head of the table, and all the others, and I heard them drum into President Wilson�s brain the graduated income tax and what has become the Federal Reserve, and I heard them indoctrinate him with the Zionist movement."

His voice from the past could be an echo of the future. Today we are cracking down hard on any type of dissent internally while preparing to go to war with the Muslim nations at the urging of Sharon and our puppet government officials

Freedman was in on the original planning and knew where the impetus was coming from and what the ultimate goals were. His statements about the pre-world war one plans should resound with you today.

"The Jews of the world, the Zionists and their co-religionists everywhere, are determined that they are going to again use the United States to help them permanently retain Palestine as their foothold for their world government. That is just as true as I am standing here. Not alone have I read it, but many here have also read it, and it is known all over the world.

What are we going to do? The life you save may be your son�s. Your boys may be on their way to that war tonight; and you don�t know it any more than you knew that in 1916 in London the Zionists made a deal with the British War Cabinet to send your sons to war in Europe. Did you know it at that time? Not a person in the United States knew it. You weren�t permitted to know it. Who knew it? President Wilson knew it. Colonel House knew it. Other insiders knew it.

Did I know it? I had a pretty good idea of what was going on:

Now you have a good idea what is going on. The folks up in Portland, OR had a pretty good idea what was going on and they showed up outside of President Bush�s hotel to protest his plans for a war with Iraq. Grandmothers, mothers and fathers showed up with signs and babies in their arms and children in tow. They were met with your typical, Israeli/Zionist type of response. They were shot with rubber bullets, babies sprayed with Mace and Pepper Spray. Photographers and reporters were not spared as a lesson to the press.

And in Houston, 278 people were rounded up on a K-Mart parking lot in a mass arrest, one of the first of its kind. This was not a bunch of rioters or looters. This was your children, sitting quietly on a parking lot visiting with their friends like we all used to do. Next door, families were eating at a Super Sonic. They too were arrested, the food they had just paid for slapped out of their hands. Patrons shopping in the K-Mart were arrested, their purchases and receipts in hand and handcuffed and booked with all the rest.

I believe this was a test of the expansive provisions of the PATRIOT ACT to see how America will deal with this kind of police actions. Let it run its course through the courts to test the will of the people and to set a precedent on the mass roundup of future demonstrators or just stubborn folks who question police authority.

Though the whole world and our former allies are warning us not to attack Iraq, Bush and his Zionist controllers are going ahead. Even while they debate at this writing, there have already been several air strikes against Iraq and our Turkish allies are massing troops on their borders.

How long we have and how sharp the sword we have no real idea, but I believe, before then year is up, many of us will be praying that Planet X is coming and will take out the real evil axis of Sharon, Bush and Cheney.


Clay Douglas


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All things considered, the Texas Expo turned out great for everyone involved. (With the possible exception of me!) The booth holders had good sales, the attendees got to enjoy a ton of great speakers. Many of the folks who came down from over 22 diferent states said they would like to do it again. We looked at Colorado, but there was no place near the size we needed to rent, at least at a price that was reasonable. So I figured that one show a year in Dallas was all I could handle, especially after my former salesman decided he could make more money selling Planet X books behind my back. I tried to bet the author a grand that Planet X wouldn�t hit Earth in 2003 but he wouldn�t take the bet.

So it was back to just me and Janet and life as usual running the Fre American from Bingham.

Then, on the spur of the moment, I decided to attend Henry Lamb�s Freedom 21 conference. Leaving Janet at home to run the office, I took off for Nashville.

The conference was relatively small, around a hundred people attended. But everyone there represented a group. Their groups ranged from a few dozen to thousands of members, primarily interested in or being affected by our government�s increasingly cavalier attitude towards private property rights.

Most of the speakers spoke on the subject of property rights, and the bold moves instigated by the U.N., the Wildlands Project, Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and other communistic ploys to wrest control of our natural assets.

Whether it be in the name of an endangered species, unmanaged and roadless forests, declaring a pond a wetlands, or driving farmers and ranchers off their land by using the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management or other bureaucrat fools, this meeting made it clear to everyone who attended that our whole way of life is not just deteriorating, in is being destroyed.

During the two days of the conference, it was brought out that a two block long machine that makes the aluminum skin for our airplanes was in the process of being disassembled and moved out of the country. The manufacturing base that allowed us to win two wars was being dismantled.

The U.N. is pushing legislation that will limit how much water we can pump from our own wells, while ships from China and Indonesia fill their ships� holds with water from our great lakes.

The huge, destabilizing numbers of illegal aliens flowing across our borders is merely the visible surface of the plot to overthrow our country. If you think the South leaving the union was bloody, wait until the radical Hispanic groups try to carve off Atzlan from the U.S. They call it "Reconquista"

Our farmers and ranchers are being driven out of business and off their land after generations, forced to sell their herds and flocks as the worst drought in a hundred years tightens its grip. Overhead, silver, unmarked planes continue to spew out clouds of . . .something. . . while the Chinese brag about their ability to create rain, and droughts at will. They promise they will have clear skies for the Olympics.

Those speaking and listening intently were not wild-eyed conspiracy theorists. They were men and women of the land, this land, our land, a nation still under God, despite the utterances of the liberal elite of the Ninth Circuit.

One woman, given only five minutes to speak, brought tears to the eyes of everyone there, as she related how she had to wade through three feet of standing water outside her house in Dade County, to get to a road in order to get to Nashville. She described the heartbreak of a the federal Corps of Engineers who were purposely, despite court orders to the contrary, flooding out over three hundred homeowners, to provide water for a sparrow that no one had ever seen.

Picture Sylvester in a federal uniform, saying, "I tink I heard a Tweety Bird!" while families are being inundated, their homes and belongings being destroyed by a man-made flood. Just the opposite of what happened in Klamath Falls.

Whatever works. Just drive the folks off the land that can support themselves off that land. Put bond requirements on the miners so they can no longer afford to work their claims. Turn gold mines into gravel pits so we can no long pull our wealth from the land, the only source of wealth. Crowd the refuges into the cities, where they have to pay for their water, one bottle at a time. And where the possession of that bottle of water could mark you as a drug user in twisted laws just passed to target Rave parties and Ecstasy.

I was even more impressed when Norm Davis from take back Kentucky took the podium. He told everyone how they had actually been successful in stemming this tide of Federal imperialism with community action. In Kentucky, they united property rights groups with environmentalists, Christians with Choicers, Gays with Straights, by concentrating on what they did agree on as opposed to letting their differences divide them. If they can do it in Kentucky, we do all across the country!

The first agenda in Freedom Twenty One was decided by a unanimous vote to help the folks in the Everglades. It starts by amassing publicity through another Bucket Brigade, This one running from Klamath Falls, Through Elko, Down to Albuquerque and over to Florida. It ends up in Dade County at a huge barbeque around October 19th. Everyone who can, should join this historic journey.

Then, as I started home by way of my friend�s home on Forsyth, Georgia, Charles Collins, I found the ideal spot to hold another Free American Expo.

It is called the Showcase Event Center, located just 15 miles south of Atlanta�s Hartsfield Airport on I-75. They gave me a price I can live with and we have made arrangements for both television advertising and on their electric billboard for three weeks prior to the event. An average of 125,000 Atlanta drivers pass that sign every day on I-75.

We already have folks signed up to speak, many of the same ones who spoke in Tennessee. We need booth sales, we need advance ticket sales, we need some volunteers to help us manage the show. We hope you will get involved in both of these events. We hope that everyone who has an organization will use this event and the facilities to recruit more members. This month�s centerfold pulls out and you can use it as a poster. Put it in a prominent spot around your home town.

Maybe you would rather sit next to your shortwave and not get involved. Or you could just tune into the Free American real early in the morning then use the rest of the day to tell folks in your area that there are answers out there, and, with enough of us putting our differences aside, we can make a difference and do the right thing.






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This is where I usually give you an overview of what the latest news is, and what my feelings are about that news. This will be a rare departure from that fomula.

You may remember I was booted from Genesis Network last year after only a week on their network. Due to complaints from Len Hororwitz, who was miffed that I allowed someone to broach the role played by the Jews in our society without checking with him first; and the howls from Joyce Riley concerning the fact that I sell Miracle II also but did not buy from her. She made comments about me on her show, when I responded, I was booted from the network.

Now, Genesis and I still do business together. I am still on satellite and shortwave. Her temper tantrum really had no effect on me or my show but during that period, I learned much more about Joyce�s true nature than I really wanted to know.

I spoke with many of her former friends and learned no one was pleased with her attitude or actions. I explained to Joyce that I really had no desire to do a story on her but that she should back off her references to me on her show, such as: "I don�t know how he can sleep at night, taking money from the Gulf War Vets."

Over the years, I have been criticzied for "attacking" or exposing various "patriots" in a myriad of situations. It began with Terry Cook turning in Texe Marrs to the IRS. It went on to include patriot icon "Bo" Gritz for promoting a child-molesting kidnapper, Linda Weigand, who was trying to steal her children back from her former husband. Bo was arrested for attempting to help her. He beat the charges but she never showed up to help defend him. Bo was not so lucky when the ex-husband sued him for libel and slander. Bo never even bothered to show up in court and defaulted.

Joyce is a different kind of animal. She turns on her friends without due provocation, me being one of them. She seemed to think somehow we stabbed her in the back by NOT doing things HER way.

She showed her petty side when, after planning an event in Phoenix with Daniel New for over 14 months built around her with three hours reserved for HER presentation. She learned I was in the area, force Daniel to "uninvite" me, and then didn�t even bother to show up. Daniel lost a bundle.

Still, I avoided making it an issue. After all, I rationalized, I can be pretty much of a jerk if you tick me off. It ain�t against the law to be an asshole. So I remained quiet. Perhaps that was a mistake. People like Joyce seem to think it is a mistake to allow people who have no radio show or magazine to use me to get their side of the story out. Perhaps.

You see, Joyce is quite good at veiled threats. I had Mike Brown on Thursday June 27th. On June 28th Joyce was furious that I had him and Peter Jon Simpson on my show. She talked about suing me, them, and WWCR for allowing them to air their displeasure with Riley�s actions at the seminar. She took the money and ran!

It had been four weeks since the event when Peter Jon Simpson came on my show. Nothing had been settled. Joyce had NOT returned the funds nor had she made any real effort to settle the matter. Now she was furious on Friday, saying that other talk show hosts were out to get her.

Try to keep this fact in mind. Mike Brown is the very same guest Joyce had on her show many times while promoting the event that featured Mike Brown as the main speaker. Keep in mind that Joyce must have thought that Mike Brown was honorable, knowledgeable and forthright. She charged her listeners $300 for admission to his seminar! Why has she not brought him back on? Why did they feel the need to come on to my program to air their differences. Because four weeks had gone by with no calls from Joyce and NO ACCOUNTING OF THE MONEY!

I put out a few queries and sent Peter�s story to someone who knew Joyce. It ended up in Joyce�s hands and the damage control began. "There have been serious charges raised against us. We will deal with it on our third hour," they said on their morning show on Friday, June 28.

I listened that hour. Out of all the charges leveled against them, here is what they devoted that hour to: She said I made the statement that "Joyce did not supply the M2 soap to the Vets, Clayton Tedeton did."

Here two of her former guests, her partners in a $300 per person seminar, had just accused her of larceny and/or conversion, on Worldwide Radio and she was concerned that I had slandered her over whether her or her supplier gave out free soap!

So she brought Clayton Tedeton on, and Clayton explained that he had given the soap to the vets until March of this year, when Joyce had started handling the give-aways. So I stand corrected. My information was correct, just outdated. Clayton only covered the give-aways for a year or so. So sorry, Joyce. Apologies to the half-a-dozen people she had lined up that she had given free soap to, waiting on hold on the phones, tying all the lines up so no one, like the woman who had forwarded my e-mails to her, could get in to ask the wrong question. The stooges sang her praises for the full hour. One caller even managed to let everyone know that it was Clay Douglas who had had Simpson and Brown on. "If you want to know what kind of businessman Clay Douglas is, ask why he was arrested in Texas."

Sorry to have scooped the Joyce and Dave "Comedy Hour" but I told that story myself, in the Free American and on the air, right after it happened. Perhaps what I did not say, was that incident had already been covered throughly with the office of the Attorney General of Texas and that same Attorney General is now taking a hard look at the prosecuting county and my accuser. As events occur, I will be just as forthright with my fans as well as my enemies.

Unfortunately, Joyce can�t seem to understand that kind of direct approach.

Here is what in important, once you get past the violin music: Don�t mean to beat you over the head with this, but during that full hour, devoted solely to discrediting me, Joyce and Dave NEVER MENTIONED THE SEMINAR THAT THEY PROMOTED OR THE ACCUSATION MADE ON MY SHOW BY THE PEOPLE SHE CHARGED HER LISTENERS $300 TO HEAR!!!

After their show, I called Joyce and apologized for my mistake regarding the Soap issue. I then offered to solve her chief complaint and get Mike Brown to call her. She agreed and I did. The conversation is now posted on my website and was run partially on my show Monday, July 1st. The Joyce Riley you will hear is NOT the Joyce Riley her fans hear.

The short of it is this: Riley admitted owing Mike Brown money! She admits she still has the checks, money orders and registration information, some of which belongs to Mike Brown. With an amazing display of gall, after admitting she had had his money for a month without contacting him or Peter, she demanded he provide her with something in writing. With Dave screaming in the background about me being a gossip, she signed off, nothing accomplished, nothing worked out and she even threatened to sue the guys she stiffed, ("Unfortunately, we have to turn this over to our attorneys" she said on the air.)

Betcha the attorneys cost her more than Mike Brown�s share would have been.

Go to and hear the two Joyce Rileys before you jump to her defense. . .as I once, foolishly, did. I reposted the last hour of her show as well as her conversation with Mike Brown. Here both Peter Jon Simpson and Mike Brown on my archived shows.

Clay Douglas


Life With Riley

by Peter Jon Simpson

They all warned me about Joyce Riley... everyone I talked to. Former business associates, her listeners, those who knew how she conducted herself from either personal experience or from firsthand accounts they trusted... they all warned me. "Don�t trust her".

A few left it at "Watch her closely". Those with more personal experiences had more harsh warnings. As I�d never done business with Madame� Riley, I dismissed it all as "gossip & rumor" I took her at her word. I trusted her. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. There likely won�t be another try with Madame� Riley.

It all started innocently enough... the booking agent for Erwin Rommel School of Law associates booked Michael H. Brown on Joyce�s radio program. Mike Brown is a legend in the legal reform movement, as he is on national talk radio.

Brown�s initial performance on Joyce Riley�s program was textbook Mike Brown� he was a smash. He knocked out her audience, and he definitely got Joyce�s attention. Joyce asked Mike to return to her airspace, and he obliged.

From there, other appearances led to a suggestion of a seminar, centered on Joyce�s hot-button� the proposed "Model States Health Act", an Orwellian nightmare conjured up deep in the recesses of the collective subconscious of the Bush Administration.

Mike offered to waive his usual seminar speakers fee, and teach for free. He was going to teach Joyce�s audience the proper legal procedures for suing to have this bizarre, un-American and totalitarian legal nightmare declared unconstitutional. He had a few political tricks up his sleeve also, for those politically inclined.

As Joyce Riley became more and more excited with Mike�s knowledge and understanding of the American Legal System, this proposed seminar morphed into the next generation Erwin Rommel School of Law 2-day teaching Seminar. It became "Level Six: Assault Weapons Law". Rather than train people to defend themselves, as Mike had done in several earlier seminars, this one, like Erwin Rommel�s previous two seminars, was set up to train people to attack, and attack with ferocity and effect.

Topics covered included offensive use of the Grand Jury, and filing criminal complaints against government bureaucrats who step outside the box the law has them in. One segment featured a 45 minute lecture by Brown laying out the law that surrounds our grand jury system. The grand jury is the foundation stone of our Constitutional Republic. Case citations from before America was a Republic� and quoted previously by our "Supreme Court"� were presented. Years of slugging it out in dusty law libraries condensed into a relaxed seminar presentation.

Little did Mike Brown, or I, or any other speaker or associate of Erwin Rommel guess what was to come on the financial side of this seminar. And all the words of warning I received about Madame� Riley came thundering down upon me.

Erwin Rommel has a national reputation for it�s seminars. No promoter or co-host has ever lost a dime bringing Erwin Rommel to town. We simply won�t let that happen. We like to protect our friends. Always have , always will. We�re funny that way...

As the business end of the seminars, as the executive and sometimes line producer, I explained how we do things to Joyce. It�s simple. Brown & the speakers get paid off the top. All ordinary expenses� meeting room, coffee service� are split. Then the co-host and I split what�s left. I gave my word this was the deal. Madame� Riley repeatedly demanded to know there�d be no "hidden expenses" she�s get hit with. I gave her my word.

This system worked perfectly with Ambassador from YHVH Robert James: Fox in Dallas Texas. He actually expressed surprise at how easily I did it. He was very complimentary. As were the Patriot Group leaders in Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Chicago, Middlesville Michigan, Houston... You get the idea.

As our reputation spread, so did the ease of working with co-promoters. Until we hooked up with Madame� Riley, we never, ever ran into a problem. We never ran into a chiseler or an edge-taker, though we did run into a few who were wary of us. Understandable, in this day & age.

The first morning, at the registration table, Madame� Riley was nowhere to be found. I left my assign to collect the pay-at-the-door receipts. I got tied up with last-minute pre-production hassles and neglected to have my assign hang onto the money. Some pay-at-the-door monies were generated by Erwin Rommel. Some by Madame� R. At Madame� Riley�s insistence, my assign gave the receipts to Madame� Riley. Must�ve been like shooting fish in a barrel for the Madame�.

Madame� Riley and I had agreed verbally to split during Day 1 or Day 2 of the 2 day seminar. Once Joyce got the at-the-door receipts, that evaporated like a judge�s understanding of his oath of office. Madame� Riley would hear nothing of any split of any kind. The only split that was accomplished was Madame� R splitting with the gate. She had the pre-paid admissions that came to her office, plus the at-the-door receipts we both generated. Then she had to leave. And she did leave. With all the money she�d gotten.

Meanwhile, I settled with the hotel Monday morning. Using my gate receipts, minus what The Madame� had of mine, & book sales, I paid Brown, though not enough, and I cashed out the hotel, one other speaker and my support staff. I limped home and called Madame� Riley.

You can guess the rest. No phone calls returned for 4 weeks. "Too busy".

When asked by a inquirer when the next seminar with Madame� R would be, I mentioned that we�d not be doing any more seminars with Madame� R and, when asked, explained why. He�d heard it all before, it appears, and spread the word. And the word spread, making the rounds. Things started to heat up. Finally, Madame� Riley called.

She wasn�t interested in any split. She wasn�t offering a good faith payment to anyone. She was pissed about the stories going around about her "absconding with the funds". That was the purpose of her call. Damage control, not settling with us.

Send Mike Brown part, or all of his speaker�s fee? Forget that. Offer me anything to offset my cashing out the hotel Monday morning? Oh, pull-ease.

Then came the coup d� grace. The Madame� actually denied we had made an agreement. Seriously. So that was why Brown and I did all the work necessary to prepare for the seminar. I had 100 Seminar Manuals at 375 pages each printed because "we never had an agreement". I booked the hotel on my promise to pay because "we never had an agreement". I paid to have the seminar professionally recorded to give all paid admissions an audio copy of the complete seminar because "we never had an agreement".

As this phone-call from Warp Factor 4 progressed, Madame� Riley conjured up a laundry list of demands placed upon Mike Brown and me. All carefully crafted to prevent any split of anything at any time. It was surreal...

My advantage over the Madame� in all this is having Mike Brown as a business partner. When I started following Mike Brown�s counsel in re business dealings, my business life improved dramatically. Had it been me, I�d have made a good faith payment, at least a partial payment, to those who fronted the effort and paid for the seminar. I�d have thrown them more than a bone. That�s how Brown trained me. You don�t screw your friends, ever.

In Madame� Riley�s universe, that quaint notion is preposterous on its face. The naked proof of that is the Madame� has yet to offer to, or send, a dime. She paid nothing out of pocket, and used only her air-time to promote the seminar. And, while that is surely worth something, Brown spent weeks preparing the seminar and the course manual, and I paid the freight, all of it. She got her gate receipts, and some of my gate receipts, and hit the door fast.

Michael Brown & I have been planning a book for some time: "The Erwin Rommel School of Business". Mike�s suggested sub-title: "If You Always Count on People To Screw You, You�ll Never Be Disappointed". Madame� Riley will have a chapter, at least. Maybe two... Had I not temporarily forgotten that sub-title, I�d not now be writing this account.

With people in the Pay-Tree-Ott movement like Madame� Riley, the Republicrats & Demicans have nothing to worry about. Why should they? And all this time, I thought it was only preachers, lawyers and judges who devour others for a handful of "paper dollars".

To her credit, Madame� R filled the hotel conference room in Kansas City. Erwin Rommel sketched out the next seminar, and even offered it to the Madame�. She was too busy in her counting house to figure out that a split of several seminars does better than smoking Erwin Rommel for one seminar. The next Erwin Rommel Seminar will be in Florida, September 21 & 22. As the word about The Madame�s business habits spreads, more seminar offers are coming in.

Like my father said, "Why do they call it common sense, when it is so uncommon?"

What amazes me is her complete lack of a good-faith effort to settle. And she screwed Michael H Brown out of an agreed-to fee. Remind me sometime to tell you a story about a guy who screwed Brown in a business deal. When he got served with the civil process, he laughed in the process server�s face. When he couldn�t understand the lawsuit, he took it to a lawyer. When the lawyer told him how much money he�d require up front to defend the lawsuit, this poor fellow had a laundry problem.

Just to look in Joyce�s eyes as she�s served would, be at least partial payment, but alas, I�m too busy to ride with the process server...

One might well wonder how a nurse gets into this mind-set. Is it the preacher�s bullbleep that "God�s Law is done away"? Is that where this mind-set comes from? Or, is it a darker universe than that?

And, speaking from a Biblical perspective, Mr. Joyce Riley� at least I think Dave Von K is Mr. Joyce� he says he�s "out-of-the-loop" and doesn�t know. There�s another noted Pay-Tree-Ott "leader" in far south Missouri who also used to plead he was out of the loop and let the woman handle the funds. I�ll leave it to you to figure out how far out of the Bible�s Bubble that modus operandi is.

It can�t be the water in Missouri causing this. Mike Brown lives in S.W. Missouri; I�ve never shaken Brown�s hand on a business transaction, never had a written contract. Don�t have to; Mike Brown�s word is his bond. We�ve made money; we�ve lost money. The best thing is, I don�t have to watch my back. Brown does that. And I watch his.

So this ends my� and Erwin Rommel�s� 1st, last and only run-in with Madame� Riley. I�d dismissed all the accounts of The Madame�s previous creative bookkeeping techniques as gossip, as I�d never done business with her. Unfortunately, I now doubt they are gossip. I trusted the Madame� to act like the other promoters I�d dealt with. I trusted her to treat me like a friend.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I doubt there�ll be another try with Madame� Riley. If there is, I�ll assume total control of the financial side. The Madame� has demonstrated she�s not up to the responsibility.

As of the date of this writing, Madame� Riley�s word is no good. Learn from the mistakes of others. You don�t have enough time to make them all yourself.

Caveat Emptor.


Peter Jon Simpson - 320- 857- 2400

Erwin Rommel School of Law

Publisher�s Corner 5

Character Assassination of Rep. McKinney 8

Rep. McKinney Terrorist Warning 11

Cheney Moves to Block 911 Probe 11

Lawmakers Grill FBI Memo-Writer 12

Bush�s Fatal Half Hour 13

NATO Hails "Historic" Russia Agreement 14

A Penchant for Secrecy 15

Atrocities in American Airports 18

The Christines....Guilty 20

White Youth Feel Guilty About Being White 24

Illegal Immigrant Damage Suit Typifies Law�s Collapse 25

At MIT, They Put Words in Our Mouths 26

The USA Patriot Act Was Planned Before 9/11 28

When the War Hits Home 30

General Patton�s Warning 34

Russian Accuses Government of Attacks 38

Israel Strengthens Apartheid Policies 38

Poison for Profit 40

Harmful Ingredients 42

Don�t Become A Victim of the Cancer Conspiracy! 42

An Open Letter to America From a Canadian 46

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At the time of this writing, Wednesday, May 22, 2002, the mainstream media is abuzz with the story that Bush, Ashcroft and Mueller KNEW in advance that Usama Bin Laden planned to attack targets in the U.S.

Today Kenneth Williams, a highly respected F.B.I. agent, testified before Congress about his memo, a pre-Sept. 11 warning about Arab students at an Arizona flight school. According to government officials familiar with his account, Williams hoped his memo would lead to screenings of Middle Easterners who came to study U.S. airport operations.

The problem with all this belated hoopla is the fact that here, at the Free American, we broke the same story in our November 2001 issue put out just days after September 11th. This from my November publisher�s column:

This was a made-for-TV-attack. In New York, camera operators with professional equipment were in place to capture the events for immediate airing. Even the first plane, in defiance of all odds, was caught when a photographer turned his lens from fully outfitted firemen conveniently located just blocks from the pending disaster, to catch the aircraft as it plunged into the first tower just before 9:00 AM. Dozens of other cameras caught the next aircraft, live, as it banked into the second tower.

A third aircraft crashed into the heart of America�s military might, the Pentagon.

It took only hours for America�s intelligence agencies to come up with the names and associates of the perpetrators. Why? Because they knew in advance that these potential terrorists were in the United States. Some of the flight schools where they learned to fly these commercial aircraft had become suspicious and had called the FBI. Unfortunately, the FBI did not pick them up for questioning until it was too late.

Was this incompetence or something else?

Almost immediately after this highly televised event, the media began asking the question via the polling organizations, "How many of your liberties are you willing to give up for security?"

The answer I gave never made it to the TV screen. "NONE!"

Or as Benjamin Franklin put it, "Those who would trade Liberty for Security deserve neither!"

I reprint my own words in order to drive home the fact that the Free American has consistantly been six months ahead of the mainstream media.

Now that the mainstream is doing the questioning, in an apparent over-reaction to the criticism and questions regarding 9-11, the Bush administration is peppering the American public with warnings of possible terrorist attacks.

There is a plan to attack apartment buildings. There is a possibility the Brooklyn Bridge will be blown up. The food supply is in danger. Smallpox is coming. Dirty Nukes are on the horizon. There may be an attack on the Statue of Liberty. . .and on and on ad nauseum.

You�re chances of being killed today are no greater than they were yesterday, last year or last century. Only your perception of danger has been heightened. A plane could accidentally strike another tall building in Chicago or Dallas. A chemical spill or refinery fire is a common occurrence. Add in traffic accidents, chemtrails, mislabeled meats, contaminated imported fruits and vegetables, armed robbers and carjackers, prescription medicine reactions, doctors and hospital mishaps and I would say the chances of an American being killed by suicide bombers and Arab terrorists is about equal to being struck by lightning! (Which actually happened in Texas a few years back, when a bolt of lightning killed several people sitting in their church.)

In fact, the odds favor you being killed by a cop as opposed to a terrorist.

[Ed. Note - Note the date this was written. Just a few days later, a barge destroyed a 600 foot section of a bridge on Interstate 40. Over a dozen people were killed.]

This failure to act on the part of the Bush Administration weeks before 9-11 being talked up by the media months after the fact is, I believe, merely another diversion to hide the true purpose behind Bush�s inaction.

The inaction I am talking about is NOT what the rest of the press is hammering on. It is the half hour AFTER the FIRST plane hit the Pentagon. Bush had to let the process play out to bring the already prepared plan to fruition. This two-part plan called for the enactment of the PATRIOT Act to allow for a police state on American soil and to launch a long-term war against Muslims in general, Afghanistan now and Iraq later.

The act of terrorism had to happen to convince the American people this new, never-ending war was necessary and the police state necessary. Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.

It has even been announced that the F.B.I.�s new calling is the prevention of terrorism as opposed to its old role of actually solving crimes. With this new calling comes the tools of secret trials, unlimited detention powers of suspected terrorists, unidentified witnesses for the prosecution, military tribunals, increased security in public places, reduced freedom of travel, random searches, warrantless searches and the unauthorized and unannounced inspection of computers inside the homes of average Americans, even without their knowledge that such a search even took place along with increased harassment of dissidents including limiting their ability to travel via public transportation.

Once again the government-controlled press took pains to prepare us for this new reality. They crowed, "How much of your freedom are you willing to give up for security?" in poll after poll.

What effect has the increased security had?


How many terrorists have been caught in our airports?


How many illegal aliens have been sent home?

They won�t tell us. But in the Minneapolis airport, they did arrest 24 people in one day. We were told they were illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico. The problem with this story is that all of them were working as security in the airport, feeling up our women and frisking our law-abiding citizens.

And finally, Bush has delivered America into an alliance that will, one day, make the alliance with Mass Murderer Stalin during World War II look good.

Russia has joined with America and NATO in the new war against terrorism.

The main stream media is virtually ignoring the latest alliances with Putin contained herein. We have heard the story of Norman Dodd. It is time you hear it again:

Norman Dodd, now deceased, Yale graduate, and investment banker was chosen to be the research director for the Reece Committee to investigate tax-exempt foundations: Carnegie Foundation, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and others.

Dodd sent out questionnaires to many of these foundations and received an invitation by Joseph E. Johnson of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He invited Dodd to send someone to Carnegie headquarters in New York city to research the minutes of the meetings during the foundation�s beginnings.

The minutes of the meetings held in 1910, made a startling revelation: the committee members asked themselves this question: "Is there a way known to man more effective than war, to so alter the life of an entire people?" Going on from there they concluded that the United States must become involved in a war. Then: How do we do it? And so it happened. They wormed their way into the State Department, gaining control. History has proven that W.W.I had a huge impact on the American people. Wives and mothers left their homes to enter the workplace and thus began what would become the erosion of the "heart" of the family and eventually the beginning of feminism. The trustees congratulated themselves on their victory and sent a private message to President Woodrow Wilson, insisting that the war not end "too quickly".

When Mr. Dodd visited the then president of the Ford Foundation, Rowan Gaither, in 1953, he asked Dodd why Congress was interested in the operations of foundations such as theirs. But then answered his own question with a blatant, open admission:

"Mr. Dodd all of us here at the policy making level of the foundation have at one time or another served in the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, CIA forerunner) or the European Economic Administration, operating under directives from the White House. We operate under those same directives...The substance under which we operate is that we shall use our grant making power to so alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union." Dodd replied, "Why don�t you tell the American people what you just told me...?" Gaither responded, "Mr. Dodd, we wouldn�t think of doing that."

Add to that bit of information State Department Document 7277 that calls for exactly that. . .the reduction of arms in both Russia and the USA and the arming of the U.N. to the point where no nation state will be able to resist or withdraw.

The fate of Afghanistan is the fate of Chechnya and Palestine. The ruin of Iraq and Iran, two of the last holdouts against the might of the U.N. under the direction of the U.S., is required. The ultimate disarming of America and the silencing of those of us who would speak out against what is coming.

Remember who the Bolsheveks were, who controlled the Soviet Union�s Politiboro and Duma, who controls our Congress, who bragged that they controlled the Government of America and who desperately wants the ethnic cleansing to rid Israel of those pesky Palestinians.

And when you hear the call for the bombing of Iraq because they might be developing weapons of mass destruction, ask yourself why Israel is allowed to have over 400 nuclear weapons in its arsenal and Iraq, who has never had one of its citizens arrested in this country for spying, is not allowed anything for the defense of its population.


Clay Douglas



Publisher�s Corner 5

Israeli-Palestinian Children: Dying to Liberate 8

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All 9-11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company 12

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Preparing For Tomorrow 42

Vendors at the Free American Exposition and Book Fair 46

Who is Jean-Marie-Le Pen 48

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The Free American Exposition and Book Fair, I am happy to say, was a success. It was well attended and the speakers were superb. For many talks, there was standing room only. The video crew, last minute volunteers, brought professionalism to the event, filming all of the speakers with digital equipment, duplicating the videos on the spot, so that many of the attendees left with permanent records of this great event.

The success was overshadowed by an ugly incident that occurred Sunday night following the Expo.

After we had finished tearing down, a number of the exhibitors and vendors went out for dinner, as is our custom. Joe�s Crab Shack provided food and refreshments for myself, Janet, Leo, Karen, Anthony Hilder and a few others. Back at Big Town Hall, John Trochmann and the video crew were still loading their equipment. I left Janet and my truck as a ferry vehicle to get the troops back to our hotel while I rode the bike back to Big Town to lock up. Upon my return to the hotel, I found my truck and trailer surrounded by police from several jurisdictions. Leo, my driver and salesman, was in handcuffs, my wife in tears.

"What�s going on?" I asked.

"Move along, sir," I was told gruffly by a Texas Highway patrolman.

In retrospect, I probably should have done what the nice officer told me to do, but nooo, I had to open my big mouth.

"I will not.. That is my truck. What is going on here!" I demanded.

Whereupon I was ordered off the motorcycle and promptly arrested, handcuffed and placed in a patrol car for transport to the Kaufman County Jail just east of Dallas.

Ten days prior to the event, a warrant had been issued in Trinity County for theft. Trying to explain to the officers that I had never been in Trinity County, or Texas for that matter, was useless. Neither could anyone tell me what it was I had supposedly stolen. Such information was not on the warrant.

Gradually, the name of Trinity, Texas surfaced in my memory and I was able to deduce the source of my problem and the name of my accuser. It turned out I was correct.

Back in 1999, I began advertising and selling a ten kilowatt generator designed and imported by a company called Diamond Northern out of Delaware. The Y2K hype was at its zenith, and despite my assurances that the N.W.O. would never allow the sources of their financing to go down, there was still a lot of fear. I told my listeners that the phone systems, the electrical grid, and the televisions would still operate and that they would still be able to mail their mortgage and interest payments to the bank. I told you to prepare for nuclear war rather than put a fixed date on the end of civilization.

Nevertheless, some folks took CNN seriously and bought into the hype that premeated the Patriot Movement with a little help from Intel pros. I sold a lot of generators.

One of those was purchased by William Anderson, of Trinity, Texas. The order was place in late July and paid for by check. Once the check cleared, I forwarded payment to Diamond Northern, and the generator was shipped to the customer sometime in October via Overnight Express from Delaware.

My role in the transaction was effectively over. Mark Mortenson, then one of the owners of Diamond Northern, established a dialog with Mr.Anderson and I went on to other affairs.

A few months later, Mark called me to tell me that Mr. Anderson had refused to accept delivery of the generator. Overnight Express informed Mark that Mr. Anderson would not allow the truck on his property, became abusive and used profanity when talking with the driver of the delivery truck.

I was in Phoenix at the time, so I asked Vincent to contact Mr. Anderson. Every time Vincent called, he got an answering machine. Outside of the initial demands Mr. Anderson made of Mark Mortenson for the return of his money, we got no call backs. Meanwhile, the storage charges were mounting up at the freight terminal.

Mark called and asked what he should do. Refunding the money after such unreasonable demands was out of the question. It was for this very reason that Diamond Northern demanded payment in advance. After discussing the situation with Mark, I suggested he ship the generator to me in New Mexico and I would try to resolve the situation with Anderson.

A short time later, the truck lines dropped the generator off at our place. I had a shed built around it to protect it from the weather. We ran the generator a couple of times to make sure it worked. To this day, it has less than one hour on it.

At some point in time, Mr. Anderson decided that I was the bad guy here, when I refused to refund his money. He didn�t seem to understand it was not my decision nor did I have the money to refund. Anderson began a letter writing campaign accusing me of stealing his money and generator. He went to the DA, Joe Price, in Trinity. I talked with Joe once and never heard from him again. Anderson�s letters to the F.B.I., the B.B.B. and the state Attorney General of Texas were answered by me. He was advised to get a lawyer and sue me if he thought he had been wronged. No crime had been committed.

The turn of the century occurred with none of the predicted gloom. We began to bill Mr. Anderson for storage charges in order to try and get him to pick up the generator and pay for the storage charges paid by Diamond Northern. These invoices were ignored. After a year had passed and it was obvious that he had no intentions of picking up the generator, we filed a lien on the generator in Socorro County. The certified mail notification of the lien we sent to him was refused and returned to us unopened. It is still in his file with over a hundred pages of other communications.

Why the state of Texas decided to finally issue a warrant on these baseless allegations after the DA refused to prosecute in the first place, and why it was served on me on the final day of the Texas Expo, is left up to your imagination.

As I have always said, the police who served the warrant were not my enemies. I went with them, went before a magistrate, posted my bond and was released. Seems that I was the only one who got a good night�s sleep.

If this incident was an attempt to embarrass or discredit me, they failed. Being arrested in today�s times does not necessarily mean you have done anything wrong. When an individual can have someone arrested based on their prejudices or mistakes means we are all at risk. Being an old biker, an illegal arrest is nothing new, and nothing to be embarrassed by.

We will keep you advised on this matter as it progresses.

On another subject, our warnings that the "No Plane Hit the Pentagon" story being promoted by certain talk show hosts would be used against us to paint the Patriots as paranoid and possibly playing with less than a full deck was proven true when CNN�s Paula Zahn did a three hour special on why the rumor had taken hold within the Patriot Movement. Karen Lee Bixman hit the nail on the head when she predicted this was the true purpose of the rumor.


In the November, 1996 issue of The Investigative Reporter, I did an inclusive report on Operation Cablesplice. This 14-page top-secret document was allegedly leaked to the public by a sympathizer within the intelligence community. The subject of the document, "An Aggressive Program to Counter the Disrupters Movement (Patriot Movement)" employs different methodology to splinter, corrupt and thereby eliminate any cohesive force that would hinder the Elitists� plans for world power and domination. To quote from Cablesplice, "infiltration of The Disrupters Movement by sympathetic agents is an extremely useful tool in combating their efforts. By raising confusion and carefully encouraging splits and controversy within The Disrupters Movement, such agents will be able to reduce the effectiveness and coherency of these groups. Individuals who have been groomed to operate outside the usual channels of political activity should be cultivated and placed in positions in which they appear to be in opposition to U.S. Government policy. These persons would speak out publicly in opposition to our policies but would in fact be sympathetic to our long-term objective. By carefully and selectively providing false or misleading information and information of a seemingly scandalous or dramatic nature, they would seem to be supporting the agenda of The Disrupters Movement. But when the information they promulgated was shown to be patently false it would further damage the credibility of the opposition."

The dissemination of the "no-plane/commuter plane" theory has been cleverly executed and precisely encompasses the Cablesplice plan. In light of the aforementioned statement, I must question those who have vigorously promoted this theory, and have gone to extremes to defend their position. I must ask, "what is their agenda, or more importantly, who are they working for?"


Due to Joyce Riley�s hateful comments about Karen, to her audience and other show hosts, who ended up canceling interviews with Karen, Karen lost subscribers for her publication, The Investigative Reporter. When she called me, she was dejected, depressed and was considering giving up. Don�t allow this to happen to one of the few true investigative reporters out there. Call her, subscribe to her news letter, and tell her we need more of her kind and less of those selfish, self-centered, it�s all about me and MY cause kind of people. Clayton R. Douglas

For information about subscribing to The Investigative Reporter call: (562) 493-8957, or send a check or money order for $36.00 a year�s subscription to: Karen-lee Bixman, 18685A Main St., #280, Huntington Beach, CA 92648


BTW: Listed below are the folks who REFUSED to advertise, participate or promote the Free American event:


Joyce Riley - Sent information, never mentioned it, never called, even though Genesis had a booth there.

Len Horowitz - "You think I�m just another dirty Jew", Pseudo-Christian who cusses in front of children when criticized. Guess he knew better than to try and sell his "Prayer Machine" at our Expo.

Rick Wiles - His unjammed broadcast immediately follows mine. No help., no communication, no thanks, even though he was less than fifty miles away.

Pastor David J. Smith - His Church is in Waxahatchie, again less than fifty miles from Dallas. His show airs right before mine,. He was invited to speak, and asked to help promote the show however he would only speak if HE were the only speaker.

With folks like this in the Patriot Movement, who needs enemies? END


Publisher�s Corner 5

Da Plane, Da Plane 8

ADL Ties With Mossad 17

Pentagon Prepared to Use Nuclear Weapons 19

Anti-Americanism Blamed on College Teachers 20

SC Gubernatorial Candidate Exposes DNA Database 21

9/11 The Truth Comes Out 22

Israeli Police Murder Salah in Cold Blood 27

Global Taxation: Skimming off the Top 28

Government Refuses to Attend Truth in Taxation Meeting 30

The Caligulian American Justice System 34

The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold 38

The Truth of it All! 40

War Cycles, Peace Cycles 42

Gas War! 44

U.N. Plan, Fingerprint and Register Every Human 44

Man Shot In Face By FBI In Serious Condition 45

TKO: Liberty Belles Trounce "Million Moms" 46

Federally Funded Gun Control Propaganda 48

Greens Don�t See Forest For the Trees 49

What Every Parent Should Know 50





When TWA flight 800 crashed, we expected the FBI and the National Transportation and Safety Board to tell us what happened. The silence and the cover-up were deafening. The FBI not only tried to deny that the plane had been shot down by a missile, they badgered and threatened the eyewitnesses that saw one with arrest and even bribed a few to keep the truth from getting out.

With the press swallowing everything the government handed out, only a few brave souls, like Pierre Sallinger, himself a former press secretary, dared to come forward to dispute the "official" version of events.

In hindsight, especially after September 11th , you can understand the government�s reluctance to tell the truth about the event. September 11th nearly destroyed the entire airline industry. It survived only through the assistance of the government and with some very carefully constructed scenarios that helped wipe out our natural reluctance to fly again. If a missile had indeed been responsible, the future plans to tighten security on Americans would have been exposed for what it is, a farce. No amount of security can protect us from a missile attack.

So we were told that a spark in a fuel tank was the problem. Keep flying. Not to worry. Don�t forget to keep shopping.

The planes that hit the trade towers were also explained in such a manner to convince the gullible Americans that increased security was exactly what was needed to keep us safe. It was those damned box cutters, knitting needles or toenail clippers at fault!

The whole thing was as carefully planned as was Timothy McVeigh�s quick capture after the McMurrah building bombing. We followed the carefully planted clues that led us inevitably to the Arab Al Qaida group and Usama Bin Laden. Arabs were shown being picked up and the rhetoric quickly turned ugly as people began to refer to Muslims as ragheads. The propaganda war was in full swing to mobilize Americans against the enemies of Israel.

Flight 93 was a carefully contrived media event that may or may not have contained elements of truth, but it managed to persuade people that the passengers on the plane played an important role in saving lives and some national monuments. It is quite possible that Flight 93 was actually shot down by one of our own fighters, but that possibility was surpressed while the story of the heroic passengers was highlighted . . . and continue to be played up on the national media, to reinforce the idea that somehow, we, the people, have some control over our own destiny.

It is also possible that Richard Reid and the shoe bomb incident was a made-for-TV event. The alert stewardess and passengers foiled the plot to blow up the airliner. The dorky terrorist got his just desserts and the plane arrived safely, thanks to the impowered but unarmed, passengers.

The whole idea of Reid trying to use a match to light a fuse on his shoe, just doesn�t even make good fiction. Trying to portray Reid as part of a complex, shadowy terrorist group doesn�t fly either. What sophisticated terrorists would want someone like Reid, an unemployed bus boy? Who did he meet in Israel? Who prepared a shoe bomb that required a match to set it off?

No, Reid was caught because he was supposed to be caught. Like the actions of passengers on flight 93, you too, could also be a hero, if you are alert enough and brave enough. And see, it is the security we must all go through now that levels the playing field. Of course, this also helped to increase the level of security in this country.

Why doesn�t the government just arm the pilots? That one is easy. It would demonstrate that guns CAN be used for protection. Not a good thing when the government is actively trying to disarm the American people.

Over many issues of the Free American, we have pointed out inconsistancies and out right lies surrounding events reported by the controlled news media. We have tried to be fair and even-handed on most of the issues. When we have disagreed with the governments take on events, it was usually because there was a hidden agenda that benefitted the trend towards one world government. The events of September 11 certainly allowed those in favor of a totalitarian world state to move us in that direction.

However, while there are certainly many layers to the intrigue, there are some conspiracists who see something sinister in everything.

That brings us to the last flight of American Airlines 77.

A French website started the rumor that a plane never hit the Pentagon. It was a truck bomb. It was a small private plane. Maybe it was a fighter jet. I found it interesting enough to put a link to the French site on our website and it occupied a few seconds comment on my radio show. But other shortwave talk show hosts got sucked into it big time.

I spoke with Investigative Reporter, Karen Lee Bixman about the story and asked her to look into it. She talked with eyewitnesses who HEARD the plane as it passed low overhead and SAW the plane as it crashed into the Pentagon after clipping a lightpole and carefully examined the French website and declared it to be misleading if not an outright hoax.

Pretty cut and dried, you would think. But when Karen contacted some of these shortwave hosts to give them the benefit of her investigation, she was rebuffed and attacked. A campaign was mounted to prevent her from appearing on certain, more controlled satellite networks, who see fit to determine who you can or cannot hear over their shows.

One particular duo of clowns that pass for talk show hosts have perpetuated this hoax and have been instrumental in a whisper and intimidation campaign against Karen. This same set of clowns tried to attack me for competing fairly with them by selling the same product from the same manufacturer and have managed to alienate almost everyone who was once their friend.

Like Bo Gritz before them, who, when presented with the fact that one of the causes he championed was a fraud, chose to retaliate against the messenger, this Shortwave Shorty and her long, lanky counterpart have hung their already faltering reputation on this misinformation and continue to hold on to it like a drowning man.

Just as so-called conservatives turn on you like a rabid skunk when you start talking about Israel�s actions against the Palestinians, these so-called Patriots cannot admit to being wrong. Their vicious attacks against anyone they feel is "stabbing them in the back" have escalated once they became solvent using other people�s money who contributed to their own special "cause". Much like the Left they pretend to despise.

What we are about is the truth. What we want is the truth. What we pass on to you has to at least have the probability of being truthful.

Just as we got sucked into World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam on pretenses, deceptions and outright lies, we are now being led into and prepared for full-scale war using the same methods. In the Middle East, the war drums are beating up support for actions against Iraq and the Palestinians. We do not need distractions and deceptions clouding our perceptions. It is bad enough that our AM talk show hosts are being led around by the nose by Republicans or Democrats, but to have shortwave hosts doing the same by turning on their fellow reporters is a heartbreak.

The people that are preparing us for the final takeover of the New World Order are not stupid. Like the last coup in America, when Kennedy was assassinated, 9-11 and the next, even more terrible events, will be covered up through many layers of cover stories. It is in their interests to encourage us to believe a lie to make the folks putting out unpleasant truths to look bad.

To learn who is really responsible for an event like OKC or the WTC is like pealing an onion. The finger is first pointed at the Arabs. Then info is leaked that implicate the Israelis. The anthrax scare followed with fingers being pointed at Iraq, Afghanistan, Al Queda, Bin Laden and the Religious Right before allowing a story to emerge about the involvement of Israel. Which story do you believe? Who is really behind it all could just as easily be in the Pentagon, the Kremlin or sitting in an office in the City of London. (Bin Laden made over 600 calls to England before we cut off his satellite phone)

This kind of intrigue and lack of decisive information immobilizes most folks. We must not let it stop us. It may not be easy but we must keep fighting for our freedom while we can still use words and information instead of bullets and body bombs. False stories abound and we must use discretion before we hitch our wagon to the wrong team of horses.

It is my opinion that as soon as you choose sides, the odds favor that you chose the wrong one. It is called "Controlled Opposition". Whether you choose to be a Republican or Democrat, choosing sides eliminates your input and objectivity. You have been neutralized.

Shortwave is a powerful tool for the truth. It is also easy to compromise. Just put on a couple of disinformation experts, (or dunces) fund them well, put them on a network that allows no counter-points or counter-opinions, and feed them disinformation to pass on, build up their ego so they attack anyone who disagrees with them, and you have a classic case of cointelpro.

The smear campaign on me ceased abruptly when I threatened to expose these, as yet, unnamed individuals. Should it begin again, or should the attacks on Karen Lee Bixman escalate, you will learn much more about these shortwave false prophets than they would like.


Clayton R. Douglas

Publisher�s Corner 5

A Coup Against the American Constitution 8

Latest Updates On Camp XRAY 9

"War On Terror"- Global "Dirty War" 10

Over 100,000 Middle Eastern Illegals 10

Bioport Gets the "Green Light" 11

Anthrax "Vaccine" Link to Birth Defects 12

Torture 12

Letter from China Real or Not? 13

Sweeping Military Powers Stun Canadians 14

The Olson File 15

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The World Economic Form 20

Space Preservation Act of 2001 22

Understanding the Attack on America 23

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Israel Sends Death Squads and Bulldozers 44

How Do You Know It�s True? 45

The Right of Return Is Alive and Well 46

Man to Testify Against Sharon Blown Up 47

Disagreement is Not Equivalent to Hatred 47

Interview with Former German Cabinet Member 48




The Opposition Mounts

and in doing so, reveals their true nature


This month�s publishers column is a compilation of Press Releases written by me in response to situations we�ve encountered while trying to expand our magazine�s circulation and promoting our first Free American Exposition and Book Fair. First of all is the press release we put out concerning our event. Perhaps, once you�ve seen who and what the opposition is doing, you will be a little more selective in who you support and how.




Since 9-11, the government has warned Americans to be prepared for additional terrorist acts. We have tasted the terror of biological attacks. Add to that, the possibility of natural disasters and the question really becomes, why would we NOT prepare for any eventuality?

Clay Douglas, publisher of the Free American magazine and host of the Free American Hour will be hosting the FREE AMERICAN EXPOSITION AND BOOK FAIR near Dallas at the Big Town Exhibition Hall off I 20 in Mesquite, Texas on April 20th and 21st.

We have assembled a wide range of authors and experts to talk about the current situation we Americans find ourselves in. We will discuss ways we can prepare for any eventuality, be it terrorism or nuclear war. We have 80 booths of merchants who carry books, herbal remedies and survival gear, to help you prepare for any emergency. You will learn how to live comfortably should the outside world lapse into chaos. There will be many booths devoted to home business opportunities also.

500 advance tickets are available for just $20.00 and give you access to ALL our speakers. Admission at the door for all speakers will be $30.00. General admission to all booths, just $5.00. Tickets for individual speakers, $5.00.

A live band, Plush, headed by David Thibedeaux, Branch Davidian survivor, will entertain guests, vendors and speakers on Saturday night from 7:30 to 9:00.

For more information call 877-423-3250.


LECTURES BY: Don de GranPre Former Arms Dealer for U.S. Govt. Author of "Barbarians Inside the Gates" - Clayton Tedeton, Miracle II Creator - Michael Coffman PhD. ,Author of "The Birth of World Govt." - Texe Marrs, Author of "Days of Hunger" - John Trochmann, Militia of Montana Cathy O"Brien & Mark Phillips, "Trance Formation of America" - Brent Johnson, author of "The American Sovereign - Dr. Cass Ingram, Author of "The Cure is in the Cupboard" - Robert Pelton, Urban and Wilderness Survival Classes - Daniel New, Author of "Michael New, Soldier or Mercenary" - Jeff Bennett, host of Perspectives on America, Bruce "buckshot" Hemmings, America�s expert on trapping, & Anthony Hilder, "Illuminazi, 9-11 - Band on Saturday Night -Branch Davidian survivor, David Thibedeux�s - PLUSH


This got us listed as an "Extremist Event" by the ADL. Here is how we responded:


Monday, February 11, 2002

The Free American Magazine has been published continuously for over nine years. It is a conservative, pro-American, Christian-oriented magazine that prides itself on its even-handed coverage of the news. It is distributed nationally by Warner International, International Periodical Distributors and sold in major bookstores like Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Borders, Hastings, Tower Books and Page One.

Unlike most other new sources, operated by those with a bias against the Palestinians, The Free American has been critical of Israel�s handling of the Palestinian situation. For this, we have been labeled an "Extremist" group by a self-appointed "Watchdog" group operating under guidelines dictated by the State of Israel through the Anti-Defamation League.

Through out our nine-year history, the Free American and its publisher have been labeled a "False Patriot", "Armed & Dangerous" and "Anti-Government" by this organization and its various arms, such as Morris Dees� Southern Poverty Law Center. They have repeatedly tried to portray patriotic Americans, who have dared voice an opinion about the policies of our government, as "Extremists". In one such publication, "Guide to Right Wing Extremists" put out under the cover of "Law Enforcement" briefings, we were listed as the Premier Patriot publication in America along with other such dangerous organizations as the New Mexico Wool Growers, the Cattlemen�s Association, and various "Christian" and "Constitutional" groups. This particular publication was ordered recalled by the State of New Mexico�s Governor, Gary Johnson.

Now the ADL has listed the Free American�s Exposition and Book Fair as an Extremist Event. The ADL has gone so far as to list a funeral held for short wave personality, William Cooper, as an "Extremist Event". The publisher, Clayton R. Douglas has personally invited the liaison for the State of Texas with the Office of Homeland Defense to provide a speaker and take a booth at the event, to be held at the Big Town Exhibition Hall in Mesquite, Texas. A similar request went out directly to Gov. Tom Ridge in Washington, D.C. A glance at our speaker list will show that we have a number of different speakers, some ex-military and several PhDs. Not one is Anti-Government. The ADL listed only John Trochmann of the Militia of Montana, a man who spoke before a committee of distinguished Congressmen and never once took the Fifth, as current Enron executives have.

Mr. Douglas has covered all aspects of various political movements fairly. Not only has he been a relentless observer of government actions, he has also exposed con-artists masquerading as so-called "Patriots" such as Bo Gritz and Linda Weigand. To be labeled as an extremist by an organization like the ADL is at once an insult and a compliment.

Mr. Douglas broadcasts his radio show every morning via short wave, satellite and the Internet. He extends an open invitation for anyone in these true "hate-mongering organizations" to debate him on his show or on theirs. He will also extend the invitation to anyone in the mainstream who helps to perpetuate this kind of media control. The time has come when Americans must not be afraid to speak out against the "Politically Correct" agenda designed to silence dissent.


Oddly enough, the ADL is not the only organization that seeks to muzzle the Free American. It turns out that there are other, Pro-Israel organizations out there that do not want to see us succeed in providing an alternate to the mainstream.

When we tried to apply to the Associated Press to use some of their stories, we were turned down and our membership check returned uncashed. Then the big surprise:


WorldNetDaily Shows

Its True Colors.

Israeli/UN Blue


World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah is miffed that the White House has failed to provide his organization with Press Credentials. In recent columns, Farah has bemoaned the fact that the White House has refused to grant his organization "official" status while "other foreign news organizations like Egypt�s Al-Ahram and China�s Xinhua News Agency have such status.

On October 31, Farah wrote the Free American to tell us, in a terse, one sentence letter, we could no longer use any of content in the future.

A separate letter was sent by his assistant, Mary Drum, shortly thereafter, bringing to our attention that we had inadvertently used an article by Paul Sperry in the December issue without permission or attribution. In a phone call to Mary, I explained that the December issue had gone to press BEFORE October 31st and that there was no way I could have known at that point in time that Joe was miffed at me.

I asked her to allow me to talk with Joe Farah about this sudden change of heart. Joe refused to speak to me.

You see, Farah has allowed me to reprint stories from for as long as they have been in business. The Free American was pleased with many of the stories that Farah ran during the Clinton administration and gave the Internet site plenty of credit . . .and free advertising, to help Farah promote it.

Farah never worked with me as closely as he could have because he had plans for his own magazine. Those plans never really worked out. The quality of his first efforts were so poor they couldn�t even be sold on the newsstands. His print magazine underwent many name changes as well. Still, the writers he assembled on the website were very good at their craft. Many of them sold Farah the first publication rights to their pieces but they also give the FREE AMERICAN permission to run their articles after they came out on the internet edition.

Still, my curiosity was aroused and I was somewhat frustrated at his lack of courage demonstrated by his failure to communicate with me. I expressed my frustration with Mary Drum when I suggested that Joe had somehow lost important parts of his anatomy. Mary replied that Joe wouldn�t return my call if I used such terms but I pointed out he refused to call me even before I suggested he had misplaced the family jewels, so what difference would that make?

Now my curiosity has been satisfied.

While denouncing foreign sources for having more clout in Washington than he does, Farah proclaims it hypocrisy:

"I mentioned that this discrimination against the Internet�s leading independent newssite comes while the committee bestows credentials to official government mouthpieces such as Egypt�s Al-Ahram and China�s Xinhua News Agency. But time and space considerations did not permit me to examine this hypocrisy in more detail."

When he does take time, we learn the reasons he has turned his back on the Free American. It also reveals that Farah, far from being the heroic defender of liberty he tries to portray himself as, is merely another link in the Israeli/Jewish conspiracy to control the press and the minds of the American people. Obviously he has also turned his back on his own Lebanese roots, choosing to ignore Israel�s invasion and massacres that took place in Lebanon.

Because the Free American aired the claims made by countries other than Israel, in our special edition on 9-11, Farah has shown himself to the consummate hypocrite. Here is why he turned his back and slammed the doors of perception on the FREE AMERICAN. Farah�s words are in italics.

"Let�s take a look at Al-Ahram - credentialed as a legitimate newspaper to cover the U.S. Congress. According to an Associated Press dispatch last week, Al-Ahram has reported that the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. were not carried out by Osama bin Laden�s al-Qaida, but rather by Israel�s Mossad."

"The Jews and the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad are behind this vicious attack on the United States," wrote Gamal Ali Zahran last October, according to the AP. The writer reportedly repeated the unsubstantiated rumor that thousands of Jews who worked at the World Trade Center did not show up to the office Sept. 11."

Unsubstantiated rumor, my ass. Check the FEMA website for the number of Israeli�s killed. That number is 0. Farah goes further by quoting Israel�s ambassador to the U.S., Zvi Mazel. " The Egyptian press - including the official state news organ Al-Ahram - sow the "seeds of hatred for the next 50 years" with such reports.

The editors of Egypt�s three largest papers -including Al-Ahram - are appointed by the government in Cairo and the government owns the newspaper printing presses in the country, Farah tells us, insinuating that if the government of Egypt owns them, they are somehow lying?

Farah says, "Let�s face it. By credentialing such "news organs" in Washington, the Senate Press Gallery is fostering this kind of hate speech and bestowing a recognition on government propaganda agents unfit to cover the U.S. Congress."

If we dare to criticize Israel or suggest that the Mossad could have been involved in a highly sophisticated intelligence operation, that could be termed "hate speech"? Who is the real propaganda agent here?

Like other so-called patriots, Farah has shown the true meaning of controlled opposition. Not only will we at the FREE AMERICAN be more than happy to NOT RUN anymore WND stories, we suggest that anyone writing for WND rethink their priorities in assigning any "exclusives" to Farah and his pro-Israeli policies.

Obviously, if your story is beneficial to the goals of Israel, only then will your article appear at WND.

Clayton R. Douglas, Publisher

Free American (balls still intact)


This is just a small sampling of the kind of opposition you run into when you challenge the powers that be. It is interesting to note that many of the mainstream TV and Print mediums out there asked us to remove them from our press alert list. And if you think my criticism of Israel is Anti-Semitic, see what 20,000 Orthodox Jews think about the Zionist state. CRD

Publisher�s Corner 5

A Coup Against the American Constitution 8

Latest Updates On Camp XRAY 9

"War On Terror"- Global "Dirty War" 10

Over 100,000 Middle Eastern Illegals 10

Bioport Gets the "Green Light" 11

Anthrax "Vaccine" Link to Birth Defects 12

Torture 12

Letter from China Real or Not? 13

Sweeping Military Powers Stun Canadians 14

The Olson File 15

Executive Privilege Again 19

The World Economic Form 20

Space Preservation Act of 2001 22

Understanding the Attack on America 23

If I Knew 35

Flying Fascism on Your Doorstep 36

The Missing Gun 37

Arizona-Bob Stewart Found Guilty 38

The Banana Republic - Once Our Nation 40

The Boeing Boondoggle 41

Bush and ENRON 42

Israel Sends Death Squads and Bulldozers 44

How Do You Know It�s True? 45

The Right of Return Is Alive and Well 46

Man to Testify Against Sharon Blown Up 47

Disagreement is Not Equivalent to Hatred 47

Interview with Former German Cabinet Member 48




I am, and everyone reading this issue of the Free American, should be alarmed. We are being sold a bill of goods, under the guise of Patriotism. While Chinese-made flags wave on most American vehicles and homes and we watch the news with bated breath to learn what fate has befallen our sons and daughters in foreign lands, we are being sold down the river.

While we endure the hassles and humiliation at the hands of non-English speaking "Security" as they paw through our personal belongings after we wait hours in line just to fly to another city in America, our porous borders and ineffectual feds allow thousands of potential terrorists . . .or future airline security guards . . .into the country.

Former "Freedom Fighters" against a Communist country. kneel, bound, blindfolded, gagged and shorn of their symbols of manhood and dignity, before their American captors, in cages on the shores of a Communist island, at the same time their former, defeated enemies, the Russians, quickly move back into their old embassy in Kabul without firing a shot.

The mindless masses cheer on a war against Muslim countries while their Christian children who are not allowed to pray in their own schools, are forcibly indoctrinated into the Muslim religion in public schools.

This is just a sampling of what we are seeing in even the mainstream papers today. But the mainstream is not even questioning why this is happening.

The War on Terror, like the Cold War, the Drug War and the War on Poverty, will bring us more of what we are told we are fighting to end. There is more poverty, more drugs and more nuclear weapons in more hands than ever before. It is therefore likely that we are to see more terror.

And to prevent this, we are being forced into a state of submission, where we could be arrested for possessing a nail file in the wrong area or uttering your true feelings out loud.

Those foreign screeners, mentioned earlier, just arrested the pilot of one of our airlines for uttering the fact, while being hassled, that, "I don�t need a gun to bring down this plane! I fly it." What happened to "Free Speech"?

It is just a matter of time until the final step, the worldwide confiscation of personal weapons, occurs.

What is the answer? What should we do? What can we do?

What we have allowed, with our apathy and our absorption in material matters, is the complete brainwashing and indoctrination of at least two generations through television and mass media experiments in control of the populous. The results are just becoming clear.

We have allowed our hidden masters to capture complete control of our nation, while they systematically drain our coffers, steal our land, empty our treasury through useless wars, economic manipulations such as foreign aid, NAFTA, GATT, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and the U.N.

We are told that this is the time of the New World Order, a vast Global economy that we should embrace with open arms. And should we fail to see the advantages of this Global Empire, or wish to be free of its benevolent form of slavery, we will be declared a terrorist.
The radicals of the nineties were held up to the ridicule of the Press. The very warnings that were so scoffed at by the Congress and the Rush Limbaughs are facts . . . or history . . .today.

We have created a Gordonian Knot with our politics and our policies. To get back to a Constitutional Republic has become impossible unless we can find a Ulysses to cut through the miles of red tape that have bound us.

Too many people, citizens and non-citizens alike have a vested interest in the totalitarian, Communistic/Fascist government which has developed in the last century, that the only feasible answer is: We need a dictator.

OK, so the masses would say, "wait, that can�t happen here." Others, the more astute, are saying, "Wait a minute, isn�t that what we have in Bush?"

Here�s the difference.

Bush�s brand of dictatorship stems from his globalist masters, (or Daddy�s cohorts). He wants world government and he is more than willing to use your money to accomplish this. (It is really our productivity they are after, as we have no real money!)

The type of dictator I�m talking about is someone who would force the real terrorists out of this country and drag the Communists kicking and screaming into productivity. A dictator/President that could sweep the obstructionists out of Congress, drive the bankers into hiding and bring back the concept of self- sufficiency, productivity and freedom.

In other words, a pro-American, freedom oriented dictator, lawfully elected with a mandate to clean up the country!

For the purpose of this exercise in freedom, imagine that the impossible has occurred and I have assumed authority, albeit through election or coup. . . .


We are now in the future. I am in power. The globalists are screaming through their media that my policies are going to ruin the country. They are stirring up opposition among the nations still involved in the U.N., now located in Beijing since I kicked them out of New York. The W.T.O. is pitching a bitch also but their threatened sanctions have failed to arouse interest among the hundreds of nations who do want to buy American made products.

You see, I gained power by promising to restore American productivity without sacrificing American liberty. The people brought me to power against the will of the bankers and elitists. The changes I made went against everything the elite had worked for the last century.

For example, I gave the major corporations 90 days to move their factories BACK to America before I reinstated the Constitutional tariffs on the products they produced overseas.

The government bought back the Federal Reserve and sent the Marines to New York and Brussels to get our gold back where it belonged at Fort Knox. I authorized the Treasury to issue U.S. Dollars backed by gold.

The army, pulled back from overseas, went down to the borders and through the cities to stop any new immigration and to remove ALL illegal immigrants from our cities. The results? Safer suburbs, more work available for those inconvenienced by the revamping of our welfare system. Can�t speak English? No job for you. Applying for welfare? The government will help feed you for a week until that welfare worker can help find you a suitable job. It might be picking crops or plucking chickens or busing tables, work formerly done by illegals. Not the most pleasant of occupations but far better than starving to death.

I can see the Liberals cringing at my cruelty but guess how many people have starved when honest work is available. With all of the factories back in America, there is plenty of work.

We take care of the old folks too. There�s a flat tax, much like a sales tax. The states get half; the Feds get half to run the limited government services. I fired most all the IRS agents and severely cut back on their activities. With the flat tax, they don�t stick their nose in the American people�s lives. There is no income tax, no W2s. You spend it, I tax that. The Federal Gov�t. gets half, I�m the dictator, remember! The state gets the other half. This is the money used to help out older Americans in place of Social Security. I would have got rid of the whole agency, but after the ENRON debacle, where the American people got shafted and Kenneth Lay got away with billions, I decided to assign the more intelligent of IRS agents to watch the international bankers, oil companies and all public utilities companies. Why waste time on an American trying to save a few hundred on trying to cheat on their taxes while corporations like ENRON don�t pay taxes for four out of five years.

Nowadays, should a company go the way of ENRON, we arrest ALL of the top executives, seize all their personal assets until the workers are paid off. Makes you wonder how Kenneth Lay would have fared in this kind of a world?

The Bushes and the Cheneys out there are screaming their heads off to the World Court. Seems they don�t like my idea to permanently assign agents to dog their every step. My guys, now well liked by the public, are calculating how much tax they are going to owe on all that money they make in their China generating plants. As long as the American people get to enjoy $.50 gasoline and power bills of $50 a month, I think the danger of me being lynched anytime soon is remote. Assasination is a very real danger, however.

Bringing food into the country is a lot harder now. American farmers are selling everything they can grow. No more paying them NOT to grow. Food prices are pretty consistent, and we do let bananas and other exotic fruits in as long as the governments of those countries protect individual liberties.

Speaking of that, there are fewer prisons here now. Well, I should say there are fewer Americans in the system anymore. The DEA and most narcotics agencies have been shut down. An addict has legal access to their drug of choice or to treatment. They have two choices, they can use it responsibly, on their own time, while they work eight hours a day to pay for their habit, or they can kill themselves through overdose or starvation. No taxpayer dollars go to house or feed them.

The drug of choice these days is pot. You can grow your plant on your front porch and don�t have to worry about MY Gestapo kicking in your door. The hemp industry is well above its pre-1938 levels. Levi has started using hemp in its jeans again and every home has a hemp rug. After the disastrous Bush Oil Wars, about the only thing we use oil based products for, is plastic building materials.

The energy crisis? I just dug some of the research out of the files down there in the basement of the Department of energy and passed out a few contracts and before you knew it, we were separating hydrogen from seawater and all the old oil cartels just kind of, diversified, you might say.

Washington is pretty dull these days. Congress only meets for a month or two. Not to pass laws. I think it upsets the people when a bunch of old guys sit around all day trying to figure out what needs legislating a little more. I didn�t just fire �em all. I put them to reading all of the laws that are on the books now, consolidating those that might overlap and giving brownie points to the Senator or Congressman who eliminates the most laws that violate the spirit of our Constitution each session. You would be amazed at how many laws we managed to get off the books every year. Imagine how much we save on the printing of law books!

I broke up control of the news media by the Zionists. Once reporting became more fair and unbiased, even the Palestinians are getting a fair shake.

There is no more government-supported abortion. Women still can get one, after counseling, but the Christians have been effective in lowering the demand and the white population is increasing after years of decline.

People are able to afford larger families and the families are supporting the old folks more, now that government doesn�t underwrite the nursing homes.

The gay movement has died out, literally. There are those who still practice homosexuality in the privacy of their homes but none of the proactive groups dare to raise the issue of bringing the issue to our schools after I put their tight little butts in prison for quite a few years.

People still gripe. You still have to worry about drinking and driving, red lights, stop signs and speeding. You can still loose money in the stock market, or in the gambling halls now in every state.

You can still get mugged, you can still get burglarized and you can still get shot. Only difference is now, you are encouraged to shoot back. There are fewer criminals, fewer lawyers and fewer victims and as the percentage of armed citizens go up, the number of violent perpetrators goes down. There are probably more people shot in the cities these days, but the majority of those injured or killed were the prepetrators, not the victims.

An election is coming up. I am running for a third term. It is the only thing that I took from Roosevelt. Looks like, without the foreign interests, corporate interests and dead voters, it�ll be a landslide. The American people seem to like my brand of dictatorship.

This future scenario is far from perfect and may be impossible to implement. There are many people so set in their ways, they can�t even envision a world in which you are totally responsible for yourself. Probably just as well. Being a dictator sounds like a lot of hard work.

Clay Douglas


Publisher�s Corner 5

Blair Fears Split With U.S. Over Support For Israel 8

E.U. Supports Arafat, Not Sharon 8

Rice Sees Closer Ties to Israel 9

American Police Hit By Israeli Spy Network 9

U.S. Fifth Circuit Fumbles Ball On Goal Line 10

Message Fron A Recon Marine In Afghanistan 12

Immigrants Not Americans Must Adapt 13

Israel Stabs America In Back 14

China Cautions Israel Against Selling to India 14

Republic Or Empire? 15

If You Don�t Want American Flag Stamps, Watch Out! 20

The Camera That Couldn�t Shoot Straight 21

FBI on Al-Qaeda International 22

U.S. Broadens Terrorism Fight 25

Deconstructing George Bush and His Ethic War 26

The Innocent Dead in a Coward�s War 27

Dead Scientists, Ebola, Anthrax & the Lost Tribes 28

Army�s Anthrax Material Surprises Some Experts 30

Doctor Fired For Exposing Vaccine Dangers 31

Ashcroft Praises German Crackdown on Religious Organizations 32

Doctors Fear Ebola is Spreading 33

Bio-terror Response Plan 33

Freedom Booed 34

India, Pakistan Prepare for Nuclear War 35

Euro Intel Dismiss �War On Terrorism� As Deception 36

From Irv Rubin to the Stern Gang: Jewish Terrorism 38

Tyson Foods Charged With Alien Smuggling 39

Cowardly Congress Takes Pay Raise 40

Canada Says No to FBI and U.S. Troops 40

NTSB Destroys Evidence From Flight 800 41

Computer Experts Probe Sept. 11 Deals 42

Watch What You Say! 43

An Overview of the War on Terrorism 44






Americans are being put through a psychological wringer with no real conception of how or why. We want to believe our government and believe in our government. We want to believe it is protecting our interests and securing our freedoms. Most of all, we want to believe it is benevolent toward us. The mind boggles at the thought that it would use assassination, deception and intrigue or take advantage of a situation to increase its power. This type of behavior is entirely opposite of the concept of our Constitution but it entirely consistant with the way the Israeli government behaves. That is why the image of Bush projected around the world (See our cover) is so disturbing.

Was this image, during a time of war, merely accidental or was it a message to Muslims everywhere? (Read what an American Jew thought of this display immediately following this column.) Is our president acting in the best interests of the American people or is he furthering the Zionist plan for one world government, Israeli style?

Patriots have viewed the evolution of the Federal Government for years with a suspicious eye because most of them have taken the time to read and study the Constitution. They, unlike most Americans who have not picked up a history book since high school, know that the Constitution places limits on government, not the people. In fact, the Bill of Rights spelled out those God-Given, unalienable rights and assured them to the people. The Constitution plainly outlined the limitations on the government, not the people. Today, however, many of those rights we take for granted, are being changed to privileges.

Patriots are that small group of people who have become aware, through reading and personal research, that the government of the United States has been corrupted, compromised and infiltrated and turned from its original purpose, to protect our liberties and safeguard our shores, into something resembling a mixture of Fascism, Communism and world domination, as described in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. (See the October Issue of the Free American.)

The plan is laid out in other documentation for all who dare to read. From the Emergency Powers and Banking Acts of 1933, to the State Department Document 7277 in the 60s clearly laying out the plan for merging the United States and Russia while raising the U.N. to the pedestal of world government. A New World Order, if you will.

Efforts to alert the American public to the plan ran into a brick wall of contrived propaganda. The New World Order advocates, Jews and Gentiles, the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Gettys and Bronfmans were carving up their territories. Industries were moved from country to country by passing the appropriate and unbearable trade and minimum wage laws. Like when hemp was outlawed in America. The need for didn�t go away. It is still being grown by Russia and China. To the NWO, this resource gave too much money to Americans. They needed to disperse the wealth.

Much the same thing happened with the passage of NAFTA and GATT. A new ruling body was created to sit on the newly forming council of the Corporate New World Order and titled the World Trade Organization. They recently invited China to join, effectively sealing the pact with the devil.

The devil is in the details.

Under Clinton, the transfer of industry accelerated as America�s attention was kept focused on China and Clinton�s antics. Under the careful eye of his handlers, Clinton�s buffoonery shielded the global preparations for the next phase of the transition. Osama (or Usama, the real spelling, which was way too patriotic and hence changed by the Jewish dominated press) was building his terrorist organization with the blessing of the elite. After all, the Bin Laden family had been partners with the current president and the previous war against Iraq, guided by the elder Bush, benefited the Bin Laden family greatly as they built our bases in Saudi Arabia.

It was mostly Saudis that made up the Al Qaeda. It was Saudis that made up the bulk of the suicide pilots that attacked America. Yet the country we chose to attack was the same one that the Russians had tried to invade and lost. Afghanistan was their Vietnam! They were supposed to lose. The presence of oil and the planned pipeline is still up for grabs.

Chechnya is still under fire from Russia. We must all have an enemy. They are chosen and groomed for our particular psyche. Our alliance with Israel, and Israel�s considerable influence within our government, or the near perfect control of our media by those who have a vested interest in Israel, makes Bin Laden the perfect enemy. It was his presence in Afghanistan as a hero that made the Taliban support him. It will be his presence in another country, like Pakistan, that will single that country out for the next attack by the New World Order Alliance.

As spokesman for that alliance, Bush announced a war against terrorists, then defined terrorists as, "anyone who is not with us", an obvious warning to American dissidents as well as foreign governments. He has also said that anyone who uses illegal drugs is a "traitor", opening the door to harsher judgement of fifty million Americans who have or will experiment with these substances.

Pressure was put upon Pakistan to obtain their cooperation. We had chosen sides with India up until we needed Pakistan�s help with Osama. As the war winds down and a U.N. government installed (not elected � so much for the charade of Democracy), the conflict between India and Pakistan was rekindled. India is playing the same terrorist card. Now we are waiting for the first atomic bomb attack since Hiroshima. Iraq can wait.

Here in America, the PR campaign that followed the destruction of the World Trade Center focused the spotlight on G.W. It worked. A president elected by the closest of margins now commanded an 89% approval rating. While Bush was hailed a hero, Osama was painted with the blackest of brushes, even to the extent of using a poorly cast movie production using a Osama look-alike to admit to the WTC attacks. The latest video released by Al Jazeera Network shows a gaunt and graying Bin Laden, talking about Israel and calling the U.S. the head of the serpent.

While taking no credit for the attack, Bin Laden obviously recognizes the connection between Israel and the U.S. His appearance is so noticeably different from the actor on the U.S. government�s "smoking gun" video that the spinmiesters on CNN are commenting on how ill he looks and suggesting that it is THIS latest tape from Bin Laden that is the fake. Most Americans will buy it. Since the latest video from Al Jazeera was released, the so-called "smoking gun" video has not been seen again!

Back here at home, Americans overwhelmingly support George Bush and his heroic battle with Bin Laden. We also have our heroes. Our firefighters, our police and now our soldiers are finally being given their long overdue credits by the establishment press, but only because such heroism helps hide the sinister side of what is happening.

The airports are just the beginning as the police state tightens its grip on Americans here at home.

To fly today, your bags will be opened, your toenail clippers and knitting needles confiscated, a Leathermen is now considered a deadly weapon! You will remove your shoes and will be herded into lines, men and women treated equally as cattle with the potential of violence.

If you must fly, what it will come to is this. You will supply the government with samples of your DNA, your fingerprints, your iris prints and your photograph. You will be checked out by law enforcement and issued an ID card that will allow you to pass more or less unhindered while us goyim who have refused to be interrogated and processed into data stand in line waiting for a new federal bureaucrat to check our underwear for explosive elastic. The data bank, by the way, is now world wide thanks to Y2K.

We already have hundreds of foreigners detained. We now have the ability to try them in secret, under a military tribunal, and execute them if we want. Digital Angel, the chip maker who wants to implant their product in people, have pitched the government to use the chips in any alien who comes into our country. The people here in the USA are thinking all this is a good thing. Even the patriots who have been complaining about illegal immigration think it might be an answer.

The problem is it does nothing about illegal immigration. It concentrates on people who have been lured here by promises of a better life and have done the paper work. If we allow legitimate visitors to our shores to be treated like this here in this country, what can we expect if we go to theirs? Wasn�t it this kind of police system that caused Reagan to call the Soviet Union the "Evil Empire"?

If we are going out around the world, toppling governments and installing unelected overseers, aren�t we guilty of empire building, even if we use the U.N. as a front?

The terrorism laws were enacted through the U.N. first, introduced by the U.S., then adopted here by our Congress. So it is not the U.S. going after terrorists, it is the U.N. What makes you think they won�t come here, someday in the future? It is, after all, the New World Order.

It�s arrival was announced on most major networks. NBC put the phrase up on the screen. USA Today announced its arrival on Monday, December 17, 2001 under the banner, "2001: A year of change". . . "Corporate America has a New World Order. So do millions of Americans. After the drop of the U.S. economy - and the fear of terrorism that now haunts our lives at home and at the workplace � we are living in a different society. A decade of opulence has segued into a decade of moderation and caution." It passed over most of our heads.

You will soon be told that the cost of the war will have to be passed on to you. Your taxes will go up. Yet there will be no cuts in the payoffs to Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia. Nor will there be new factories going up in your neighborhood. Work is already becoming scarce. As the economy falters food gets more expensive. Argentina has defaulted on its national debt. There is rioting in the streets. Try to tell me it can�t happen here!

If we dare to disagree with the policy of the government, under the current atmosphere, we could be lumped into the same category as the Mid-East extremists fighting America. According to the FBI flyer that appeared in last month�s Free American, Christians, Constitutionalists and Environmentalists are right up there with Marxists and "Lone Individuals".
How long has the words Novus Ordo Seclorum been on your dollar bills? The new, secular order. Out of Chaos, Order.

We are in the restructuring period now. China, currently building factories, is growing. Our trade deficit with China is almost as large as our national debt. You need to ask yourself, if this war on terrorism is really in America�s best interest, why aren�t we building more factories here? Why spend so much money with a potential strategic enemy? Unless we are already united without our knowledge. . .?

We still have our guns, but then so did the people of Afghanistan.

In a time when we should be asking hard questions of our government, American are exhibiting blind, overwhelming acceptance. Americans are simply not willing to hear about the New World Order. When the Publisher of the Sacramento Bee spoke to a crowd of 27,000 at the University of California�s midterm graduation class, and tried to warn them of the dangers of the press turning a blind eye to the government�s actions in detaining people without proper charges, she was booed from the stage.

Welcome to the New World Order.



Publisher�s Corner 5

Can�t We All Just Get Along? 6

Many Nervous About Expanded Fed Powers 8

U.S. To Offer Immigration Incentives for Terrorism Information 9

USA Patriot Act Establishes a Socialist Dictatorship 10

Highlights of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act 11

Air Rage 12

My Day At the Airport 14

Airline Security Act of 2001 18

Imaging Automation for Aviation Security Bill 19

Anthrax Mail Mystery Won�t Be Solved 20

Anthrax Vaccine Manufacturer, Bioport 23

Feds to Buy 155 Million Smallpox Vaccine Doses 23

Why Worry About Smallpox When We Have AIDS? 24

Center For Law and the Public�s Health 28

Model Emergency Health Powers Act 29

Presidential Task Force on Citizen Preparedness 30

Rangenet 2001-Earth First! Meet in Phoenix 30

Will Citizens Be Subject to Military Tribunals? 33

Terror Court: Full Text of Bush Executive Order 34

Socialists Accuse the U.S. of Massacring Taliban POW�s 35

The Dogs Bark, and the Caravan Moves On 36

Weapons of the Secret War 38

Internet Target of New Treaty 40

Private Property Ownership? 40

McCain Trying to Kill Armed Pilots Amendment 41

Russians Make Surprise Return to Kabul 42

World Isn�t Backing Us If We Expand War to Iraq 42

Planet X-The Tenth Planet 44

The Enron Black Magic, Part One 46

Musings-Hiding in Plain Sight 48





The good news is we are winning the war in Afghanistan. Tune into any TVchannel and the smiling anchorperson will tell you over and over how well we are doing. So far, only one casualty has been reported on the news, that being a CIA agent caught in a prison uprising. It would seem to the American people that our forces are invulnerable and invincible.

The truth is that most of our men on the ground are in relatively safe positions, numbering less than a thousand (at the time of this writing, Nov. 29, 2001), having allowed the Northern Alliance fighters to bear the brunt of the battles. This pacifies the American people, most of whom applaud our efforts in the war against terrorism.

Meanwhile, while all eyes are focused primarily on the distant war half a world away, the Feds, lead by Bush and John Ashcroft, are quietly expanding their authority and jurisdiction. The USA PATRIOT act expands federal authority to tap phones and monitor "foreign terrorists".

The Aviation and Transportation Security Act, for all practical purposes, establishes Federal control over all airports. All baggage and passenger screeners are to become Federal employees.

Bush and Ashcroft have authorized military tribunals for suspected foreign terrorists, claiming they have no rights to Constitutional protections. This arbitrary move has pitted Congress against the Justice department. Senator Patrick Leahy is heading up the committee hearings as this column is being written.

Some legislators are calling for the suspension of Posse Comitatus, the act that prevents the US military from being used within our borders.

Bush has already purchased enough smallpox vaccine to inoculate every American. What if Americans don�t want to be inoculated? Under an organization created last year, before 9/11, model legislation has been created that will soon be submitted to every state legislature that will allow that state to force inoculations, quarantine whole populations and even shoot grandmothers who resist or refuse to cooperate. This is a very intelligent strategy used by the Fed to make the whole thing appear Constitutional by allowing each individual state to enact this Draconian legislation. Bear in mind that it has been decades since anyone in the U.S. has contracted smallpox.

Bush�s statement that you are either "with us or against us" begins to take on a frightening new meaning. This is a very dangerous time for America.

No American wants to appear "soft" on terrorism. While we have questioned the tenuous links that led Bush to declare war on the Taliban, there is no doubt that Osama Bin Laden is a self-declared enemy of America. And even though we have been opposed to U.S. policies in the past and will probably oppose it in the future, we have no love for terrorism and will not support it or condone it. I would personally be happy to collect the $25 million if I had access to Bin Laden, but I would only kill if there were no alternatives.

I would prefer to see Bin Laden on trial in New York City, where the burden of proof would be upon the government to prove his culpability in the September 11

thattacks. The effect of a military tribunal would be to stifle any sympathy to his cause and to prevent evidence of other foreign or domestic involvement in the plot from emerging into the public eye.

But the overhaul of the Justice Department that Ashcroft envisions leads us to believe that we are being led into a permanent war against shadowy figures which oppose the New World Order first unveiled by George Herbert Walker Bush. If you should hesitate to take your vaccinations, which could conceivably contain tracking chips like "Digital Angel", you could be labeled a threat to your fellow citizens.

In the past nine years, the Free American and other American patriots, have warned of the advancement and implementation of a military police state; of the plan for World Government and of the dissolution of the American experiment as a Republican form of government. Repeatedly, our writers and researchers warned of what FEMA could become. Under its new incarnation as Homeland Defense, it certainly fits the predictions.

The question becomes, if Americans who oppose the UN on the basis that it is designed to become a World Government, will some time in the near future be declared terrorists also?

While the mainstream media cooperates with the Federal requests to limit the information available to the American people, magazines like the Free American and the few remaining talk shows on short-wave are the only sources of unregulated information.

We should all take advantage of the wave of patriotism sweeping America to engage other, less aware American of the danger associated with the sweeping changes occurring within this country today. Encourage others to read the Free American, to buy short wave radios, and to organize within the framework presented by the government to prepare for new terrorist attacks. Demand that we, the citizens of America, be instructed by the government on how to defend ourselves and our families in case we are attacked rather than how the government can defend us. Use the patriotic fervor in your neighborhood to point out to your neighbors the dangers and demands that come with a one world government.

And above all, thank God everyday that we live in the United States of America.


Clayton R. Douglas


The Death of William Cooper


On William Cooper: America lost one of its greatest assets when William Cooper died. He died exactly as he believed he would, shot down while resisting arrest. He had told his vast short-wave audience that he would fight anyone attempting to incarcerate him and he did, wounding a deputy severely with two shots from his trusty 45 Colt. The authorities knew of his stance and sent an overwhelming force to arrest him. They ended up as his executioners.

While Bill Cooper was cantankerous, volatile and unpredictable, he was generally right on in his analysis of the world situation. He was difficult to like, even by his fans and impossible to do business with, as I can attest. I drove by his house, a few days before he was killed and would have stopped but I was pulling a trailer and couldn�t make it up the switchback road he called a driveway.

The real tragedy is that his death was needless.

The deputies who tried to arrest him were local authorities, acting on a complaint filed by one of his neighbors. They were constitutionally appointed authorities, not the Feds he hated so much. The charge was brandishing a firearm. Had he a good relationship with his elected Sheriff, and turned himself in to face his accuser, as called for in our Constitution, it is quite possible he would still be here with us, out on bond and still broadcasting.

Other patriots have fought their private battles and personal demons. Steve Anderson, a former broadcaster is now wanted for firing on a police officer. His compadre, Charlie Puckett of the Kentucky State Militia, just had the BATF confiscate his guns and computer but did not arrest him. Some think this signals the start of a crackdown on dissidents in America.

Everyone has to make his own decisions and we will all face our creator soon enough. But the fight to maintain our freedoms will not be won by a single man, facing insurmountable odds, no matter how well armed he is. It is our ideas and ideals that will ultimately decide the fate of millions of our fellow citizens. If the time comes to take up arms against our own government, it will only succeed if the majority of Americans realize it is the last resort before total tyranny. It was here Bill Cooper excelled. He reached millions of Americans and made them aware of plots against their liberty. It is in the arena of public opinion that we must make our case, not in a pitched gun battle with law enforcement like some armed robber.

Yes, we have a duty to preserve our Constitution and protect our homes and families but we cannot set ourselves above the law. That is elitism and makes us no better than the Illuminati or the common criminal.

If the Feds want me, tell them to call my Sheriff in Soccoro County, NM and have him make a phone call to me. My phone number is on every page of this magazine. I�ll be at his office in one hour.

Clay Douglas

Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is impossible that a nation of infidels or idolaters should be a nation of free men. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. �



Everyday Flag Etiquette 2

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The Unreported War 8

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Convoy To Bethlehem 12

Armed Israelis Arrested At Mexican Legislature 14

Israeli Embassy To Monitor Arrest 14

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The Anthrax Vaccine Snafu 38

Chemtrails Are Not New 39

Office Of Homeland Security Is FEMA 40

Beware of Sunshine Patriots 41

WTC Frame-Up, Who And Why 42

Criminal Insider Trading Leads to CIA 44

Media Accomplices To 9-11 47

Free American Bookstore 53

Free American Book List 62

Subscription and Order Form 63

December Publisher�s Column


There are more questions about America�s new "War" than we have answers. President Bush has warned us that this will be a "covert" war. Meaning that the American people will not be told about the ongoing operations. We will not know right away if there are casualties, failures or victories.

We are told that the Taliban are under heavy attack. We hear, through Arab sources, of the civilian casualties among the Afghani people but can discern nothing about the toll to "military" objectives from either side.

Bush has taken a hard line towards Israel. He is condemning the invasion of Bethlehem and the West Bank by Israeli troops. He also condemns the killing of Palestinian civilians, but this is just an attempt to soothe the frayed nerves of our Arab allies and to distance ourselves from Israel. The aid to Israel, in the billions, still continues to allow them to buy tanks and gun ships.

Shortly after the 9-11 attacks, former Prime Minister Netanyahu stated to the New York Times that, "From now on the U.S.A. will be unequivocally on our side." When asked what the attacks meant for Israel, Netanyahu replied, "It�s very good. Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy [for the Jewish state]." It didn�t.

Even though Netanyahu did his part to link Arafat to the attacks, Bin Laden and terrorism itself, by railing against the Palestinians on American, Jewish owned and operated networks, the Bush administration did not rise to the baiting.

The problem is the Muslims know we armed Israel, that we back Israel, and that we have turned a blind eye for the last 50 odd years to the plight of the Palestinians. This one-sided diplomacy has turned to bite us. Bin Laden is tying his cause to that plight and evoking sympathy and support for the millions of Muslims around the world. These pro-Jihad sentiments could end up toppling the shaky dictatorships of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as the demonstrators in the street shout out their support of Bin Laden.

Israel�s current Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, is affectionately known in that part of the world as the Butcher of Lebanon.

Now few Americans dare to speak out against the bombing in Afghanistan, and those who do are most likely Communists or Leftists who would like for us to turn the other cheek so they can stab us with their steely knives. (They are against guns, ya know) There is something disturbing about the sight of so much fire-power, so many missiles, being used against a country whose inhabitants are so poor, so backwards that we can�t even bomb their public utilities because they have none! Imagine how it must look to Muslims in more advanced countries like Iraq, Iran, and even China and Russia, with their large Muslim populations! What are the odds that one of these countries may actually come to the aid of the Taliban?

It has been reported, not confirmed, of course, that a dozen or more Chinese advisors to the Taliban have been killed by Special Ops troops now in Afghanistan. What if the Chinese government decides we are being too aggressive in their sphere of influence? What if they want the oil reserves also. And who profits from the opium? Would this not be a good time to take back Taiwan?

While we are distracted and frightened by the anthrax threat being used by our networks to hype the sales of Cipro for Bayer ($720 for two months supply compared to $50 for Doxycycline), we miss the fact that only 9 people have died from anthrax as compared to a hundred thousand or more every year from the flu. You should also know that Bayer is the largest chemical company in the world. Bayer was an original member of the Nazi IG Farben cartel where slave labor was killed by the company�s own Zyklon B gas when they became too weak to work. On July 29, 1948, sentences for mass murder were handed down at Nuremberg to twelve I.G. Farben executives. The longest of these was seven years to one Dr. Franz ter Meer. Seven years for mass murder? The kicker is, on August 1, 1963, I.G. Farben, now carved up into three companies, Bayer, Hoechst, and BASF, all major advertisers on all the networks, held Bayer�s hundreth anniversary at the Cologne fairgrounds. The major speech was delivered by the Chairman of the Board of Bayer, Dr. Franz ter Meer. I wouldn�t buy their aspirin now, much less their Cipro. Makes one wonder, doesn�t it?

Just when the government has earned the near total support of the people (Bush had a 90% rating going for a while), they almost blow it with their reverting to a double standard again. Congress leaves the building in fear of anthrax (the Senators had more balls, they stayed) while Postal Workers are told to go about their jobs as usual. The letters containing the anthrax pass through the hands of unsuspecting, unprotected workers and result in more deaths.

This wall-to-wall coverage by the news agencies of what is practically a non-event, is designed to cover up the lack of reporting on the "war against terrorism". The reason they aren�t talking about it on the networks is because the American people might wise up to what is really afoot.

"This is a global war on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction," Gen. Richard B. Myers, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, told ABC this week. "So Afghanistan is only one small piece. So of course we�re thinking very broadly. I would say since World War II we haven�t thought this broadly about a campaign."

The Air Force general added, "I think this is going to be a long, hard-fought conflict. And it will be global in scale. And it won�t be, as I mentioned earlier, it won�t be just military. It�s going to be all the instruments of our national power, with our friends and allies. And the fact that it could last several years or many years, or maybe our lifetimes, would not surprise me."

This is the New World Order speaking and you should be listening very carefully. It was reported that Ari Fleischer, President Bush�s Press Secretary urged Americans to keep their mouths shut. "In this time of national crisis, a time when our most cherished freedoms are threatened, all Americans, not just outspoken talk-show hosts like Bill Maher, must watch what they say," White House press secretary Ari Fleischer told reporters. "Now more than ever, if we want to protect democracy for future generations, it is vital that nobody speak out about the issues of the day."

"We must all do our patriotic duty to protect our country�s great ideals," Fleischer continued, "and we have to be careful about what opinions we express if we are to defend our Constitution, a sacred document behind which all Americans must stand united as one."

This call for a curtailment of our sacred rights is echoes by the media. The networks have agreed to cooperate with the government in not airing Bin Laden�s comments on the pretext that he might be sending coded messages to his followers. The real reason is that both sides are putting out propaganda to their own people and don�t want the other side�s opinions, rationalizations or justifications to be heard. We here at the Free American will continue to look at both sides of the argument and we will continue to speak out on the issues of the day.

Now we are faced with the distinct possibility that FEMA, that agency created by Executive Order, has finally come into its own as a cabinet level position with former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge at the helm of the Coast Guard, the Border Patrol and FEMA. The question really should be on every American�s lips: "Is this to be a new and improved Civil Defense Agency utilizing Americans to defend their country and our borders, or a Gestapo type of organization used to monitor Americans?

Will the thousands of the reserve troops called up be used to protect us from terrorists or to terrorize the American population with the intentions of disarming us?

The difficulty we face in the coming years of war, is to be able to defend our liberties and our rights against the machinations of our own government, or agents within our government, without being labeled Communists or Traitors. We must somehow support our troops, support our flag and our country without giving up our own freedom or becoming one of the unquestioning masses.

Is the new "War on Terror" really aimed at punishing the people behind the 9-11 attacks, or is it just the excuse the elite have needed to implement the final plans for the New World Order and eliminate all dissent and opposition to one world government?


P.S. Have a very merry Christmas.



The Story of "Taps" 2

Publisher�s Corner 3

September 11-Chronology of Terror 8

President�s Bush�s Address to Congress 10

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Allies� Responses to Potential Retaliation 13

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Statement From Osama Bin Laden 20

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Marque and Reprisal vs Foreign Intervention 24

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Congresswoman Lee Votes No To War 28

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Challenge Facing America 35

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At What Price Justice? 45

When Will We Learn? 46

Pakistan�s Ex-Spy Chief Blames Mossad 47

Musings by Pat Shannon 48

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Subscription and Order Form 63

The date, September 11, 2001, will be forever burned into our minds and written into our history books. Compared endlessly by the news networks to Pearl Harbor, this was the most deadly terrorist attack in U.S. history with over 6,000 fatalities, the bodies of whom, at the time of this writing two weeks afterwards, have still not been located in the millions of tons of rubble of the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

We are told that terrorists armed with box cutters and plastic knives commandeered four aircraft within minutes of each other, cowed the unarmed passengers who, after years of brainwashing, sat quietly in three of the planes while they sped to their deaths. On the fourth, passengers, after saying good-bye to their families and notifying authorities using their cell phones (which was against airline regulations), jumped the hijackers. Perhaps these few brave souls saved the White House from the same fate as the Pentagon and the twin towers.

This was a made-for-TV-attack. In New York, camera operators with professional equipment were in place to capture the events for immediate airing. Even the first plane, in defiance of all odds, was caught when a photographer turned his lens from fully outfitted firemen conveniently located just blocks from the pending disaster, to catch the aircraft as it plunged into the first tower just before 9:00 AM. Dozens of other cameras caught the next aircraft, live, as it banked into the second tower.

A third aircraft crashed into the heart of America�s military might, the Pentagon.

It took only hours for America�s intelligence agencies to come up with the names and associates of the perpetrators. Why? Because they knew in advance that these potential terrorists were in the United States. Some of the flight schools where they learned to fly these commercial aircraft had become suspicious and had called the FBI. Unfortunately, the FBI did not pick them up for questioning until it was too late.

Was this incompetence or something else?

Almost immediately after this highly televised event, the media began asking the question via the polling organizations, "How many of your liberties are you willing to give up for security?"

The answer I gave never made it to the TV screen. "NONE!"

Or as Benjamin Franklin put it, "Those who would trade Liberty for Security deserve neither!"

Though none of the apparent terrorists came from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran or even Palestine (excuse me � I know no one wants to call it that, but it is appropriate), the media latched onto the bogeyman created by our CIA, Osama Bin Laden, and plans for war against Afghanistan rolled into high gear.

On the heels of this tragic, deadly event, played over and over again on our TV sets, an entranced, shocked, mind-numbed population was driven into a nationalistic fervor. Every store across America sold out of American flags. (We didn�t have to go out and buy one. We�ve had it flying for years.)

Before September 11

th, thanks to Bill Clinton, patriot was a bad word, so was the word, Nationalist. After September 11th, ninety percent of Americans were waving the flag to support President Bush�s call for a War on Terrorism.

Some cynical skeptic pointed out that we can�t afford it. After all, the government�s "War on Poverty" brought us more poverty. Its "War on Drugs" increased the availability of drugs. The "War on Illiteracy" gave us a lot of Johnny�s who couldn�t read a stop sign. What would a government sponsored War on Terrorism reap? Still, the networks jumped on the band wagon and "AMERICA�S NEW WAR" graced every headline on every network.

The television embedded the concept that Arabs and/or Muslims were behind the attack and when Americans responded as they were programmed by the networks to do, the FBI got their Hate Crime legislation justified. Clues supposedly left by the clever, resourceful, well-educated, well-traveled hijackers, like a flight manual in Arabic carelessly left in a car rented by the terrorist, left no doubt with the FBI that this was a Bin Laden plan.

Airlines were grounded by the FAA. By an act of Congress, the American people�s tax dollars will be used to bail them out. Even so, one hundred thousand more Americans lost their jobs, joining the million or so already laid off by the nose-diving economy. The same economy that seven interest rate cuts by the Fed and a tacky tax cut and measly three hundred dollar refund check had failed to reignite.

As soon as they were allowed to fly again, journalists were rushed to far off Afghanistan. Our warplanes were too. Congress quickly gave President Bush the rubber stamp he needed to call up American reservists and the National Guard. Their armories are now protected by armed guards while tanks blocked their accesses. Some are being shipped overseas, others join Federal Marshals in patrolling our airports, bridges and tunnels with automatic weapons at ready, stopping shipping, imports and people at our borders for careful inspection. Our trucking industry grinds to a halt as imaginative Feds think of the damage that could be done by a hijacked tanker. Interstate 25 ground to a halt for six hours, both north and south lanes, as police investigated an overturned tanker just north of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. People slept in their cars until the highway was reopened around 11 PM.

Attorney General John Ashcroft worried members of Congress as he called for sweeping police powers to investigate the mixed bag of Americans who could, just possibly, have ties with terrorist.

Bush put it very bluntly, "You are either with us. . . . or against us!"

Powell carried the threat to other countries. Soon all seemed to stand with us, for now, as we prepared to rain missiles on a country already bombed into the stone age. Maybe they have some humanitarian interest. Maybe the bombs will explode a few of the millions of land mines left by the Russians. Are we being manipulated into finishing the job the Russians failed at?

Who stands to benefit from a war between Muslim and Christian nations?

Did you know that in July, the Twin Towers were leased to the "Silverstein Companies" for a mere 688 million dollars? Did you know they were insured? Did you know that a Pakistani Television station reported that none of the 4000 Israelis and Jews who worked in the building were killed? This was confirmed by information released by FEMA regarding the nationalities of those missing in the building. Not one Israeli was listed. Could the Mossad be involved? Could this be an exaggerated case of Jewish lightning?

Are we being used to secure a route for a pipeline to get the oil out that will eventually be sold to China?

A rap album by a group called "Coup" was placed on sale, and on the Internet, in July. It depicts the Twin Towers being blown up. The album cover featured a red star in one corner. Was it a coded message to the terrorists? (See the cover at the end.)

It is clear that it was not only Bin Laden who stood to gain from an America in turmoil. Henry Kissinger�s comments come to mind.

"Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA Riot]. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government." -Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

Are we being panicked into giving up those rights?

Are we being forced into a war in which the enemy could be the American people?

Is this the New World Order we have continually warned America about?

One final disturbing thought:

In this tragedy of epic proportions, American men and women rose to epic heights of heroism and bravery. When the planes burst through their buildings showering ordinary office workers with burning fuel, others rose out of the smoke and ash to help their wounded fellows. Hundreds of police and firefighters rushed into the burning buildings only to be covered with tons of bricks and mortar when the towers fell.

Thousands of men and women have been injured in the aftermath, digging through the rubble for weeks with superhuman determination and endurance to find any who may have survived.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have given their blood for the injured and their money for the homeless, the orphans and the grieving families of the dead and missing.

These true American heroes are being used by Hollywood to incite and raise support for a war that could still possibly be avoided by careful thought and negotiation. It does not have to follow that we have to slaughter even more of our young men and women in a war that, quite possibly was engineered by an elite few bent on reducing the global population by any means.

Do we want to go to war without knowing full well who our real enemies are? Should we rely entirely on the FBI who couldn�t seem to get it right the first time the World Trade Center was bombed, not to mention Waco, OKC and Flight 800?

Will Tom Ridge be a benevolent dictator or our protector as the head of the new Homeland Defense Agency?

Will any of us, like Rep. Barbara Lee, a liberal Democrat and the only member of Congress who voted against the war, stand up to voice our dissent? And will the new, war-time footing of the USA, cause people like me, who continue to question the dubious decisions of Dubya, to be labeled as a terrorist?

On the other hand, very little of what Bush has said do I disagree with. I too, want to see the terrorists who organized this, punished, whether by firing squad, lethal injection, hanging or drawing and quartering. I want to see the elite, if it was truly part of their plan, to pay this same price, whether they be Afghans, Saudi, American or Israeli. Above all, I want to see America remain free of terrorism. I want the Constitution, which is the foundation of America, to remain strong and in full force and effect. If we lose one liberty or right over this, the terrorist, and the New World Order, have won.

I do not want to see one more innocent victim die at the hands of terrorists, or American forces. It matters not if it is a Palestinian child, or an Afghan mother, or an American worker. To this end I urge caution and unblinking vigilance. Herein has been assembled as much information as possible concerning this recent Day of Infamy, September 11, 2001 with a few quotes from Zephaniah thrown in for good measure.

I close this column and this issue with the careful recommendations of Congressman Dana Rohrbacher near the end of this issue.

"And, finally, the murdering terrorists themselves will pay the ultimate price. They will pay this price. We will have victory over those ghouls who murdered our defenseless fellow Americans. We will win, because we are united as never before, and because this generation of Americans, as these terrorists will find out, have the courage, the tenacity, and the ideals that have always been America�s greatest source of strength."

God Bless America!




No, you haven�t missed a month and I haven�t made a mistake. We know it isn�t really time for our August issue. But it is time for spring-cleaning, computer updating, and my birthday!

After eight years of continuous production of this magazine, without the benefit of a full-time staff, I decided to take a break this year and do something with the Missus and our boys. Don�t know if we will actually go anywhere, as Bingham has so much to offer, but at least we will have the option.

Normally, the last week of the month, (in this case, it is the 23rd of May as I write this) I put together the next month�s magazine. (This really should be the July Publishers colomn) Everything has to go to the printer by the first of the month (June) for the next month�s issue (July). So, what you are holding in your hand is really the July issue with an August date.

See, if I want to take off for a week on my Birthday, which is the 27

thof June, I wouldn�t be able to because we would be in the middle of doing the August issue. If we were to skip August, instead of July, then the newsstands would take off July at the beginning of August. But if I send them August instead of July, they will leave it on the stands until September and I might have a better sell through and make enough money to make up for not selling July.

Actually, all you need to know is that this one issue will have to last you for two months and we will be back to our regular monthly schedule by September. Your subscription will be extended one month automatically)

(Proof reader comment - Automatically my a�, I am the one that has to go through the entire database so HE can take off on his birthday. Janet)

If you think that�s confusing, just wait until you read our latest Conspiracy Theory!

In this month�s "Conspiracy Theory", John Daniel takes us on a historical look at the influence of the Holy Roman Empire on the founding of America. We will also re-examine the government line on the OKC bombing in light of the FBI�s latest fib, or flub, depending on whether or not you have the intelligence to realize that intelligence agenices are not as inept as they appear to be in the press. Kings and Rulers prefer unarmed, ignorant peasants. Town criers and their modern day equivilent, T.V. reporters work for the King. When most of the people in the country work directly or indirectly for the King, few critize their bosses. This is a formula that works rather well and opens the door for a whole host of petty tyrants called bureaucrats. They live off our labor, control us through the appearance of "opposing parties", "conservatives and liberals", and desperately hide their true loyalties. This promotes the illusion you are free and actually have free will! Those of us who are not confined by our religions or political affiliations are the closest to be really free from the invisible prison walls that they use to control us and bleed us of our inheritances.

This is the fourth in our conspiracy series, and we are still hearing the yowls from the Catholics, Jews and Masons. Why is it, whenever you start examining history too closely, without the preconceived dogma the establishment lays on us, both Liberals and Conservatives, start going berserk?

JJ ( had this to say to about a couple of talk show hosts who don�t fit into the mold! See who his idols are.

"I find it utterly repugnant that your site has a link to Hal Turner on it. Hal Turner is a repugnant and rabid antisemite, racist, and homophobe. Just go to his website and look at his infantile rantings that pass for news reporting. This guy despises Jews, Hispanics, Blacks, and Gays and I am appalled that you would mention him alongside such noble individuals as Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, Ken Hamblin, Michael Savage, and Lucianne Goldberg. Unless you want conservatism to be identified with white supremacy as the Left would like to betray us, I highly recommend that you remove Hal Turner from your site.

Clay Douglas is also linked. He writes nasty things about Jews and Catholics. Conservatism is not a refuge for antisemites and Catholic haters. Clay Douglas�s religious bigotry has no place on a listing of conservative sites.

I will judge you favorably and assume that you had no idea that Hal Turner was the Nazi that he is and that Clay Douglas is a repugnant nativist KKK type. You probably thought that they were legitimate conservatives.

To have Clay Douglas�s name between the names of Bob Dornan and Matt Drudge is a horrid insult to Dornan and Drudge both of whom are great men. And to list Hal Turner right before that great beacon in Nashville Phil Valentine is offensive.

I believe you did this unintentionally, but please be more careful in the future. Turner and Douglas are NOT conservatives and to list them as such only allows the Left to portray us as bigots. Thanks, JJ


This kind of rhetoric is why I am glad I am NOT a conservative. JJ finds "nativists" to be repugnant? Webster tells us that nativism means, "The policy of protecting the interests of native inhabitants against those of immigrants; the policy or practice of favoring natives above naturalized citizens, as in elections or in appointments to political office." As the name of my magazine and my show is the "FREE AMERICAN", I find the concept of nativism fits rather well. The Constitution is guilty of the same kind of "nativism: when it says that the President must be born here. Of course this duffer had to use it with the KKK in order for all the other weak minded folks out there to relate to. If he really listened to my show, he would know that I would no more join the KKK as the ADL. Not much difference there, far as I can tell, except the Jewsish organizations have more money to trash the gentiles..

I don�t know anything about Hal Turner, so I can�t comment on his stance and beliefs. But if being a conservative means believing everything that Rush Limbaugh says, accepting the homosexual lifestyle as normal and putting the welfare of immigrants above the welfare of hard working American families, whether they be white, black, tan or yellow, then I must plead guilty to being glad I am NOT a conservative.

This guy tosses the word hate around a lot. I don�t hate any race or religion but I do have a strong dislike for anyone who tries to tell me how and what to think. This guy went high up on my list. Talk about gall, "I will judge you favorably and assume that you had no idea. . ." Who is he too judge anyone and why should anyone care about an anonymous e-mailer that trashes men who put their name, address and phone numbers on everything they say or do? Yet this is the kind of "activist" that gets on the news and into the boardrooms.

As to the charge that I write nasty things about Jews and Catholics, I obviously publish articles that look at the history of both of these groups, (the Masons, the NSA, the CIA and FBI also). If you can�t look at the past how can you prepare for the future? I�m sure the FBI gets upset when journalists start questioning their shortcomings and failures. It�s only natural. I replied to both the dot com and JJ as follows:

This is the way the Elitists try to eliminate anyone who gets too close to the truth. A Catholic fills every book order we get. We gave Leonard Horowitz four pages in the latest issue of the Free American to respond to our article on Conspiracy Theories concerning the Jews. If you even think of examining the Palestinian side of the issue, this kind of creep crawls out of the woodwork to call you anti-semite. If we talk about Jesuit control of 30 universities and question the flood of illegal Catholic immigrants, we get the ditto heads complaining. Clay

Just a personal note to whoever you are. KMA. I just love people who don�t have the guts to say something to your face, want to remain anonymous and hide behind e-mails. I put my name, address and phone number on everything I say or publish. You are simply a sniveling coward and a backstabber. I doubt if you have ever bothered to read anything I have written or listened to one of my shows. Clay Douglas

Here is "JJ�s" response. Take note of how he does it. Study the opposition�s tactics. Figure out how to use their strategy against them. You are not dealing with simpletons and dunces but complex, highly intelligent people with one goal, to keep you from understanding how you are being controlled:

"Very nice. I am going to now contact every major conservative site I can find and I am going to have you and Hal Turner blacklisted. You are NOT conservatives but neo-Nazis. I do not care if you have a token Jew or a token Catholic hear and there. This does not take away from the fact that you distribute hate literature concerning these groups.

BTW I already have had links to both yourself and Turner removed from a major conservative website, one of the biggest in the country. I am going to continue until you and the rest of your Liberty Lobby crowd are pushed to the very fringes of society where you belong, together with your KKK and Aryan Nations buddies.

Once we in the conservative movement are rid of the likes of you, we will be able to reach far greater numbers of people than before."

Once the conservative movement gets rid of publications like the Free American and talk shows like mine, they will be able to control far greater numbers of people than in the past. The only problem is you won�t be able to tell the difference between the liberals and the new conservatives.

Clay Douglas

P.S. The possibility also exists that JJ is just another government agent doing his job. Trying to shut down the last bastions of free thinking and Americanism.

PPS - Speaking along those lines, I must tell you I just came back from the Conspiracy Convention in Santa Clara where Len Horowitz was speaking. After being totally ignored by Mr. Horowitz all day, we finally got a chance to talk when Len walked by the bar area in the hotel where my sons, Cameron 19 and Trevor 16, were having a bite to eat. Len came and sat down with us. The conversation went like this.

Len - "Clay, I am very disappointed in you."

Clay - "I am disappointed in you, also."

Len - "Me? Why?"

Clay - You are trying to control what I publish."

Len, bolting to his feet - "F___ You!" He walks a few feet and repeats his profanity before stomping off. Ultimately, this led to a shouting match when I protested his language in front of my children. He apologized but then launched into the most incredible, hate-filled tirade I have ever experienced. He followed me into the elevator after the manager of the hotel asked him to hold it down or take the argument elsewhere.

He demanded to know the name of the author of our April piece on the Jews. He accused me of writing it. I replied, "If I had written it, I would have put my name on it. The author was afraid of being attacked, by someone like you. Obviously, he was right, because you are attacking me."

Then, we both stepped into the elevator, and an incredible thing happened. His anger did not lessen, it intensified. He put his face within two inches of mine, screaming at me, "You think I�m just a dirty Jew!"

"I never did. . . until now," I managed to get out, stunned as I witnessed a strange phenomena. It was as if I was looking at him through a fisheye camera lens. His face elongated like the transformation scene in "Werewolf in Paris". His anger so intense, his spittle flying into my face as he raged. The "Christian" he pretends to be evaporated in his hatred for me. In his unbridled hatred of me, he became a predator, a beast, almost reptilian, but with the spark of intelligence.

My conscious mind was on survival because it recognized a serious threat to its existence. I have been face to face with armed men who presented less danger, less hatred than I saw in Len Horowitz.

There were innumerable witnesses to this display of ferociousness. I felt the desire to choke the life from this threat but knew that if I threw the first punch, I would be the one accused of assault. As I stepped off the elevator and turned my back on the beastman, in the back of my mind, an incredulous thought ran like a nursery rhymn, "So David Icke was right!" END


Publisher�s Corner 5

New Book On NSA Sheds Light On Secrets 7

N.S.A. and Mind Control 8

Global Mind Control Slated For Huminity By 2004 10

The New World Order 12

U.S. Drug "Warriors" to Blame For Murder of Missionaries 24

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Boycott China 39

Chemtrail Update 40

Air Force Tankers Conducting Weather Modification 41

Call Her ChiFi 43

Dr. Leonard Horowitz Response to Jewish Question 45

The Defamation League 51








June  2001 Publisher's Column

The criticism started when we started running articles that disagreed with the government version of major stories like Waco, Oklahoma City, and TWA 800. Did the government lie? If it did, why? More importantly, why didn�t any of the major media ask those questions? History has shown us that the government does lie, and it does keep secrets, does conduct tests on unsuspecting citizens. Government agencies, and quasi-government agencies, like the IRS and Federal Reserve, do go beyond the bounds of the Constitution and law, in special cases.

We began to document these abuses, and theories, that went against the current and politically-correct press releases put out by government and quasi-government agencies. We were originally supported and accepted by the so-called Patriot Movement, until we began to expose fraud and deception on the part of certain patriot leaders, like Bo Gritz and their use of psycho-bitches like Linda Wiegand to raise funds from an already cash strapped movement.

Using my opposition to Linda Weigand as an excuse, Bo Gritz launched into a nationwide attack on myself and John Trochmann of the Militia of Montana, who had also uncovered the truth about Weigand�s allegations of child abuse leveled at her former husband. (While Bo Gritz was found not guilty of attempted kidnapping in this case, he was later sued for libel and slander by Weigand�s ex-husband. Bo never showed up for the trial and the husband was awarded damages by a Connecticut court. Weigand has never attended any of her court hearings or faced any of the myriad of charges against her.) Was he put up to this attack by someone else, or did I hurt his fragile ego?

The Patriot Movement consists of a small percentage of people that somehow broke out of the carefully created mind-sets, they began to read, think and criticize the government. In part, because a criminal, communistic element had obtained their longstanding goal of the White House. This element used that power to send a message to the American dissident elements through the siege of the Branch Davidians in tiny Elk, Texas. (or Waco, to those of you who got your information from the rest of the press.)

Because of this, there are agents who are assigned to monitor and control us. These agents, many of them assigned by the NSA, are in charge of damage control. If someone gets too close to the mark, they are either ignored or attacked by their "peers".

Had we stuck to recycling the more informative of main stream news (occasionally, conservative columnists hit close to the mark), we probably would have fared as well as American Spectator or Human Events. But I chose to exam hidden history and suppressed news to try and learn exactly who was behind the move towards Globalism or the New World Order former President Bush spoke so highly of.

That was when the ADL and Morris Dees listed me in their anti-American hate literature. If you happened to be an outspoken advocate of the Second Amendment, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, under the Clinton Administration, you were a dangerous, right-wing extremist. Agents of the ADL went into shops and bookstores, exhibited distain when they saw the Free American on the shelf or counter, and threatened to "never shop there again," unless they removed the magazine. When that failed to put us out of business, the burden was shifted to a highly placed agent within the Patriot community itself.

All of this should have prepared me for what was to come. Yet, I was still surprised at who came after me!

The attack began with a phone call. The angry tone and slurred words made the voice almost unrecognizable at first. I had never spoken with Dr. Leonard Horowitz after he had been drinking.

"Clay, I can�t begin to tell you how disappointed I am in you." But he could.

"Why would you run something like this without checking with me? Without running it by me first?" he moaned, his speech pattern much slower than normal, his words blurring together as though he had had a six-pack or two or had possibly ingested some type of tranquilizer.

"When have I ever checked with you before I published my magazine? Or ran anything by anyone, for that matter, Len?"

The whining and the accusations of hate speech continued. It was almost as if he had somehow failed in his mission in life, whatever that might be. Maybe his "clustered water" wasn�t selling as well as he hoped, or maybe his latest new-age books just weren�t selling and he wanted to take it out on someone.

Finally, I had enough. "I don�t check with anyone or ask anyone�s permission to publish. If you read my forward, you ought to know that I don�t intend to sit here and let you attack me. You are sounding awfully Jewish, Len. Why don�t you put all of your criticisms in writing?"

Although I rarely reprint letters to the editor, due to Len�s former support (He paid for one month of advertising years ago.) and his status in the "patriot movement", I am reprinting it in this issue for your consideration.

The author of the article left his name off it because he knew he would be attacked by the Jewish community. Obviously, he was right. One of the final things Len demanded was to know the author of the article. It will be up to you to decide whether he is justified in his criticism or merely doing damage control.

In this month�s Conspiracy Theories Series we take a look at the NSA. Can it do more than just monitor our every conversation? Is it possible they do have the ability to monitor. . .and broadcast thought?

To try to determine whether or not this is actually possible, we have included some excerpts of a rather technical nature by an unnamed order of esoteric scientists. Much of it may stretch our vocabulary, but there is enough information in these segments to expand your range of knowledge as to what is possible.

Finally, we have extensive data in the form of quotes by the elite, regarding the New World Order. It seems, due to the vast expanse of dates on these quotes, that the New World Order is really the old world order sought throughout the generations by those who believe they know what is best for mankind.

Who really runs the world? It looks as though there are more that one group or organization behind the N.W.O., all vying for control of the masses. In the big picture, the individual and his or her rights, have taken a back seat.

The latest ruling from the Supreme Court, gives police the discretion to arrest you, handcuff you and take you to jail for failure to fasten your seat belt or any other misdemeanor that used to mean a ticket. Now, should that Confederate flag on your bumper, the Citizen�s rule book on your dash, or the length of your hair and the color of your skin, rile the cop on the beat, you may be introduced to the criminal justice system in a most unpleasant manner. It is in this manner that the final control over you will be implemented. After that, it will hardly matter who is at the top of the pyramid, it is you and your family that will bear the load. Clayton R. Douglas


PS While gas prices rise, Exxon and Mobil announce profits increased 53%. If you want to make a statement, tear up your Mobil, Exxon and Chevron cards and don�t buy their gas! Do the same for all goods made in China. See who hollers the loudest.